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Call for Young Artists for the Youth Village

The 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018) which will be held in Amsterdam
in July 2018 it is the largest conference on any global health issue in the world. First
gathered during the peak of the AIDS epidemic in 1985, it continues to provide a unique
forum for the intersection of science, advocacy, and human rights. At AIDS 2018 around
22,000 scientists, advocates, journalists, community leaders and activists will come
together to advance the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The Amsterdam Youth Force is a vibrant coalition of young people working together to
ensure the participation of young people in the lead up to and during AIDS 2018. In
doing so, the AYF aims to give young people of all key populations this chance. Our
main focus is the de-stigmatization of HIV/AIDS. Moreover, we also concentrate on
linking sexual health and reproductive rights with emphasis on realizing the sustainable
development goals and the promotion of overall comprehensive knowledge of Sexual
and Reproductive Health.

Call for Art

During AIDS 2018 and in line with these objectives, the AYF aims to have a pop up
museum & dynamic arts arena showcasing the work of young artists. These spaces will
be a collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam Health Services and the
Amsterdam City Archives as well as other youth organizations from around the world. In
this context we are looking for artists whose pieces are themed around the de-
stigmatization of living with HIV as well as Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights
(SRHR) as well as the validation and empowerment of youth.

We are calling for young artists from diverse backgrounds and welcome art in all its
forms. We hope to give young people an international platform to display their talents,
speak through art, learn from each other and help in the overall fight against HIV and
AIDS, its prevention, spread and promote comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive
Health education. These pieces of art should depict messages in line with our aims.
The artwork can also tell stories of young people working in this field or their ideas and
innovations. We would love to put the talents of oung artist on display at the AIDS 2018.
Types of Art
We would like a wide array of art. We welcome different forms of art from young people
amongst but not limited to these:
⋅ Ceramics
⋅ Drawing & Graffiti
⋅ Painting
⋅ Sculpture
⋅ Printmaking
⋅ Crafts
⋅ Photography
⋅ Interactive art - stand up, performance art, interpretative dance, music
⋅ Any other art expression

Please note that we encourage activism through artistic expression to fight against
discrimination. We will not accept artworks that is discriminative or offensive to any group of
people. The nature of the AYF is always inclusive and positive.


We would like a brief introduction of your motivation and your art, the story around it, if
possible a picture or a short video.

Please contact us at with the subject title ‘Art,

AYF AIDS 2018’. We unfortunately will have limited space and will therefore have to
make a selection. We will contact you by mid June if your art has been selected for the
Youth village during AIDS 2018. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact