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Mud Logging

A Mud Logging

geoNEXT, a unique service and system

providing decision-enabling information
for performance improvement
The Vision
Our vision is to provide decision-eenabling
information which will have a direct impact
on performance for challenging exploration
and development projects.

- The geoNEXT engineers, through their experience,

training and competence, will allow us to reach a new
level of service by ensuring the efficient transformation of
quality data into decision-enabling information.
- geoNEXT is focused on adding value through the more
intelligent use of all available drilling and formation
evaluation data. The geoNEXT service represents the
combination of our efforts to improve wellsite safety,
improve drilling performance and ensure more effective
formation evaluation.

The Service
Focused on
With geoNEXT, we will extend the scope of
our Mud Logging service by our continuous Improving
involvement, b efore, d uring a nd a fter
each well.
Before - The geoNEXT engineer will be involved in your
project sufficiently in advance of operations in order to
fully understand :

z the drilling challenges

z the hydrocarbon objectives
z the client service needs
During - Specific geoNEXT tools, which include Smart
Event Detection, the ReservalTM service, Event-based
Reporting and Drilling Engineering Programmes will
make a major impression on their users.

After - The geoNEXT engineer will be responsible for

debriefing your project team at the end of each well,
and will provide assistance with detailed post-well
The System
The geoNEXT system is the result of an
extensive development project and is specif-
Information ically designed to acquire data of unequalled
quality and frequency

It includes features and functions that will greatly

assist in detecting and analysing critical drilling and
formation-related events.

Based on the latest field bus technology, the acquisition

chain can acquire data at up to 50 hz, which will ensure
that the basis of our monitoring reaches new standards
for quality and reliability.

getSMART technology relates the evolution
of multiple parameters in an overall context
to the occurrence of events. Gone are the
days of simple high/low alarms on single

With 45 years of experience in real-time drilling and

Knowledge formation evaluation monitoring, Geoservices has
developed in geoNEXT a revolutionary approach to
event detection.

Enabled by the quality and frequency of geoNEXT

data acquisition, getSMART will have a major impact
on improving drilling efficiency and avoiding costly
Combining competence and technology

With geoNEXT, Geoservices offers a combination

of human competence and advanced technology
that will revolutionise Mud Logging

Hand Picked Engineers Assisted by Unique Technology - ReservalTM

Our geoNEXT Engineers are hand picked from a core All data analysis and interpretation is a function of
group of highly competent and skilled personnel. They the quality of the original data. With this in mind
have proved their ability in Geoservices and have Geoservices is proposing the ReservalTM service as a
received very specific training, corresponding to the standard part of geoNEXT. The ReservalTM service,
requirements of this new role. These engineers are which associates a constant volume gas extractor with
selected according to our Competence Assurance an optimised chromatograph, was specifically designed
System and have: for the repeatability and accuracy required for real-
time formation evaluation.
z Demonstrated competence in drilling engineering
disciplines and formation evaluation
z Full respect for all quality procedures and safe
work practices With geoNEXT and gWEB, Geoservices offers the
fastest and most secure way of delivering, in real time,
z Strong communications skills and can effectively
all drilling and well information over the Internet.This
communicate across all wellsite disciplines
service supports live drilling, Mud Logging, MWD
z Extensive wellsite experience and a proven track and even large wire line files.
record for service delivery

z Extended experience with the ReservalTM service Event - Related Database

and a full understanding of the use of Gas While
Drilling data for reservoir evaluation purposes Information is handled in three databases: time;
depth; and lagged depth. This data is now associated
with critical events. Events are detected using the
Addressing Key Drilling Engineering Issues Smart Event Indicator algorithms and immediately
plotted and stored in the event data base. This gives
Our engineers have at their disposal an integrated new possibilities for analyzing information and for
package of drilling engineering software. It operates detailed post-well analysis, which will have a pos-
on a modular system and links well data between itive impact on drilling performance.
programmes, saving time and reducing errors. The
package uses industr y standard formulae and
The geoNEXT engineer will focus on issues such as:
z Hydraulics & Drill String Analysis z Well Control
z Torque & Drag z Casing Operations and Cementing
z Hole Cleaning z Directional Drilling

A higher level of communication with the geoNEXT engineers

will have a positive impact on efficiency and performance
A Smarter service
most challengin

geoNEXT Services

Geological Evaluation

Drilling &
Fluid Monitoring

Hydrocarbon Analysis

Get Sma
with ge

Smart Alarms
People, Knowledg
e adapted to your
g E&P Projects

Our Internet-based Related Services
real-time information

Fluids Logging &

Analysis In Real-time

Early Kick Detection

Gas & Fluids


Cuttings Flow
art today Monitoring


Pore Pressure
Evaluation Service
ge & Technology
SMART Event Detection

Based on 45 years of real-time monitoring experience,

Geoservices has integrated in geoNEXT a revolutionary approach
to event detection and alarm management.

Drilling events
z Drill string vibration

z Hole cleaning

z Drill bit damage

z Washout

z Rig equipment efficiency

z Hydraulic related

z etc...

Tripping events
z Mud losses

z Kicks

z Overpull

z etc...

Formation events
z Thin bed detection

z Lithological boundaries

z Major fluid contacts

marrt even
nt detection
Relates the evolution of multiple parameters in an overall context to the z Overpressured zones
occurrence of events
z etc...
z Focused directly on key events
z Automatic first level of event detection
z Snap shot event capturing
z Highly reliable due to exclusion
n con
ns and con
ntextual analysis
z Detection of subtle or complex events through multi-ssym
m analysis
z Faster detection and analysis with dedicated getSMART graphics station
z Even
nt - orien
nted database facilitates further event analysis

Enabled by the quality and frequency of geoNEXT data acquisition,

this technology will have a major impact on
improving drilling efficiency and avoiding costly downtime.

 Copyright Geoservices 2004. All rights reserved, no unauthorised reproduction. Characteristics and specifications may change without notice. 3/04

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