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29.06.2015 - attached winspool.drv and version.dll (same as winspool.drv, but will

only in Vista/Win7 and above on XP will not work if the axis over XP, you kind of
like better version.dll
(with winspool.drv seems can not print in the program, but I told it never use
because I
winspool a year and a half without straining work)) to the patch, extract the
button "Export".

28.06.2015 - Interface patch rewritten in simple, to provide work for 2008 R2 and
2012 R2.

30.04.2015 - Added removal of Korean (in the dialog "Remove selected languages").

12.03.2015 - Added a batch file reg_clean.bat to delete the registration of

installed version.
Why - patched subject can be registered to your name, but before that you need to
remove the old reg:
1. To installed version - used reg_clean.bat
2. For the portable - open HDSData\reg.dat and remove parameters Key and User.
3. For both installations find HDSentinel.key, if any, and delete
4. Next to "Register" and enter the name of the key (key of all numbers/letters of
15 or 20 or 28 characters)
and select the activation of E-Mail, a program restart.

22.11.2014 - added another drug - patch via dll (winspool.drv)

Dosing - winspool.drv put in the program folder, near nepatchennym HDSentinel.exe.
so - patch address written to file HDSentinel.ini in program folder and patching
in memory without touching the file itself.
In the new version address rewritten. Register in the same way as with a
conventional patch.

10.12.2014 - Added some features for the official portable.

Background, what, why, and why. :) Beta-version of the program is not available in
a portable version, but
portable of betas is easy to do yourself, like this:
- unpack program setup with innounp, Universal Extractor, etc.
- copy the contents of a folder "[app]" to folder your HardDiskSentinel's portable
- copy to the same and use features:
"Create" button will create a folder HDSData and file HDSentinel.rdi, if they do
not exist (the button "Register"
(registration in the type "portable") does the same thing, but still makes steps to
patch MPT (HDSentinel.key
removal and creation reg.dat*), which is not always necessary (eg, if working
on the button "Choose" is called a dialog where you can select and delete
unnecessary localization.

* Or register manually, equ with patch Cerberus - enter any name and 15 or 20 or 28
letters/digits reg-code in registration
window and use activation on E-Mail - restart program.