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Zakir Husain Model Senior Secondary School,


Project Report on

Surface Area of Cuboid

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements

for the award of the
Certificate of Class X CBSE Board Examination
Session 2017-18

Submitted by

X (Section A)
Submitted to
Mr. Sarfaraz Siddiqui
Teacher of Mathematics

It is greatfully acknowledge the valuable guidance and support
given to me my subject teacher Mr. Sarfaraz Siddiqui
In successfully completing my project, this project gave me a clear
insight into a real word business and gave me ample opportunities
to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical situation.
Zakir Husain Model Senior Secondary School,


This is to certified that Miss Shanuma Abbasi of Class X (section A)

has successfully completed her project on Surface Area of Cuboid

under my supervision by following the guidelines of CBSE.
It has been successfully completed and I am fully satisfied with
the work and working condition of my student.

Signature of Subject Teacher

Mr. Sarfaraz Siddiqui