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16th March 2018

Moriciant Felbrooke
07948 626487
41 Park Street, Trowbridge BA14 0AU

Personal Statement
I am a strong-willed, charismatic and ambitious young person who hopes to gain plenty
of experience to allow me to get a foot into the working world. Having completed my
GCSEs, I am currently studying Level 3 Games Development and Design at Trowbridge

The John of Gaunt School of Science, Math’s and Computing
• English: 5
• Mathematics: 5
• Physics: B
• Chemistry: C
• Biology: B
• Geography: C
• Computing Science: B
• Full Course RE: C
• Expressive Arts: B

Media Experience
Wiltshire College, Trowbridge Campus
During my collage course I have developed a range of production and design skills,
such as project and team management, PM’ing a team work experience project for
Wiltshire Police, alongside gaining experience in various softwares such as Autodesk
3DS Max, Sketchbook, Mudbox, Abode Premier/AfterEffects and Photoshop. I have a
digital Portfolio that can be found at “”.

Morning Paper Boy - July 2015 – August 2017
Southwick News Agents | 68 Frome Road, Southwick, Wiltshire

I have reliably left at 6:00 AM for around two years to deliver newspapers by bicycle,
delivering both my own round and any rounds in my local area that I am asked to cover
for, as well as occasionally being called in to get to Southwick News Agents by 5:00 AM
to set up the papers to be delivered before proceeding to cycle my own round.

Café General Assistant – August 2017 – Current

Boswell’s Café | 50 The Shires, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

I have been working at Boswell’s Café for several month, helping by removing trays and
dishes from tables to clean them, as well as cleaning the café itself. In this job, I have
been working in a continuous high stress environment where I have developed skills for
interacting well with customers.

Skills and Hobbies

• I have been an active member of either the Trowbridge Budokwai Club, or the
Taekwondo Association of Great Britain for the last five years.
• I’m an avid cyclist, role-player and gamer and miniaturist.

• I am a confident public speaker and have well developed communication skills, as

well as being experienced with easily starting and maintaining a conversation.

References may be obtained from:

Work Reference – Kim Harrild, owner of Southwick News Agents.

• Mobile: 07986 904332

• Email:
Personal Reference – Doctor Professor Gwendolyn van der Velden,

• Mobile: +44 7341 072427

• Email: