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3/15/2018 Former SCDF and CNB chiefs arrested

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Former SCDF and CNB chiefs arrested

Former SCDF commissioner Peter Lim and former CNB director Ng

Boon Gay were arrested on Jan 4 and Dec 19 under the Prevention of
Corruption Act. -AsiaOne

Wed, Jan 25, 2012


SINGAPORE - The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

revealed today that former Singapore Civil Defence Force
commissioner Peter Lim and former Central Narcotics Bureau
director Ng Boon Gay were arrested on Jan 4 and Dec 19 under the
Prevention of Corruption Act.


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According to a local news source, CPIB said both men are currently
out on bail and are assisting in "separate investigations".

CPIB did not comment further as investigations are ongoing. The

bureau also did not confirm whether others have been arrested in
connection with these cases.

The New Paper reported today that both men were advised to alert
their families to the investigations and spend a quiet Chinese New

Both CNB and SCDF said in separate statements that they will
continue carrying out their roles and duties as per normal.

CNB said its officers remain as determined in controlling the local

drug situation while the SCDF said the morale of its staff remains
high and it would continue to make Singapore a safe and secure place
for all, the new source said. 1/2
3/15/2018 Former SCDF and CNB chiefs arrested

Head of the Civil Service Peter Ong said in a statement today that the
public service "takes a firm stance on upholding integrity in public
institutions and among public officers".

He said: "The current investigations reaffirm this stance. They show

that the Government will take firm and decisive action, regardless of
the position or seniority of the officer."

However, the public service must also be fair to the officers facing
the allegations and establish the facts first, he said.

Further, the due process for the investigations should be allowed to

take place and further comments on the cases pending completion
will not be helpful.

Mr Ong also said that news of the investigations must have come as a
shock to his fellow public officers. He encouraged them to remain
steadfast in their duties and not let the news affect their commitment
to serve Singapore.

He added that this incident is a good reminder that "public trust and
confidence in public service is a precious asset to be protected."

Mr Ong said the public service has built a reputation of

professionalism and efficiency over the years. It is critical that
Singaporeans continue to trust the public service, he said.

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