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Marketing Plan Year 2018

Ways Sub ways Yearly No Quarterly No Monthly No Lead

On Site Under Construction Working on field for 300 Working on field for 75 Working on field for two 25 15
two days in a week to two days in a week to days in a week to get
get owners number get owners number owners number
Architect Office Visit Visiting architects office 60 Visiting architects 15 Visiting architects office for 5 5
for two days in a week office for two days in a two days in a week
Envelop Campaign Distribution of 1440 Distribution of 360 Distribution of envelopes if 120 01
If applicable then envelopes if applicable envelopes if applicable applicable
Commercial Project Meeting Builders and 120 Meeting Builders and 30 Meeting Builders and 10 01
visiting under visiting under visiting under construction
construction construction site Two days in a week
sites(Commercial) Two sites(Commercial) s(Commercial)
days in a week Two days in a week
Converting DB to Sending flyers to *** Sending flyers to *** Sending flyers to numbers *** Variable
lead numbers got in numbers got in got in directories
directories directories
Onsite(Client Building Meeting other 60 Meeting other 15 Meeting other company 05 01
Meeting) Relationships company Employees company Employees Employees like PVC, Tiles,
like PVC, Tiles, like PVC, Tiles, Bathroom fittings.
Bathroom fittings. Bathroom fittings.
Showing Samples Showing our brochures, 60 Showing our 15 Showing our brochures, 05 01
flyers to owners brochures, flyers to flyers to owners directly
directly during site owners directly during during site visits
visits site visits
Showing Demo Taking client to our *** Taking client to our *** Taking client to our place *** Variable
place and showing place and showing and showing demo
demo demo
Onsite Frequency Sending our flyers to 180 Sending our flyers to 45 Sending our flyers to clients 15 01
Target clients through mail clients through mail through mail and watsapp
Marketing and watsapp and watsapp
Marketing Plan Year 2018
Database Collecting numbers 4500 Collecting numbers 1125 Collecting numbers from 375
from directories and from directories and directories and sending our
sending our flyers sending our flyers flyers
WhatsApp Frequency Weekly once 180 Weekly once 45 Weekly once 15 05
Content Changing our flyer content periodically monthly once.4, 12, 48
Revive Reminding about our product to architects and our pipeline clients weekly once
Email Frequency Sending mails to 3000 Sending mails to 750 Sending mails to existing 250 01
Marketing existing clients and existing clients and clients and architects
architects architects
Content Sending our elevator and gate details 1, 3, 12
Revive Sending to existing architects and clients
Cold Calling Frequency Monthly twice 3000 Monthly twice 750 Monthly twice 250 02
Leads Scouting for Online data base 180 Online data base 45 Online data base collection 15 01
Architect / Interior collection and visiting collection and visiting and visiting architects office
Designer / Builders architects office and architects office and and site visits
site visits site visits
Scouting for Doctors Visiting hospitals and 120 Visiting hospitals and 30 Visiting hospitals and clinics 10 02
/ Hospital Owners clinics and collecting clinics and collecting and collecting online data
(For Stair Lift and online data online data

Scouting for Directories, online data 60 Directories, online 15 Directories, online data 5 05
Industrial DB/ data
parallel industries
Total Leads  41