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Q1) you are a project manager in the implementation phase, if the
project sponsor has told the functional manager that the project will
delay by two weeks, and the Functional Manager has told you to
document that, which type of organizational structure you are working
B. Projectized
C. Matrix
D. Tight Matrix

Q2) During project managers meeting in your organization, they were

discussing a project management methodologies subjects such as agile
and waterfall, they were discussing one of the followings:
A. Project life Cycle
B. Product life cycle
C. Project management plan
D. Change management plan

Q3) you are a project manager participating in developing the project

charter, which of the following document will help you for this
A. Project Statement of Work (SOW)
B. Scope Management Plan
C. Project management plan
D. Control chart

Q4) During the halfway of implementation phase you noticed that the
competitor will ready to put away the same product in marketplace.
What should you do next ?
A) Stakeholders analysis
B) Cost benefit analysis
C) Advice the sponsor to cancel the project
D) Update the project charter

Q5) who is the person can modify and make changes in the project
A.The project Manager
B. The project sponsor
C. The project customer
D. The project team

Q6) as a project manager, in which document will you find information

about Assumptions, constraints and key deliverables?
A.scope baseline
B. Risk register
C. Issue log
D. Change management plan

Q7) You are a project manager, you requested others to help in
estimate duration, who is the best person can assist you?
A- Subject matter expert (SME)
B- Project sponsor
C- all stackholders
D- HR manger

Q8) What is the tool that manages contract and procurement

documentation and records?
A) Records management system
B) Information management system
C)Procurement management plan
D)Procurement statement of work

Q9) You just assigned as a project manger at the initiation phase. The
sponsor guided you to collect the information from the same project
performed two years ago in the same organization. You searched for
data of last project but you can not obtain any information. What the
last project manger missed to do ?
A) Lessons learned
B) OPA update
C) administrative closure
D) obtain final acceptance of product

Q10) As a project manager which of the following document will help
you to prevent "scope creep"?
A.Project management plan
B. Scope management plan
C. Change management plan
D. Project file

Q11) you are a project manager and during collect the requirements
for your project by group creativity technique you want to generate
and organize information . This technique called:
B. Nominal group technique
C. Affinity diagram
D. Idea/mind mapping

Q12) After a major milestone release, one of the key stakeholders are
not happy and complain their requirements are not being met. In
which of the following processes should the project manager have
involved them to ensure their approval for the release?
A. Validate scope
B. Control Scope
C. Change management
D. Develop project charter

Q13) You are reviewing your project where PV=5000 & AC=4000 &
EV=3000. What is the project situation:
A. Project is going normal and it will be managed and closed normally.
B. Project is under budget but ahead of schedule
C. Project is going slower than planned
D. Project should be terminated as no solution to fix it

Q14) After defining scope what will you do next?

A. Collect Requirements
B. Decomposition deliverables into smaller component
C. Plan Scope Management
D. Develop the project charter

Q15) On your project, you notice that an activity takes longer than
what was planned, you have told the project team that an activity does
not in the project scope, so you will review which document?
A.Project Scope statement
B. Scope management plan
C. project management plan
D. change management plan

Q16) Feeding buffers and the project buffer are part of which of the
following Develop Schedule tools and techniques?
A. Critical path method
B. Schedule network analysis
C. Critical chain method
D. Applying leads and lags

Q17) you are in the process of identifying and documenting project

roles, responsibilities,required skills, reporting relationships, which of
the following inputs in this process?
A. Networking-Organizational Theory-project management plan
B. Project documents-Resource calendar-staffing management plan
C. Project management plan-activity resources requirements-
enterprise environmental factors-Organizational process assets .
D. Project staff Assignments-Resource Calendar-Human resource

Q18) if an optimistic estimate for an activity = 5 days, Most likely =8

days, pessimistic estimate (P) =10 days, what is the estimate activity
duration by Bert?
A.7.833 days
B. 7.67 days
C. 7.0 days
D. 7.5 days

Q19) Sponsor know the information about the project as behind
schedule and over budget but he want more details about the
progress .. as PM What should you provide to the project sponsor
about STATUS of the project ?
1-work performance information
2- Earned value report
3- work performance report
4- work performance data

Q20) a project manager in construction project, if the Project Sponsor

tells you that the project will be terminated because of Stumbled in
the credit limit of the bank. What could have done by the project
manager to prevent this type of situation?
A. Funding Limit Reconciliation
B. Reserve Analysis
C. Critical path method
D. Critical chain method

Q21) You are a project manager, and one of your project team
members informs you that the manufacturing environment of the
product is differ than the environment of use, and climate change will
be a factor. What tool will help you for this purpose?
A.Cause-and-effect diagrams
B. Pareto diagrams
C. Control Charts
D. Scatter diagrams

Q22) While working on the project to assess and measure quality, you
are determining the number and type of tests and their impact on cost
of quality. What technique are you using?
A. Design of experiments
B. Analogous estimating
C. Benchmarking
D. Cost of quality

Q23) You are a project manager of a construction project. While doing

the estimation, you realize that you will need 6 resources for 6 months.
You can get only 2 resources after negotiating with the functional
manager and as per the organizational policy, you can hire 2 more in
every 6 months. As a project manager what will be your next step?
A. Work with virtual team
B. ask HR manger to outsource contractors in accordance to your H.R
C. Negotiate with functional manager to get more 2 resources
D. Request your project sponsor to get more resources

Q24) In your project, one of your project team leave the site early at
2:00 pm Friday you would like to establish clear expectations regarding
the acceptable behavior of the team member to avoid such situations
you should establish:
A. Team-building activities
B. Ground rules
C. Interpersonal skills
D. Management skills

Q25) After completing some work required to develop your project
team members, such as training. what will you do next?
A. Team performance assessments
B. Team building activities
C. Staff assignments
D. WBS dictionary elements

Q26) Two team members on your project often disagree. You need a
conflict resolution method that provides a long-term resolution. You
decide to use which one of the following approaches?
a. Smoothing
b. Problem solving
c. Compromise
d. Withdrawal

Q27) You are a project coordinator from the buyer side. The supplier
side project manager reached out to you to recommend a change in
the proposal which will greatly benefit the end product. You believe
the same but your PM think otherwise. As per him it's a waste of time
and told you to continue with the existing project plan. What conflict
resolution technique did the project manager use?
A. Compromising
B. Smoothing
C. Direct/force
D. Avoid

Q28) You have a virtual team is a multinational stakeholder, want to
take an approval for scope change. What is the communication
method for this purpose?
A) Push communication
B) interactive communication
C) Transmit message
D) Pull communication .

Q29) one of your project team do a lot of meeting with the sponsor &
customer , without inform you ... what shall you do as a project
manager ?
1-ensure ground rules
2-show/ review him communication management plan
3-advise him to the project team directory
4-refer him to the HR Management plan

Q30) You are a project manager in a construction project. One of the

key stakeholders expressed surprise to you because being informed of
a previously published a change request to a project deliverable. All
other stakeholders received notification about a change request. What
could have been done to prevent this type of situation?
A.Review the communication management plan
B. Inform the stakeholder of the date when the change was approved
C. Ignore the key stakeholder
D. Address the situation in the next steering committee meeting

Q31) While completing your assessment of the risks on your project,
you begin to examine the ones with the greatest potential Risk to your
project. You are using a diagram to help you complete this task, and
you are currently looking at the high priority risks. What diagram
would best help you?
A. Control chart
B. Tornado Diagram
C. Pareto char
D. Risk register

Q32) A project has a duration of three years, at the midway the project
manger resigned. A new project manger assigned, at the first meeting
the project team told him that a flood may happened at the next few
month and will affect to the project equipment.
What is the project manger do next?
A) review a risk management plan
B) Using a management reserves
C) Using a workaround
D) Update the risk register

Q33) During executing phase, one of your project team has told you
that, the cement will delay, as a project what should you do next?
A. Workaround
B. A Workaround plan
C. contingency reserve
D. change Management plan

Q34) You have decided to take out insurance on your project to cover
your project financially if a risk occurs. This is an example of what sort
of risk response?
B. Mitigation
C. Sharing
D. Avoidance

Q35) The project manager need to update existing status of the new
risk and close the outdate risk what is tools will use ?
1- Risk Audit
2- Risk Assessment
3- Risk reassessment
4- probability and impact matrix

Q36) During your regular monitoring of the risks identified on your

project, you examine and document the effectiveness of risk responses
in dealing with identified risks and their root causes. What technique
are you using?
A.Ishikawa analysis
B. Risk audits
C. Risk urgency assessment
D. Trend analysis

Q37) After several months of negotiations your organization is almost
ready to sign a contract. The contract will span multiple years and
allow for final price adjustments based on changing conditions. The
ideal contract type is:
A.Firm fixed price
B. Fixed price incentive fee
C. Fixed price with economic price adjustment
D. Time and materials

Q38) During planning you making a comparison between renting or

leasing a concrete mix, you have the next information
- Pay for renting 200 dollars / day
- Pay for leasing 100 dollars / day plus 10,000 dollars at signing contract.
What is the minimum period that you can go to leasing verses renting?
A) 91 days
B) 101 days
C) 151 days
D) not enough information

Q39) at the end of your project, you found that your team document
only the reasons of success only as lessons learned. What is the best
course of action in this situation?
A. The project team is correct
B. Meet with the project team and tell them that necessary to
document both success and failures reasons as lessons learned
C. Nothing to do
D. Escalate the problem to the sponsor

Q40) Which of the following tools and techniques helping you to
classifying the identified stakeholders
A) Stakeholders register
B) Stakeholders assessment matrix
C) power/ interest grid
D) Focus groups

Q41) What is the name of the document that links product

requirements from their origin to the deliverables that satisfy them?
A.Requirements traceability matrix
B. Scope management plan
C. Change management plan
D. Requirements scope statement

Q42) You are a project manager running a public transportation system

project. A strike by local workers occurs due to the lateness workers'
payments. That leads to delays in a major component delivery. What
could have been done differently to prevent this type of situation?
A. Crashing
B. What-If Scenario Analysis
C. Leads and Lags
D. Fast-Tracking

Q43) Your customer always asking for a lot of changes of scope and
product features during the project execution. You accept all changes
to meet a customer satisfaction. After a distance of time of execution,
you noticed an inflation at project budget. What should have done to
prevent this situation?
A) Cost management plan
B) Control scope
C) change management plan
D) Scope management plan

Q44) As a project manager. And during participating in developing of

the project charter. You have received a letter show that the customer
of the project is interested in KPI's. As a project manager, what should
you do next?
A.You should include KPI's. In the project charter
B. include KPI's in the project management plan
C. Do ’t i lude KPI's. I the proje t harter
D. Include KPI's in change management plan

Q45) During the design for a new mobile phone project, one of your
team members discovers an approach for increasing the stowage area
for phone without increasing the expenses of project. What is the best
risk response should you plan ?
A) Accept
B) Mitigate
C) Exploit
D) Transfer

Q46) A project manager is using a method that not consider risk to
perform schedule network analysis ,which type of duration estimates is
being the project manager used?
A. Critical path method
B. Monte Carlo
C. Beta distribution
D. Triangular distribution

Q47) You are a project manager in a construction project. 85% of the

project works completed. And the project has spent the budget due to
the change in a cost of the materials. If a cost of the materials was US
$7.0 and your estimating were US $10.0. If a cost of the materials
reached to US $16.0.
What were your estimated should be?
A. US $11.0
B. US $10.33
C. US $10.50
D. US $16.0

Q48) You are assigned as a project manager for a project in the

implementation phase. IF the previous project manager fired because
he failed to send information of the project to the stakeholders
involved in the project. What should have he done to prevent this?
A. Review the stakeholder management plan
B. Review Scope management plans
C. Review project management plans
D. Review change management plans

Q49) You are a project manager. Working with an important client in a
constru tio uildi g for o ths’ duratio . IF the Custo er
requested you to finish the building in six months, as a project
manager what will you do next?
A- Fast-tracking
B- Negotiate with the client to provide additional funding, and submit
change request.
C- Crashing
D- What-if-scenario analysis

Q50) Change request is approved by CCB, what is the first thing to do ?

A. Implement the change
B. Update PM plan
C. Update the change log
D. Inform stakeholders with new status of the project

Q51) What to use to prevent Cost overrun?

1- Cost Management Plan
2- Change Management Plan
3- Scope Management Plan
4-Communication Management Plan

Q52) Your team is not directly reporting to you as PM and one serious
problem occurred. who will be responsible to solve it?
1. PM
3.HR manager

Q53) Who should discuss the Strategic Direction during Kick of meeting
1.Project manager
2. Sponsor
3- Customer
4- PMO manger

Q54) A project manager is faced with two team members who have
conflicting opinions. One team member explains her side of the conflict.
The other tea e er respo ds sa i g, I k o ou’ll e er
really listen to my side, so let’s just go ith her opi io a d get a k to
ork. This is a e a ple of:
A. Compromise
B. Smoothing
C. Withdrawal
D. Forcing

Q55) You are a project manager of a large construction project for the
government. The customer is asking for multiple scope changes. You
are considering these requested changes and trying to determine their
true magnitudes. You are most likely to review what document?
A. The WBS
B. Cost management plan
C. The project charter
D. Scope management plan

Q56) You are a buyer side project manager and have given a contract
to a small startup company. In the middle of the project, supplier
reported to you that he won't be able to deliver all the deliverables
which are required to be completed as a part of this project. What
could have been done differently to prevent this type of situation?
A. Giving the contract to more experienced vendor
B. Reviewing the agreement regularly.
C. Performing procurement reviews regularly
D. More Stringent/Strict Selection Criteria

Q57) There are many ways to describe the work to be done on a

project. What t is the high-level, narrative description of products or
services to be delivered by the project more commonly referred to as?
A: Project statement of work
B: Project scope statement
C: Project scope
D: Product scope description

Q58) Your project is going very well ahead of schedule and behind
budget, and near to complete. The one of very vital technical members
transferred to other project out of organization.and one of team
member told you that he can do his job and complete the project
without him .. What should you do next?
A) Do nothing, the project is near to completion.
B) Assign other member to take his duties.
C) negotiated with functional manger to assign a new member.
D) Evaluate the impact with team members

Q59) You are a project manger in a new software project. during
managing a stakeholder expectations, at the end of design phase, you
found one of key stakeholders complain of a one of work package still
not complete.
You do not agree and review with him the WBS dictionary but the
stakeholder still unsatisfied.
What is the next document you should review ?
A) Scope Baseline
B) Requirement management plan
C) Scope management plan

Q60) During a study of benefit analysis the project sponsor require that
to submit a proposal for implementation strategy, what should you do
next :
A) Identify the key deliverable
B) Invite the stakeholder for discussions
C) Identify high level risk, constrains and assumptions
D) review the SOW.

Q16) You have just learned that your project's sole equipment supplier
has gone out of business. This is an unanticipated risk, and will cause a
delay in the project until a new vendor can be selected and contracts
put in place. What do you do?
A. Continue working on non critical path tasks.
B. Put out on RFP for new vendors.
C. Notify the project stakeholders.
D. Consult with legal counsel.

Q12) You are managing the changes made to the scope baseline. The
causes of variances and the reasoning behind the corrective action
chosen should be included in:
A - Recommended corrective action
B - Project management plan
C. Scope management plan
D. Organizational process assets updates

Q63) Which of the following describe the reason why the project is
authorized ?
A.Project charter.
B. Business case.
C. Scope statement of work.
D. Project management plan

Q64) You are a Project Manager working on a project to create high

efficiency electric motors for a company introducing a new electric golf
cart. Your company's president is keenly interested in the project and
requests a chart that shows the number of defects by type ordered by
their frequency of occurrence. Which type of chart would BEST meet
this request?
A. Pareto diagram
B. Control chart
C. Statistical sampling
D. Scatter diagram

Q65) At the end of the project kick-off meeting, what is the next

B. Planning
C. Executing
D. Closing

Q66) During the implementation phase for an IT project. You found the
budget of one of supplied software packages became much more than
you expected. What should have done to prevent this situation?
A) Make or buy decision
B) procurement audit
C) Independent estimate
D) inspection and audit

Q67) During the implementation phase, you know that one of the
suppliers who is working on your project has taken another project. As
a project manager, what should you do next?
A.Remove the supplier from you project
B. change management plan
C. Procurement Performance review
D. Procurement review

Q68) You are a project manager in a construction project. IF one of the
subcontractors who is working with you usually gives you incorrect
reports, causing you to not send the correct status of the project to the
stakeholders. As a project manager, what should you do next?
A.Tell the project sponsor about the subcontractor
B. Remove him from the project
C. Review communications Management plan
D. Nothing to do as a project manager

Q69) A Stakeholder has become supportive after he was resistive , what

is the first document you shall update as a project manager
1- communications Management plan
2- S.H management plan
3-S.H engagement assessment matrix
4- issue log

Q70) A project manager is using a method that not considering the risks
on its estimate to perform estimate activity duration. Which type of
duration estimates is being the project manager used?
A- Triangular distribution
B- Beta distribution
C- Resource leveling
D- Monte Carlo

Q71) You are a project manager. And one of your project team has told
you that, there are cost overruns. What could you have done to prevent
this situation?
A.Expert Judgment
B. Analogous Estimating
C. Forecasting
D. Reserve Analysis

Q72) Rework is an example of a (an):

A. External failure cost
B. Internal failure cost
C. Appraisal cost
D. Prevention cost

Q73: Training is an example of a (an):

A. Internal failure cost
B. External failure cost
C. Prevention cost
D. Appraisal cost

Q74) Your project has a budget = $2,000. After two-thirds of the project
duration has been spent $1,500, your project could be best described as:
A. Under Budget
B. Over Budget.
C. Within the budget
D. Cannot be determined with the available information

Q75) What is the correct sequence for these tools and techniques used
in Project Time Management?
1- Decomposition work packages into activities, allocate resources,
schedule task
2-Dependency determination, Decomposition, Bottom up
estimating, and Resource leveling
3-Variance analysis, Three point estimates, Dependency determination,
and Decomposition
4-Decomposition, Alternatives analysis, Variance analysis, and
Resource leveling

Q76: During planning phase in your project, you discovered a lot of

numbers of internal stakeholders in a various department, IT
department, HR department and technical department. Also you
identified a lot of external stakeholders such as vendors, subcontractors,
governmental organizations.
What is the best way to distribute and retrieve information for such
numbers of stakeholders?
A) Using interactive communications with the various numbers of
B) Establishing a strict communication models system
C) Classify a stakeholder by interest/ influence grid.
D) Classify a stakeholder into groups and send to him the required
information only

Q77) Which of the following tools used to identify and analyze project
B-Expert judgment.
C-Probability and impact matrix.
D. Reserve Analysis

Q78) You are project manger and you have been finished make or buy
analysis and bidder conference & applied source selection criteria for
your sellers, what you should have to do next?
A-Select seller.
B-Procurement negotiation.
C-Sign contract
D-Close contract

Q79) You are project manager for a systems integration effort and need
to procure the hardware components from external sources. Your
subcontracts administrator has told you to prepare a product
description, which is referenced in a—
A.Project statement of work
B. Contract scope statement
C.Request for proposal
D. Contract

Q80) As a project manger, you have in your project a vendor delayed in
supplying some resources even the accounting system by hourly
rate. What should you refer for resolving this issue?
A) Procurement management plan
B) Procurement documents
C) Agreement
D) Arbitration

Q81) During the Kick- off meeting the stakeholders did not accept for
project management plan. What should you refer to persuade the
A) Cost benefit analysis
B) Project charter
C) project management plan
D) SOW Bottom of Form

Q82) At the midway of the project, the project sponsor told you that the
project will terminated. You already signed a contract with a vendor and
the vendor already started for supplying materials.
What should you do next?
A) Follow the procedures of close procurement
B) Review the contract terms
C) Negotiating with vendor
D) Ask the vendor to stop supplying

Q 83) What is the technique can be used to study a factor at the point of
greatest leverage to reduce design costs by speeding up the design
process, reducing late engineering design changes, and reducing product
material and labor complexity, eventually get a best product with
unique function.
A) Control chart
B) Benchmarking
C) Pareto chart
D) D.O.E

Q 84) Customer refused to accept the deliverable although he

participated in verifying the deliverables and negotiations have been
done with him too and still don't want to accept. What should the
project manager do?
A.Close the project
D.Do nothiong

Q58) The sponsor of your project is particularly interested in reviewing

the roles of different stakeholders on the project. As a project
manager, you should direct the sponsor of the project one of the
following document?
A. Stakeholder’s e gage e t assess e t atri
B. Stakeholder Register
C. Stakeholder management plan
D. Project Team Directory

Q86) One of the tasks that are completed at the start of a project is to
conduct the first project meeting, known as the project kick-off
eeti g. What’s the purpose of the proje t ki k-off meeting?
A. It introduces the project goals/objectives
B. The project manager gain the commitment from the key
C. Approved project charter
D. Discuss the project Schedule

Q87) One of the stakeholder on the project, led a change request a

month back. He reached out to the project manager stating that he has
not received any response yet. How can this situation be resolved?
A. By reviewing the issue log
B. By reviewing the stakeholder register
C. By reviewing the perform integrated change control process
D. Reach out to your team lead to understand why it was miss

Q55) The CV= -1.1 and the SV=1.2. How is your project doing?
1. Ahead of schedule, under budget
2. Ahead of schedule, over budget
3. Behind schedule, under budget
4. Behind schedule, over budget

Q89) As a project manager of a construction project, you understand
the importance of contract documents and correspondence for future
references. Which of the following can be used to manage and store
contract documents and records?
A. Records management system
B. Lessons learned
C. Project file
D. Performance reports

Q90) You have contracted some work to sub-contractor, and would

like to identify successes and failures of other procurement contracts
within the performing organization. This can be performed through:
A. Procurement audit
B. Contract file
C. Contract performance reporting
D. Lessons learned documentation

Q91) At the closing procurement ,What is the benefit of collect

lessons learned ?
A) Update the OPA
B) to evaluate customer satisfaction.
C) collecting lessons learned
D) future procurement

Q92) Your project in the planing phase, the project team commence
to estimating cost by using work breakdown structure. What is the tool
the project team use ?
A) Analogous estimating
B) Parametric estimating
C) Top-down estimating
D) Bottom-up estimating

Q93) you are a project manger , in implementation phase A conflict

appeared between two members of your team and the conflict start to
impact the whole team and the moral become low , What should you
do ?
A) Do nothing
B) ask the team members to solving the conflict by them self.
C) interfering for solve the problem immediatly
D) escalate the problem to HR department.

Q94) As a project manger at a new software, the customer request a

change and after evaluate the impact of change you found that the
change will imact the SOW What should you do ? ?
A) accept the change and submit change request.
B) Reject the change
C) ask the sponsor what should you do
D) evaluate the impact on the constraints

Q95) Based on the following table, as a project manager which risk are
you going to tell the project stakeholders is the greatest and is
therefore the biggest concern of the team right now?
A. Risk (A)
Risk Probability impact
B. Risk (B)
C. Risk(C) and Risk (D) A 0.1 7
D. Risk (E) B 0.2 12.5
C 0.4 5
D 0.5 4
E 0.4 3

Q96) During project planning phase, the project sponsor had

resigned.the new sponsor had postponed the project for two month
because he is disagreed on the scope.what project manger action ?
A) Meet the sponsor and the project team to know the delay impact
analysis on time,cost and personal.
B) Do nothing
C) ask the Customer what should you do
D) Ignor the new sponsor

Q97) As a project manager of a construction project, in a meeting, the

stakeholders requested 3 changes in the project requirement but the
sponsor rejected them , what project manger should do ?
A) leadership and public relation method.
B) Do nothing
C) Reject the changes
D) review stakeholder management plan

Q98) You are a project manger . you notice that the IT department
always late the deliverables and talked to the responsiple then
informed his manger but still there are delays . what you should do
next ?
A) Esclation as per Communication Management plan.
B) Do nothing
C) ask the Sponsor for help
D) Review Stakeholder managment plan

Q99) You are executing a project for your company's manufacturing

division. You discover that a certain change in the product can increase
the profitability as well reduce the manufacturing time. What is the
BEST thing to do in this situation
A. Inform your manufacturing department about this matter
B. Continue the project as per original plan
C. Issue a change request
D. Discuss the impacts with your team first

Q100) As a project manger for a new construction project. The most

of your team has a lack of experience so you planed a training
program. The training program will implemented before starting the
first phase.
At the last of the project, How can you classify the expenses for this
situation ?
A) Prevention cost
B) internal failure cost
C) Appraisal cost
D) external failure cost

Q101) Which of the following tools and technique can helping you
investigate the likelihood that each specific risk will occur.
A)Risk Probability and Impact Assessment
B) Monte carlo
C) Risk categorization
D) Probability and Impact matrix

Q102) A well organized collected information are ready at the end of

the initiation phase and comes next... what is it ?
A- project charter
B- project management plan
C- SH register
D- contract

Q103) A project manager wants to understand a project goal in

relation to the steps for getting to that goal. Which of the following is a
useful method for contingency planning that aids a team in
anticipating intermediate steps that could derail achievement of a
project goal?
A. Affinity diagram
B. Process decision program charts (PDPC)
C. Interrelationship digraphs
D. Tree diagrams

Q104) You are a project manager, and one of your project team
members informs you that the manufacturing environment of the
product is differ than the environment of use, and climate change will
be a factor. What tool will help you for this purpose?
A.Cause‐a d‐effe t diagra s
B. Pareto diagrams
C. Control Charts
D. Scatter diagrams

Q105) As a project manger, you have in your project a vendor

delayed in supplying some resources even the accounting system by
hourly rate. What should you refer for resolving this issue?
A) Procurement management plan
B) Procurement documents
C) Agreement
D) Arbitration

Q106) Transferring the ownership of deliverables to?

A‐ Spo sor
B‐ Custo er
C‐ Top a age e t
D‐ Assig ed stakeholder

Q107) Your project is going very well ahead of schedule and behind
budget, and near to complete. The one of very vital technical members
transferred to other project out of organization. What should you do
A) Do nothing; the project is near to completion.
B) Assign other member to take his duties.
C) Negotiated with functional manger to assign a new member
D) Review the risk management plan

Q108) A project is initiated and the planning is complete. As a project

manager you are about to conduct the kick off meeting with all stake
holders and you feel that the strategic directions for the project need
to be presented first. Who is the best person to present this at the kick
off meeting?
1. Project manager
2. The sponsor
3. The customer
4. A senior executive from the PMO

Q109) The change request approved by CCB ... what is the FIRIST thing
should you do as a project manger ?
1- Ask the sponsor for authorization
2- Rivised the plans and baselines
3- implement the change request
4- evaluate the imapact with team meamber

Customer or sponsor approval may be required for

certain change requests after CCB approval, unless they are part of the
. PMBOK 96

Q110) During creating the Project charter , Sponsor tell you that the
government has been issued a new law and may be effect the project ,
this law will apply after 6 months ... what is the FIRIST thing should you
do as a project manger ?
1- Add new law in EEF
2- Ignore the new law
3- Ask your management what should you do
4- meeting with SH and evaluate the impact

Q111) You are a project manger for buyer organization ... you signed a
contract with a seller to finish a part of project scope . your financial
manager tell you that the contract must be increase 20 % and after the
meeting with the seller to discuss this increase, the seller have no
problem . What is the FIRST thing should you do as a project manger ?
1-Issue change request
2- evaluate the impact on project constraints
3- Reject the contract increase
4- Review the Procurement Management Plan

Q112) You are the manager of a new infrastructure project for a new
city. During the project implementation, the project team checked
some activities in the project. Then a team of the company audit the
results and measurements and confirmed that it according to the
company's policies and procedures, what inputs do you need for this
1-Process improvement plan
2- Project management plan
3- Communication management plan
4- Risk register

Q113) During the creating of the Project charter , the key Stakeholders
in several different locations, the Sponsor tell you that you should use
the telephone to communicate with the key Stakeholders . what inputs
do you need for this process?
2- Risk Register
3- Communication management plan
4- Project management plan

Q114) During the execution phase your project team found few defects
on the test product. These defects need a special focus from the team
to correct them. Team decided to focus on important defects and you
agreed with them. As a PM you have chosen which technique:
A. Affinity diagrams
B. Pareto chart
C. Tornado diagram
D. Histogram chart

Q115) You have received several proposals from vendors and you are
in the process to award the contract. While comparing two proposals
from bidders, you found that one is low and the other is significantly
high. Which tool you can choose to resolve this kind of scenario?
A. Bidder Conferences
B. Independent Estimates
C. Advertising
D. Procurement Negotiations

Q116) Key stakeholder reject the deliverable and said the project
doesn't meet its objectives any more. what document you will review
with the key stakeholder?
A. Project management plan
B.Project charter
C. procurement management plan.
D.SH register

Q117) Project Manager sent information to project team through

Aconex but not all members received the information. What should
have been done to prevent this scenario?
A) Include Aconex in the communication plan
B) Confirm sending the information through an e mail.
C) Request team member's feedback at the progress meeting.
D) Change the communication method.

Q118) You are managing a project to collect and balance requirements

of all stakeholders involved in the design and construction of
infrastructure and buildings of the new university at your City, You
capture, analyze and manage lesson learned in order to:
A) Minimize the impact on the project.
B) Enable continuous improvement.
C) Prioritize stakeholder requirements.
D) Verify compliance with project objectives.

Q119) You are at closure of your IT project when the PMO head called
you asking to communicate formal project closure. What should you do
to achieve PMO request ?
A) Obtain formal acceptance from Customer .
B) Prepare and share final project report.
C) Obtain administrative, legal and financial closure .
D) Collect lesson learned and update knowledge base.

Q120) You are working on a project and want to know how many
activities in the previous month were completed with significant
variances. You should use ?
A.Control chart
B. Inspection
C. Scatter diagram
D. Trend analysis

Q121) The project scope baseline should be used in the identify risks
process because it—
A. Identifies project assumptions
B. Identifies all work that must be done; therefore, it includes all risks
on the project.
C. Helps organize all work that must be done on the project.
D. Contains information on risks from prior projects


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