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Student observing

NAEYC Standard l: Promoting Ch冊Development andしeaming

This artifact is an observation oftypica- deve-oping boys who were 3-VearS-Oid and 5-yearS-Oid・

It was completed during the Fa-l of 2014 for ECED 243.一n this observation - observed these ch冊en for

12 hours, and f紺ed out a check list l got offthe internet and then wrotethis summery ofthe

observations. 1 p-aced this a面act under NAEYC Standard l′ because 。earned about the chiIdren’s

characteristics and their needs,一Iearned about how different environments they learnt different things′

and the ch冊en were given the tasks that supported their needs.一Iearned whiIe observing the ch冊en

that they were considered typica-1y deve'oping・ There were a-so some ski"s they needed to work on. I

learned that the ch冊en were w冊g to he-p me with my homework and they loved trying to answer

my questions.一a-so learned that every ch剛S at different leve-s and that ch冊en achieve different s剛S

at different ages.