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Chapter VI side of the parting injection

molding with core pulling

First, the basic content of this chapter:

This chapter includes a variety of side type structure and working principle of

the pulling mechanism; overall structure of the angle pin side of the parting of the

injection mold core pulling, structure and function of major components; oblique

side of the parting guide post and design of the pulling mechanism part inclined

guide column of the slider and the like. Oblique side of the parting guide post

design steps and the pumping mechanism and the core design methods.
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Second, learning objectives and requirements:

In this chapter, you should have various side of the parting structure of the

core with the pumping mechanism, the working principle and characteristics,

design and master an oblique side of the parting guide post with the pulling


Third, the focus of this chapter, difficulties:

The overall structure and operating principle, the design method and design

process bevel pillar side of the parting of the injection mold core pulling, and the

structure and function of the major design points components. Design conditions to

avoid interference.

l, the side core type pumping mechanism

When injection molding plastic parts with side wall apertures, recesses,

bosses or the like, where the upper molding part must be made laterally movable

parts, called active core, plastic parts prior to release first out of the core activities,

otherwise we can not mold. Driven for lateral movement of the core activities (the

extraction reset) is referred to the whole side of the parting mechanism and pulling

mechanism, referred to as side action mechanism.

Depending on the power source side pulling mechanism generally can be divided

into a motor, hydraulic pressure (hydraulic) or the like three types of pneumatic

and manual.

(1) a motor-side core pulling mechanism

Motorized pulling mechanism side using an injection mold machine force as

the driving force, through the relevant transmission parts (e.g., the angle pin) so

that the lateral force is applied to the mold and the molded part parting side of the

moving core or withdrawn from the plastic parts, Shi relied mold parts molded

laterally so reset.

Although the structure of such a mechanism is more complex, but the parting

core pulling without manual operation, high productivity, the most widely used in

the production. Depending on the transmission component, such bodies can be

divided into different types of angle pin, pin bend, inclined guiding groove, helical

slider and a rack and pinion side pulling mechanism, wherein the angle pin-side

core pulling mechanism most commonly used.

(2) hydraulic or pneumatic side pulling mechanism

Hydraulic or pneumatic side pulling mechanism is a hydraulic pressure, or

compressed air as the motive power side core pulling type, the same is also

compressed air or hydraulic pressure by the movable core reset.

Hydraulic or pneumatic side pulling mechanism used for large Pulling force

core-pulling distance is relatively long, for example, large plastic evacuated tube

core and the like. Such core-pulling mechanism is a hydraulic cylinder or the

cylinder by a piston back and forth movement of the core pulling operation is

relatively stable, especially some injection machine itself with a hydraulic

core-pulling rainbow, the hydraulic core-pulling side of the parting more for

convenience, but the disadvantage is the higher cost of a hydraulic or pneumatic


(3) manually pulling mechanism side

Manually pulling mechanism side with respect to human or side of the parting

the mold core is withdrawn from the side of the plastic molded member. This type

of mechanism is not convenient operation, high labor intensity, productivity is low,

but the simple structure of the mold, low manufacturing cost, commonly used in

the trial products, small batch, or can not be adopted where the other side of the

pulling mechanism.

Many hand side of the pulling mechanism in the form, can be designed in

different forms depending on the side of the plastic parts manually pulling

mechanism. Manual core-pulling can be divided into two categories, one is manual

parting mold core pulling, the other is an outer mold parting core pulling manually,
while the outer mold parting manually pulling mechanism with the active insert is

substantially the mold structure.

2, the side core pulling angle pin injection mold structure

Angle pin-side core pulling mechanism is mainly composed inclined guide

post, the slide core side, the guide chute, and the core wedge block spacer slider

stopper and other components.

Swash angle pin called pin, which is driven by the force of the mold opening

side core to produce a force urging the swash core slider moves outward in the

guide chute, the purpose of side pumping core.

Side core slider is molded plastic parts on the side holes or undercut parts, and

the side core slider can be made integral, it can be made modular.

Guide chute to maintain the direction of movement of the slider supporting

part, requires sliding the slider guide bad smooth motion, and move up and down

without Jamming.

So that the core slide stop means holding the final position after the core back

by the limit stop, the slider rod, nuts and springs, which can ensure that the swash

angle pin hole when the mold closing can be very accurately inserted into the

slider , resetting the slider.

Wedge block is a mold closing apparatus which functions during injection

molding, the receiving side thrust slider came, or to avoid displacement of the

slider guide post inclined to excessive force due to bending deformation.

2.1 angle pin mounted in the fixed die, the movable die mounted on the slide
Structure angle pin mounted in the fixed mold, a movable die mounted on the

slide is inclined guide post mold core side parting pumping mechanism in the form

of the most widely used, it is intended for injection molding a relatively simple

structure, it can also be used more complex structure of double injection mold

parting face, mold designers to design a mold when the task side action of the

plastic parts should first consider the use of this form.


The so-called interference phenomenon refers to reset the slider to cause the

movable side core and the putter putter to reset the collision, causing the accident

or putting the movable side core damage. Possibility of lateral core interferes with

the push rod occurs under conditions occur both coincide in a projection parallel to

the direction perpendicular to the mold surface.

In the case of the structure allows the mold, should be avoided in the

projection range of the push rod disposed side core. If the structure is limited by

the mold core and the lower side of the projection must be disposed push rod, the

push rod should first consider the possibility of a certain distance in the

introduction is still lower than the lowest surface side of the core, when this

condition is not satisfied, it is necessary to analyze and generate critical condition

intervention agencies to take measures to make the introduction of a reset before

allowing the core slider reset, so as to avoid interference.

In general, so long as hctgα-sc>0.5mm to avoid interference. If the actual

situation can not satisfy this condition, it must first reset mechanism design putter.
2.2 angle pin mounted in the movable die, slide mounted in the fixed mold

For angle pin mounted on the movable die, the slide die mounted on the fixed

structure, since the mold opening when the plastic package generally require

tightly to the core portion of the movable mold remain in the movable die, and the

side core is mounted in the fixed mold so who will produce the following cases:

One case side action and releasing the same time, since the side core

impediment in the mold clamping direction, the forced off convex molding portion

and the movable mold member to remain in a given mold cavity, the end of the

side action after the plastic parts can not be removed from a given mold cavity.

Another case is due to the plastic parts to the gripping force on the movable

mold side core punch is greater than the force that the plastic parts remain in a

given mold cavity, the plastic may occur side core member is torn or small side

core the phenomenon is broken, leading to mold damage or does not work.

From the above analysis, the angle pin mounted in the movable mold, the

mold features in the slider mounting structure is fixed mold release core pulling

side can not be performed simultaneously, there must be a lag between the process

2.3 with the slide angle pin installed in the fixed mold

Angle pin installed in the slider structure and the stationary die to cause

relative movement between the two, otherwise it can not achieve the side action

operation. Relative movement between the two to achieve, it is necessary to

increase a parting face of the fixed mold portion, thus requiring a sequential type

Angle pin with the slider in the structural design of the stationary die


Angle pin installed in the slide structure of the fixed mold, the length of the

angle pin can be appropriately extended, so that the fixed mold type, the working

end of the rear swash type pillar remains in the oblique side of the core slider the

guide hole, the positioning means thus provided without the slider.

Parting two sequences mechanism described above, except that the angle pin

applied simultaneously with the slider mounted on the outer fixed mold form a

mold, so long as sufficient distance A parting point gate gating system condensate

withdrawn material, it can be used for point three-plate mold gate gating system.

2.4 with the slide angle pin installed in the movable mold

Angle pin slider installed at the movable die, may be an oblique relative

movement guide post of the slider and the side core by pushing mechanism.

Die thus configured, since the side core slider without departing always

inclined guide post, so no slide positioning means is provided. Resulting average

angle pin slide relative movement mechanism is generally introduced just pusher

plate pushing mechanism, and therefore, such a structure mainly for suction and

the suction force of the core from the core where not much.

2.5 inner core pulling angle pin

Angle pin-side core pulling mechanism in addition to the plastic parts for the

outer core and the suction side parting, the inner core back may also be plastic

When designing such a mold, the lack of the angle pin when the slide

positioning means is withdrawn from the slider, the slider requires so disposed

above the mold, the gravity of the slider positioning.