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CoCoCorn (C.C.C.) PIPES

By: Do. Unite. Care. Earth. (D.U.C.E.)

Submitted by:
Mamonong, Cara Patricia A.
Saldivar, Janine Karel P.
Sato, Aiza Mary Grace D.

Submitted to:
Mr. Ariel Reginald Rivera
Ms. Abigael Abug

March 22, 2017
Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary………………………………………………………………….1

II. Overview of the Problem…………………………………………………………….1

III. Company Overview………………………………………………………………….2

A. Mission………………………………………………………………………………..2

B. Vision………………………………………………………………………………….3

C. Company Values……………………………………………………………………..3

D. Objectives……………………………………………………………………………..3

IV. Product Description………………………………………………………………….4

A. Physical Features of the Product……………………………………………………4

B. Product Production…………………………………………………………………..5

C. Product Usage………………………………………………………………………...6

D. Product Distribution…………………………………………………………………7

V. Business Environment and Competition Analysis…………………………………7

A. Industry Analysis…………………………………………………………………….7

B. SWOT Analysis………………………………………………………………………8

VI. Target Customer/Beneficiary Profile……………………………………………...13

I. Executive Summary

According to the outcomes of the National Emissions Inventory in 2012, 71 percent of air
pollution comes from "mobile sources"—in other words, vehicles on the road. This amount is
even greater in the National Capital Region (NCR) wherein 85 percent of the overall air
pollution comes from vehicles. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) stated that that year,
there were more than 7,463,393 registered public and private motor vehicles in the country,
increasing the air pollution level in the country through the gas and smoke emissions from the
vehicles’ exhaust pipes. These emissions contain particulates that are small enough to be inhaled
by people, and may cause respiratory ailments and diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and in
severe cases, lung cancer.

The entire project proposal will focus on solving the problems regarding air pollution
caused by vehicles, especially due to the heavy traffic congestion in Metro Manila. The company
will formulate an effective solution for this ongoing problem by creating a simple product that
will help reduce such issue. The company is called DUCE, which stands for Do, Unite, Care,
Earth. This is because the company aims to unite the people in taking collective action towards
taking care of the Earth. DUCE is founded by social entrepreneurs who are advocates of the
reduction of air pollution who will exemplify their ideas to be incorporated in the product.

The product is called CoCoCorn Pipes which is an air filtering device that is attached to
the exhaust pipes of fuel running vehicles such as buses, cars and other public utility vehicles.
The product is called as such, as it is made from two main materials which are coconut and corn
fibers, thus combining the two to form CoCoCorn Pipes. It will help in the purification of the
atmosphere and the reduction of chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs for the benefit of preservation of
the ozone layer. It will be made out of recyclable materials such as excess scrap metals from
electronic companies and factories as well as junk shops. Furthermore, it contains two intricately
woven filters which will be produced from raw materials such as coconut and corn fibers. The
differentiation of this product from other air filters is the fact that instead of producing more
waste, it reduces it for it is cost efficient and makes use of organic materials.

The product will be of value to the people because it provides long term solutions to the
problem of air pollution. By using this product, the customers are contributing to the preservation
and sustainability of the atmosphere. Specifically, CoCoCorn Pipes will serve as a means to
filter out the toxic particles emitted by the exhaust pipes of the vehicles, helping in the reduction
of CFCs and carbon monoxide.

II. Overview of the Problem/ Issue

As the number of people who have or possess their own vehicles increase in the
Philippines in this modern day, the risk for air pollution has also escalated. According to the
Nielsen Global Survey of Automotive Demand, 38% of Filipino households have one car, while
16% have two or more cars. The level of air quality has put the well-being of the people in
danger. In fact, according to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources'
Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB), the air pollutant concentration in the
National Capital Region stretched up to 130 micrograms per normal cubic meter in terms of total
suspended particulates (TSP). These particulates are small enough to be inhaled by people and
may potentially harm one's respiratory health.

In addition, the top contributors of air pollution in the Philippines are transportation
vehicles. Based on the records of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
(DENR), vehicle emission contributes to nearly 69% of the country's air pollution, and 90% of
which comes from Metro Manila. Moreover, according to Climate Change Commissioner
Heherson Alvarez, more than 500,000 diesel- fueled public utility vehicles such as jeepneys, and
buses cause over 70% of the total black carbon emissions in the country, impacting the world’s
carbon monoxide level. In the year 2016, studies have shown that almost 20% of the air pollution
has decreased in the Philippines; however, the current rate is still above the standard rate set by
the Clean Air Act of the Philippines.

Aside from its toxic effects to the health of the people and the overall state of the
environment, the issue of air pollution also has its drawbacks, economically speaking. Air
pollution costs the Philippine economy around 1.5 billion dollars annually according to a report
by the Philippine Environment Monitor, and most of these costs are centered on the making of
big scale products, services, and programs to lower air pollution levels in the country.

Furthermore, the components or parts of the product also help lessen the waste produced
in the country. First, coconut fibers or coir usually serve as by-products from coconut husks
which are then cleansed and shined for various purposes and businesses. However, these by-
products are just thrown out most of the time, adding to the agricultural waste produced by the
country. With this new product, the potential of coconut fibers to filter out pollutants,
specifically those in gas emission from exhaust pipes in vehicles, is recognized. Next, millions of
scrap metals from various electrical companies are being put to waste every year. Improper
disposal of these electronical waste or e-waste may cause hazards to the environment and health
of the people due to its components. Approximately 2.7 million units became obsolete in the year
2005, and 1.8 million units required landfilling. The business people partners with electrical
companies and recycle their scrap metals to help lessen this issue. Lastly, corn fibers or coir are
recorded to comprise 3,249 x 10^3 metric tons/ annum of the total corn agricultural waste in the
Philippines . With this knowledge, the social entrepreneurs will make a product that also aims to
maximize its uses.

III. Company Overview


A company aimed to create a lasting solution to air pollution caused by fuel running
vehicles by providing a time-saving and cost-effective product for the people’s welfare and
preservation of the surrounding environment.

As social entrepreneurs, the long-term goal of the company is to lessen the effects of air
pollution from the hazards produced by vehicle emissions. In our society today where citizens
are becoming less mindful of the environment, the company aims to provide a low-cost product
that will offer a faster solution in order to prevent the pollution in the atmosphere caused by the
exhaust gas of vehicles. Through the continuous use of the product, the pollution in the
atmosphere will be progressively reduced. This in turn, will benefit the welfare of the people
because of the decrease of possible health risks acquired from air pollution and the preservation
of the natural environment.


A country free from pollution in the atmosphere wherein people are able to breathe fresh
and clean air.

The company envisions an environment that is free of harmful substances and hazards in
the atmosphere. As social entrepreneurs, the main intention of the company is to provide a safe
lifestyle for the people by restoring the condition of the surroundings. Although profit is still
acquired, it will not serve as the main purpose of the company or business. Instead, the
entrepreneurs envision a clean and healthy atmosphere that will benefit every single member of
the society.

Company Values

1. Efficiency- the business intends to practice such pertaining specifically to the cost in the
production of the product.

2. Transparency- the business aims to inform the people on the all the important aspects of
the product and not withhold any relevant information.

3. Integrity- the business aspires to do the right thing and keep pure intentions intact while
upholding their principles and values.

4. Kaizen- as in Japanese it means “to improve”, the business strives to continuously search
for better ways of improving the current situation.


1. To formulate an effective and cost efficient product made from organic materials for the
prevention of harmful gas emissions from vehicles.

2. To successfully market and promote the product to different tricycle, jeepney and bus
companies as well as to people with private vehicles.

3. To earn an appropriate amount of profit for the continued development of the product and
overall running of the business.

4. To help bring about and inspire change for the deterrence of harmful smoke emissions.

Target Sustainable Development Goals

The business taps into different sustainable development goals that will help secure a safe
and prosperous future for the people and Mother Earth.

1. Industry, Infrastructure and Innovation- This is due to the fact that the business’s
product may be considered an innovation that will help in alleviating environmental problems
and fostering development.

2. Climate Change- Air pollution and climate change go hand in hand which is the primary
environmental concern that is undertaken by the business. Smoke emissions from different
vehicles contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer which may lead to severe climate change.

3. Life on Land- It is beneficial to understand that the overall well-being of the people as

well as other living things should be taken consideration above anything else because they are
main beneficiaries of the given product.

IV. Product Description

Physical Features of the Product

The product that the social entrepreneurs will introduce to the market is called CoCoCorn
Pipes. This product will be a simple air filtering system which will be attached to the exhaust
pipes of different transportation vehicles. This will be used in order to lessen air pollution caused
by harmful substances such as CFCs and carbon monoxide emitted by the exhaust pipes. It is
comprised of different parts such as scrap metals, coconut fibers, and corn fibers or coir. The
scrap metals will serve as the overall structure or body of the product. This is the component that
will be inserted to the exhaust pipe .In addition to its features, it will have an adjustable knob to
fit properly to the size of the original exhaust pipe of any type of vehicle, making it unlikely for
it to slide off the vehicle’s main exhaust pipe. Within the metal structure, there will be two layers
that will serve as the main filtering pieces of the product. This is to ensure that the smoke emitted
by the vehicles is thoroughly filtered. The first layer will consist of a sheet of thinly woven corn
fibers as a base while the second layer will contain coconut fibers of similar composition. These
two layers will be held together by a latch that can be pulled out from the metal structure.
Furthermore, to avoid rusting of the product’s structure or body, non-rusting paint will be used to
give it a clear finish. For more visualization, kindly refer to the diagrams below.

Outer view of the CoCoCorn Pipe:


Opening for the

Body of the Pipe emission
Adjustable knob

Cross- section (Horizontal)/ Inner view:

Body of the Pipe
Coconut and Opening for the
Adjustable knob Corn Fiber/ Coir emission
Filter (side view)

Coconut Fiber/ Corn Fiber/ Coir

Coir Filter (Front Filter (Front
view) view)

*Images above are not drawn to scale. Actual measurements are: 2.250” Diameter Pipes/ Tubes,
and 50 cm pipe body in length.

Production of the Product

The main production site of the business is located at Mandaluyong city which is near
Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue or commonly known as EDSA. The avenue is known for being
the main road which various transportation vehicles pass through. Because of this, congestion
and heavy traffic are often experienced by the people thus making the place one of the main
contributors to air pollution.

As for the actual production of the product, the raw materials are to be obtained from the
excess or waste products from different sources to promote recycling. First, the scrap metals
needed for the body/structure of the product will be acquired from the excess metals used in
electronic companies and appliance factories. These include support from specific local
companies such as Cherry Mobile, MyPhone and Cloudfone. Meanwhile, the coconut and corn
fibers will be attained through the discarded coconut shells and corn peelings from local farmers.
Since these will be bought from the farmers, it will be also a means in supporting their livelihood
and overall well-being.

For the workforce responsible for the assembling of the product, full time workers will be
hired by the entrepreneurs and will be paid accordingly. The owners will also do their part in
making sure that laws on minimum wage are taken into consideration in the distribution of salary
and the laborers are guaranteed safe working conditions. During occasions wherein business is at
its peak and the number of products to be produced is more than what the workers can handle

then the social entrepreneurs will hire contractual workers for the time being yet they will still be
ensured safe, proper, and justified working conditions. Specifically, the job will entail workers
who have experience in blacksmith, simple engineering and basic vehicle mechanism however,
they are not limited to being college graduates as long as they are competent, trustworthy and
able-bodied. The hired employees will be given an orientation or tutorial as to how the product
will be made. Likewise, the company will serve as a source of employment for the people.

In making the actual product, the following procedure is to be followed. First of all, the
scrap metals will be melted and hammered to the shape of the external structure of the exhaust
pipe. After this, the coconut and corn fibers will be intricately woven and exposed to the sunlight
in order to be dried for a certain period of time. Both fibers from the coconut husk and corn will
be inserted within the exhaust pipe in order to fulfill its purpose as a filtration system. The
possibility of backflow occurring is low, and even if it does happen, it is easily averted by the
woven fibers. The latch will be attached through means of adhesive and application in order to
act as a system of access to the fibers; this is so that the user will be able to aptly clean the fibers
and ensure its feasibility through reusability. During production, a knob will be attached to a
certain area of the product. This knob will act as both an adjusting mechanism as well as act for
the security of the product on the desired exhaust pipe. It will be able to adjust the product
according to the size of the pipe, and it will secure it onto the pipe. After the basic construction
and assembly of the filtration system for the exhaust pipe and the contents within it, exterior
design will be applied through means of rust-proof paint.

Usage of the Product

The user can easily purchase the product at the flagship store of the company located in
Mandaluyong City, Philippines. At the moment of purchase, it will come in a packaged bundle
that is all-inclusive of the body of the exhaust pipe, the required fibers of coconut and corn, and
it comes complementary with the assembled latch as well as a refill pack of fibers that comes in
three pieces per type of fiber. The mentioned package bundle will be sold at a price of Php three
thousand five hundred. (Php 3,500) A manual will be provided by the store’s staff in order to
guarantee the consumer’s knowledge of instruction for the creation of their purchased CoCoCorn
Pipe. It will be handed to the customer in an ecologically-friendly bag.

The customers will follow the steps, as follows, in order to assemble the desired product:

1. After purchase, open the packaging of the purchased bundle.

2. The consumer will then use household items such as scissors and cutters in order to shape the
two woven fibers to their liking. This is because exhaust pipes typically come in varying sizes
and shapes.

3. Opening the latch, the user will insert the two fibers within the CoCoCorn Pipe.

4. After this, the user will close the latch and they will insert the body of the product within their
own vehicles’ exhaust pipe.

5. A knob that is attached to the body of the product will act as a clamp that will adjust
accordingly to the user’s size of exhaust pipe.

6. Enjoy driving at an ecologically-sound manner!

It is recommended that users will regularly check the filtration system of CoCoCorn Pipe
as to utilize the refill packs provided in packaging. Typically, the refill packs will have been used
within a three (3) – month period of usage.

Distribution of the Product

The product will be primarily produced in a secluded location in Mandaluyong City in

the Philippines, as it is the flagship branch of the company. The process of distribution for the
product will be through the channels of physical purchase and online purchase and subsequent
delivery. It will also be distributed to several branches in the various sectors of the country-
specifically gas stations- in order to more efficiently accommodate and handle the promotion of
the product to its target demographic. In gas stations, this is where most physical purchases will
be made, but physical purchases, may also be done in the main branch located in Mandaluyong.
The process of branching out to these different gas stations will occur when the business has
already established a position in the market successfully. The company will ask the support of
the government as a channel of distribution in spreading awareness regarding the product.

Through the partnerships established by the company towards online websites such as
eBay, Amazon, and OLX, the product will be able to reach not only local audiences, but it will
also be within reach for international consumers. This, however, will only be available to local
consumers for the time being due to the company only being new and up-and-coming in the
market. Once desirable growth has been achieved, possible expansion for a worldwide release
will soon become possible.

V. Business Environment and Competition Analysis

In the spirit of social entrepreneurship, the business people must keep in mind the current
situation of the business environment for the future development of their own company. It is
important to assess the necessary factors that may affect the business in order to create wise
decisions that will greatly impact the enterprise in the future.

Industry Analysis

● Technology Development – Due to the progressive advancement of technology

specifically through the Internet and social media, businesses easily get to market their
products and effectively communicate with their customers in order to receive feedback.
With this, there is a possibility that more advanced technologies or systems arise in the
future which might put the product at risk. Because of this, the business can use the latest
technology to further innovate their product in the future, yet CoCoCorn™ will still keep
intact its eco-friendly features.

● Social Changes – The business should conduct a study on the present day trends when it
comes to vehicle manufacturing which they may incorporate for the enhancement for
their product and the overall welfare of the business. Since consumer’s needs and tastes
change incessantly – especially that of the youth – the business must make adjustments
accordingly; however, it must uphold its company values and primary objectives and
directives in order to keep its integrity as an up-and-coming company. The business may
give out surveys to garner customer feedback for CoCoCorn™ to start making the
required modifications.

● Natural Environment – In the assessment, the business should make sure that its
activities are more beneficial than detrimental to the environment. The business should
always be aware of its locations and channels whenever there is a risk of natural disasters
which may directly or indirectly affect the output and productivity of the business.
Because the company headquarters is located in a tropical archipelago such as the
Philippines, the raw materials used by CoCoCorn™ could potentially be in jeopardy,
particularly the corn fibers. In seasons such as La Niña, crops of corn in the countryside
typically wither away due to the extreme heat radiating from the sun. Coconut, however,
is not particularly affected by the extreme heat, as this raw material does usually grow
and prosper in hot and tropical environments.

SWOT Analysis

Internal Environment

Strengths Weaknesses

● Reputation for Innovation- One key ● Cost of Production- The process of

asset that the business possesses is its obtaining the needed raw materials will
reputation for creating an innovative be expensive as well as the pay for the
product that caters to air pollution. A laborers tasked to assemble the
unique product usually brings about product. As the cost of production
higher demand from customers, thus increases, the price of the product will
leading to an increase in sales and also be affected and increase, due to
profit. This innovation will in turn the direct proportion between cost of
build an environmental- friendly production and price.
reputation for the company or business, ● Production of the Product is Time-
and will potentially attract more consuming- The actual production of
customers from the Philippines, or the product will take a certain amount
even from other countries. of time due to the acquisition of raw
● Skilled Workers- The business has an materials and the contracting of the
array of workers who excel in their employees. The time that is consumed
field of expertise such as blacksmiths, from the creation of the product may be
and individuals capable of simple the time that is used for other business
engineering and basic mechanism. activities such as product marketing
These skilled workers are employed and selling. Time management is
full- time, making them have the crucial in the business because every
necessary benefits they need as a activity that the business will engage in
laborer. Furthermore, these skilled is time limited and one part affects all
workers also have the capacity and the other aspects in the company.
knowledge to serve as the employees ● Inconsistent/ Unsteady Profit- Since
of the business who will entertain the the business is only a social
customers with the features of the entrepreneurship, the continuous flow
product. These workers also work of money or profit in the business is
efficiently and productively. not guaranteed. Likewise, the business
● Business Location- Since the is also new to the market which means
establishment is located near EDSA, that it would not acquire that much
which is considered one of the main profit since only a few consumers

roads for transportation and a source would possibly purchase the product.
for major air pollution due to the ● Size of Location and Rent- As the
commuters and vehicles, it is an easily business will start small, it is a given
accessible area for the consumers to that the first flagship store located at
conveniently visit the branch. There are Mandaluyong City will be small in
also many transportation terminals size. This is also due to the fact that the
located near EDSA, increasing the owners of the business only have a
possibility that they may want to limited start- up capital, and they will
purchase the product in bulk for their first rent the location to test if it is a
own buses or jeepneys. good place to attract customers.
● Financial Management- DUCE However, the owners do not have any
exercises hands- on management of control on the rent, thus this will put
their expenses and profit. This would the owners on a toll financially. The
be beneficial for business operations as small size of the location may also
there is a clear track on the progress affect the productivity of the workers
regarding its funds and money. In line as they cannot work freely, and even
with this, there is also a systematic the customers may not want to go in a
process of bookkeeping done in the cramped store.
company or business, which makes the ● Limited Number of Equipment/
financial flows stipulated in a clear and Machinery- Because the business is
orderly manner. new to the market, it does not have
● Good Internal Communication- The enough necessary equipment and
workers in the company are able to machinery to ease the process of
practice effective communication in production. The business has to earn a
expressing their ideas and concern for considerable amount of profit to be
the future prospects of the business. able to upgrade or purchase new
The company also has a program machinery needed for the production
wherein the workers are encouraged to process.
voice out their opinions in order to ● Lack of Laborers- DUCE is a new
attain understanding and awareness. company or business in the market, and
Good internal communication also with this, the owners only have limited
causes the employees or workers profit. The company does not have the
within the company have professional full capacity to hire a desired number
relationships with each other. of workers since these workers may not
● Foot Traffic- The high foot traffic of be compensated accordingly for their
the business will generate more work. The lack of laborers in the
customers in visiting the main location company will affect the production of
of the business. This increases the CoCoCorn Pipes. It will
opportunity for the business for growth specifically be time- consuming to
and development since more customers produce the pipes, and this in turn, will
will be aware on the product offered by have an effect to the rate of production
the business. of the said pipes.

External Environment

Opportunities Threats

● Trend of Having Eco-friendly ● Low Popularity- Since the business is

Products- In the market, there is a only new and upcoming, it is hard to
trend for eco-friendly items such as attain popularity easily, thus making it

tote bags, school supplies and others challenging for the business to truly
that have boomed in today’s market. differentiate itself from other
Thus, the product may get recognized competitors in the market. Moreover,
for its nature. the low popularity of the business in its
● Trend for Air Filters in the start-up stage will make it difficult to
Market- According to the Global appeal to the public and gain the
Industry Analysts, Inc. (2016), it has people’s awareness on the product.
been observed that there is also an This will make branching out a
inclination of the market towards air problem in the near future.
filters usually found indoors due to ● Competition with Other Similar
the rise of allergic respiratory Products- Competition is always a
disorders from the alarming increase major obstacle to the business because
of air pollution levels worldwide. It there are always going to be the
will be a good prospect for the presence of other companies who can
business since the business’ product attract more customers or gain more
caters to that of the outdoor type of attention. Innovation and effective
air filter which is much more product promotion is key in beating out
beneficial for most people. such threat.
● Similar products are too expensive ● A downturn in Economy and Less
or of poor quality- This may be Spending Budget for People-
considered as a breakthrough for the Whenever there is a decline in the
business because air filters from other economy, it is difficult for the business
brands do not accommodate vehicle to earn any profit because of the less
air filters or the fact that others have spending budget of the people. This, in
lower quality. This, in turn, may gain turn, may affect the company’s overall
product loyalty for the business. output and productivity since there are
● Great Quantity of Resources- not enough funds to support its
According to the Philippine Statistics activities.
Authority (2016), as of January 2016, ● Fall in Demand- Since the product is
27% of the total employed workers are still new and emerging in the market,
from the agricultural sector. Since the having consumers who are willing to
Philippines has a wide array of purchase the product will still be a
agricultural sites that produce coconut problem by the company. A fall in
and corn crops which are the raw demand may affect the overall
materials needed to produce the air performance and outputs produced by
filtering product of the business, the the business.
abundance of these resources is a great ● Agricultural Fluctuations- Despite
opportunity for the company. These the vast resources for coconut and corn
production sites are easily accessible production in the Philippines, there
for the business, making it easier to may still be external factors such as
acquire such materials without the need weather or environmental changes that
for long distance transportation to may affect the production of the crops.
create the CoCoCorn Pipe. This will negatively affect the business
● Accessible Online Websites- The because the raw materials are acquired
business can utilize websites such as from these agricultural products. Since
Lazada, Amazon or OLX for the the quantity of the products produced
purpose of promotion and online by the agricultural sector may be
transaction of their products. Through unanticipated and also fluctuate, the
the use of these online websites, the acquisition of the fibers from coconut

consumers will easily be able to and corn crops for the product of the
purchase the product without going to company is also affected.
the store itself, making the consumers ● Government Intervention- The
more inclined to obtain the product. different policies or laws that the
This may bring about an even wider government may implement in the
market for the business because it is future may also affect the production of
easily accessible by more individuals the product. There may be laws that
around the country. will restrict the use of such pipes in the
future, and the government may also
instigate various permits, patents, and
trademarks that can confine and control
the production of the product.

VI. Target Customer/ Beneficiary Profile

In the business’s entirety, its customers are the main priority other than profit because they
are to be the ones mainly affected by the business activities. The social entrepreneur’s main
target market is customers who own both public or private vehicles and transportation companies
such as buses or jeepneys.

1. What kinds of products or services do your ideal customers/beneficiaries seek from

your business? What special features do they request?
Ideal customers of the business seek products that are beneficial to environmental
sustainability. Specifically, these customers are in search of a product that will help in decreasing
the air pollution acquired from the emissions of the exhaust pipes of vehicles. The beneficiaries
also want to obtain a product that is composed of recyclable materials to promote the condition
of the environment. They seek a product that functions effectively and is sold at a reasonable
price. Through the use of CoCoCorn Pipes which is the product of the social enterprise, the
issues and demands of the consumers are resolved. This product is an air filtering system that is
attached to the exhaust pipes of vehicles to lessen the harmful substances released in the
atmosphere. CoCoCorn Pipes promotes the conservation of the environment to lessen the risks
that may be acquired from air pollution.

2. When your ideal customers/beneficiaries come to your business, what need or want
is that person looking to address? Think beyond product features. Consider what
product benefits the customer is seeking and what kinds of emotional outcomes the
customer is hoping for.
The main environmental problem that CoCoCorn Pipes will address is air pollution,
which is exactly what the ideal customers or beneficiaries of the social enterprise want to be
solved. With the CoCoCorn Pipes, customers will be able to lessen air pollution in the country,
as well as help the less fortunate local farmers with the purchasing of raw materials used in
making the filter. In addition, the customers will also be able to reduce electronic waste or e-
waste from electrical companies and put it to good use, which also puts a possible halt to the
degrading environmental state of the country. Aside from this, public transportation companies
such as those of buses and jeepneys are considered as one of the main target markets of the social
enterprise. This will also be deemed beneficial for these transportation companies because will
also establish a good reputation when other people witness and more importantly, sense a good
change brought about by using the CoCoCorn Pipes. This will attract more customers for these

companies and in turn, will help boost up their sales and profit. The customers also mentioned
that they want to gain a sense of satisfaction and assurance, knowing that the product they
patronize makes a big difference to the state of the environment.

3. When making buying decisions, what does your ideal customer/beneficiaries value
most? Cost? Quality? Features? Convenience? Reliability? Your reputation? Your
unique expertise? Your after-sale support? Your product guarantee?
In making buying decisions, the ideal type of customer will have to check if the product
is that of high quality due to the fact that it lasts long term and doesn’t break or malfunction
easily. Another factor that goes hand in hand with the product’s quality is its cost because it all
falls down to the practicality of the consumers. The business appreciates such characteristic
because it highlights how the customers are wise in making decisions for the future than trying to
make ones just to get through the present. One other area to be considered by the consumer is
that of the consistency and reliability of the business due to past experiences with other
customers. The consistency of a business to showcase high quality products will bring about a
good image and reputation for them as well as earn product loyalty from consumers.

4. How do your ideal customers/beneficiaries reach your business? Referrals? Ads?

Direct mailings? Promotions? Sales calls or presentations? By going directly to your
primary or mobile website? From links on other websites? By simply walking by
your front door?
As it was mentioned earlier, the social enterprise will first have its small business
establishment or store at Mandaluyong City, Manila, located near EDSA. Customers are free to
directly visit the store and buy the CoCoCorn Pipes in retail or in bulk. However, for bulk orders
which will be utilized for public transportation companies, customers are requested to visit the
store and personally make an agreement or contract with the social entrepreneurs, or the owners
themselves, so as to avoid having any misunderstandings concerning payments and the like.
Aside from the physical store or establishment, the business will also have its own online website
wherein customers who do not have access or the convenience to go to the Mandaluyong site can
simply order online. The website is user- friendly and easy to use, and the customers can get
real- time replies or feedback from the operators, who are the owners themselves. Furthermore,
to attract more customers, the business will be getting support from local government units to
spread awareness to the people by advertising with the use of flyers or posters.

5. What are the buying patterns of your ideal customers/beneficiaries? How often do
they buy from your business? How large is each sales transaction? What
combination of your product offerings do they purchase? Do they buy on impulse or
after careful consideration? Do they buy full-priced offerings or seek discounts or
sales? Do they purchase in person, via mail, through sales outlets, online, through
contracts or automatic purchase agreements, or in other ways that distinguish them
from other customers?
The business’s ideal customers buy through means of different channels be it through
physical transaction at our main branch or through our online website with included delivery.
Usually, the customers have their transactions either 1-2 times in a year. This is due to the fact
that the product is for long term and the reasons why they typically come back is just to ask
queries or buy a set of refill packs. Whenever a customer makes a decision to buy our product, it
takes a long process because the business makes sure that they are fully informed of every aspect
of the product and gives lenient time for the customer to take it into consideration. Each sales
transaction is quite big because the product is sold at Php 3,499 per packaged bundle yet the
business makes sure there are different modes of payment made available. There are more

customers that buy the product when there are discounts or special promos that the business

6. How would you describe your ideal customer? Where does that person live? What is
the person’s age, gender, occupation, income level, education level, family
composition, ethnicity, and nationality?
The business does not have any specification as to the age, gender, ethnicity, nationality
or family composition. It does require its customers to have at least a private vehicle of their own
or enough money, depending on the income, to purchase the said product without causing much
hassle to their personal budget. Other than the mentioned specifications, there is no reason as to
why the business should promote customer exclusivity.

7. How would you describe your ideal customer’s lifestyle? What are his or her
hobbies? Social or church affiliations? Leisure-time activities? And so on..
Relating to the previous question, there are no specific requirements set by the business
when it comes to the consumer’s lifestyle or hobbies. As long as the customer owns a fuel
running vehicle, be it private or public, is enough of a specification for it to be considered
eligible to purchase our product. Due to the meager transportation system in Manila, it’s either
the customer has a lifestyle of driving oneself with a private vehicle or that of commuting using
public transportation.


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