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Teacher Candidate’s Name: Kelly Wall________________________Section:______934

Date:___11/8/17 Time:____10:15 School: ________JSC Grade:__4

Activity Observed:_________ELA inference Observer:______Varano

Use the following key in your evaluation:
Key: + = exceeds expectations; √ = proficient; √ - = marginal ; - = unsatisfactory ; N/A = not applicable
I. Planning and Preparation
_*__ Writes lesson plan in correct KU format
_*Writes objectives in behavioral terms which are not activities
_+Aligns standards, objectives, instruction and evaluation
_*Plans varied and appropriate instructional strategies
_* Enhances the lesson by incorporating models, technology or teacher made materials
_* Accommodates for the learning needs of students
_+ Uses appropriate evaluation
_+Demonstrates an adequate knowledge base in the content areas
_+ Prepares and organizes materials for instruction
_+ Shows evidence of original thinking through creative teaching
_*Submits lesson plans to cooperating teacher two days in advance

II. Classroom Environment
_+ Demonstrates a willingness to take charge
__+Establishes rapport with students
__+Exhibits teacher presence
__+ Reinforces the expectations for learner behavior
__+Captures and holds the students’ attention and refocuses them when off-task
__*Responds to disruptions with prompt and appropriate actions

III. Instructional Delivery
_+ Uses well- modulated voice with appropriate expression
_+ Demonstrates enthusiasm
_+ Articulates instructions clearly
_+ Promotes active student involvement
_* Uses technology when available
_*Paces lesson appropriately and adjusts when needed

IV. Communication Skills, Participation & Professionalism
_*Uses correct and effective oral English
_* Uses age appropriate vocabulary
_* Uses correct and effective written English
__+Uses correct and legible handwriting
_+ Shows initiative and routinely volunteers assistance
_+ Demonstrates dependability
_+ Dresses in a professional manner
__+Develops professional relationship with cooperating teacher and school community
_+ Demonstrates the ability to take and use constructive criticism
_+ Reflects thoughtfully for self-improvement
Your notebook looks efficient and professional. I enjoyed reading your reflections. Great detail
on noticing the co-teaching methods the teachers use. Good connections from coursework and
practical application. The situation sets the need and the strategy they use. This flexibility is what
makes them such a good model of co-teaching. I was also interested to see your connection to
the PSSA and having questions read to them.

Continue to complete your checklist from the Pro Sem book. I love to see evidence of all the
great things you have done.

I liked to read the lesson reflection of your math lesson. You seemed to do this shortly after it
was over. I love informality of it and how insightful it was. Transitions, pacing, breaking down
of content, differentiation….all things every teacher works on!! Focus on a goal or two per
placement and really refine

Lesson Plan:

You plan looks good


You activated prior knowledge in reading between the lines and inferencing strategy. You
referred to hand motions in a song which they recalled. Your anchor chart served as a way for
you to model when reading then refer to it so to illustrate your point (and show how that anchor
reference is helpful for them too)

I really like the prediction in the beginning. Great that you showed the cover and inside the cover
and have the students really appreciate the art and structure of the book as they look for clues.
The students were captivated by the book. I just love watching students as they listen to a story.

You stopped to model the inferences you were making, and you stopped to guide them to their
inferences. The one about their name pronunciation was a great example. Many shared that
background knowledge because they have personally experienced it. Point that out to them in
your teaching.

Your preparation in the book was evident. There were some tricky names for you to pronounce
when reading. And I noticed evidence of sticky notes throughout too. That is a great strategy for
you to use for questioning, key points, important reminders.

Your materials were ready on the desk and you transitioned to the activity. Together in a WE Do
you modeled the number one. Would you consider projecting it as a way to show the students the
example so it was visual and auditory? Maybe do two this way - the second time gradually
releasing (by questioning them) what to do.
Setting a timer was a great idea but they can’t see the time ticking down, would you consider a
SMBD timer so they can better pace themselves? I do like how you planned to adjust time as

You and the other teachers were able to facilitate some deep thoughts at each table. I like how
you didn’t just stick with certain groups, but rotated around the room. Mrs. Fiddler’s comments
about different inferences with the same situation is a great talking point for later. Relates back
to the background knowledge on your anchor chart.

Closure: As time completed you your weren’t quite done BUT you transitioned so nicely
anyway, you reviewed back to the chart and transitioned them right back to Math for Mrs.
Fiddler well done. Nice conversation during conferencing. It will be great to continue to work
with you.