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ECE Year 3 Semester 2

Name of student: Course: B.Ed
Teaching Practice 6 Year: 3
Name of preschool / school: Far Eastern Private School- Al Azra Campus
Mentoring School Teacher: Ms. Apple Kaye I. Damatan
Absence dates / reasons:
General Context: Year level with which the student teacher worked, special characteristics, nature
and size of groups, and a brief description of what the student teacher did (e.g. specific responsibilities,
content areas covered; whole class/groupwork) The student teacher handled 23 Kindergarten 1A
Section Red pupils within 5 weeks. She showed kindness and love to the pupils which leaves a big mark
on their heart. Every pupil is so excited specially when she gave stories that is related to the topics that
really interest them.
Observed Strengths:
As I observed, she is responsible, smart and showed love on what she was doing as a student teacher. She
is hardworking and very patient when it comes to pupils with disruptive behaviors. When it comes to
teaching, she makes sure that her objective of that day was achieved. She uses different strategies and
techniques to motivates pupils and caught their attention. One of the strategy that I’ve seen that really
caught the pupil’s attention was showing real objects when discussing the lesson and showing interesting
puppets when telling stories. Being punctual and organized is another thing I observed that the student
teacher showed. Being responsible, punctual, well organized, smart, patient and showing love on what you
are doing is the best qualities that a teacher should have.

Areas for Development:

Establish an effective classroom management especially on pupils with disruptive behaviors. Managing a
classroom behavior is hard.

General Comments:
The student teacher showed kindness, patience and care for her pupils. She was able to achieve her
objectives every time she teaches her lessons. She managed to catch the attention of the pupils by
showing different techniques and strategies and awesome motivations that really interest the pupils.
Instructional materials are well planned and organized. She can be a good teacher someday.

Dates on which absences are to be made up:

Mentoring School Teacher …………………………… Date ………………….
Student Teacher* …………………………… Date ………………….
*After the report has been read and discussed please sign.

2. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: B: Ed. ECE Year 3 Practicum 6 Report
This report is to be completed by the Mentoring School Teacher.

Professionalism and Understanding: Professional growth E G S M U

Shows initiative, enthusiasm, active participation and engagement in

the classroom and preschool
Displays a high standard of professional behavior, which includes
punctuality, personal organization and presentation

Communicates effectively with mentors X

Planning for learning: Planning activities and lesson aims E G S M U

Plans in consultation with MST and MCT activities which meet the X
needs and interests of individuals and groups of children across
Presents lesson/activity plans in a clear, detailed and professional way

Includes developmentally appropriate activities which are designed to X

help achieve the aims and objectives of the lesson/activity.

Implementing and Managing Learning; Language and delivery E G S M U

Uses a variety of effective teaching/ learning techniques (e.g. TPR,

chants, songs, rhymes, stories, role plays, circle games, surveys etc.)

Demonstrates an ability to implement planned teaching tasks X

Demonstrates an ability to implement unplanned, developmentally

appropriate interventions

Classroom management E G S M U

Establishes and maintains rules and clear routines for behavior in the X
Demonstrates an understanding of effective behaviour / classroom X
management techniques
Manages both positive and negative behaviours effectively X

Communication skills E G S M U

Uses appropriate body language, eye contact, gestures and voice to X

maintain an effective classroom presence

Monitoring and Assessment E G S M U

Provides ongoing feedback to children to enhance learning. X

Begins to check understanding via appropriate questioning and X


Critical Reflection E G S M U

Actively seeks, listens to and accepts guidance and responds X

constructively to feedback from colleagues and mentors.

Begins to evaluate own teaching and includes suggested action/ X

follow-up or targets for future lessons/ activities, with MST, MCT and