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Life's Purpose Discovered; was called a Dangerous Man

No, I haven't made it. No, I don't have millions in my name. But, I am writing this to expose how
powerful The Script is, how being an individual in tune with his/her life's purpose is difficult, the
huge price and sacrifices to fulfill your identity (an entreprenuer).

In the beginning

I was always passionate about computers. So, in 2013 I took computer course for college. That
was the first time where I am cut off from my home state, parents care, and the culture I was
born into. For a 18 years old me at that time,it means freedom, independence and mindless

I did well in my studies, I spent money on drinks, picked the best place to hang out, and I chose
to stay with a Catholic priest. Don't get it wrong, it was a church-based youth hostel. This was
the start of a painful journey in discovering life's purpose.

You see, the priest was not the regular priest who preach about hell, Satan and pornography. In
the context of business and entreprenuership, basically this man is like :

·0 Steve Jobs running his Apple empire, quality oriented. Not the CEO of some MLM

·1 MJ Demarco with his crediblity and legal millionaire status. Not the countless get rich
author who haven't made it.

The SCRIPTspeak

I volunteered for charity, went to varius social community throughout my country (sometime still
recovering from hungover), met priests from foreign countries; all the while, still attending
classes at the time and I did well in my exams.

Somehow, I 'fell from grace'.

The SCRIPTspeak began its propaganda:

·2 Employment Gestapo: Get a job after college. Climb the corporate ladder. (This was
planned. The priest got connections with several IT firms.)

·3 Family Gestapo: Get married after 30/be a Catholic priest. (This is common in my socio-
cultural environment.)

·4 Salary Gestapo: Invest 20% in ASB. (In the U.S. this is your mutual fund.)

·5 Retirement Gestapo: Don't forget KWSP. (Our provident fund equivalent to Social
But, my mind started questioning everything after various exposures to social communities.

·6 I knew since small that we have to work for a living. But, I've seen too how marriages
(and children) went beyond repair because of 'so-called-work'.

·7 My parents' marriage was a hell. Till now, I have no idea who commited adultery. The
SCRIPTspeak is clear: Wedding is the next big thing in life, not marriage.

·8 Yeah! I'm going to save a lot money like my goverment-pampered parents who
complained a lot whenever they take out their wallet. The fact that one foreign priest I
met was smiliing happily handing out donations. THE POINT IS: The former has a secured
life (provident fund, employee benefits etc), but the latter has offered life (joy,
happiness, fulfillment).*

·9 Common denominator of retirees (and nearing ones too) - full of anger, alcoholic,
dissatisfied with life, too late to realize failures.

Those were QUESTIONS that ran through my mind. Each of them, I begged for WHYs.

I begged for its meaning and purpose.

Ooops! Wrong Approach

Then, I made a mistake.

I turned to/chase women instead of facing those questions and challenges.

I picked up smoking, abuse alcohol just to escape.

AND IT WORKS! I started immersing myself with more books from different subjects,
philosophy, religious doctrine, dating, teaching myself languages outside of my own culture,
start writing journal entries.

What happened? I gained confidence to get outside of my comfort zone.

The best of all I quit college.