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Did you know?

In 2014 there were 260 million light passenger vehicles

registered in the USA.
The number has risen by approximately 3 to 4 million a
There are 4 wheels on a car.
Do the math.

Lenco Holdings LLC is the world leading manufacturer of hi-tech alloy wheel lathes, rim repairing
equipment and wheel straightening machines. As a team we have more than 50 years of combined
experience in the wheel repair industry. Our patented Lenco wheel repair machines are available
worldwide, get in touch with us for more information about our hi-tech CNC wheel lathes,
patented alloy mag repair equipment, pricing and worldwide shipping. Wherever you are in the
world, Lenco Holdings is here to assist you in starting or improving your wheel repair business by
offering you state of the art alloy mag repair equipment and proven wheel repair training

The Lenco Hi-Tech Wheel Repair Equipment and CNC Lathe Machines Offer The Following

Precision Diamond Cutting

Wheel Straightening

Wheel Polishing

Mag Wheel Re-Manufacturing

Alloy Rim Refinishing

Alloy Rim Repairs