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Astrological combinations for fame

Will I become famous? Will I become successful? Perhaps this is the most asked questions to any
astrologer. But we have to remember and understand that every moment several thousand people are
taking birth in the planet and perhaps even 1% of them do not become famous.

So what is the astrological combination for Fame? How to Know if there is any chances of getting
recognition by judging horoscope?

Many People will say Panch mahapurush yoga, Adhi Yoga, Rajyoga etc will make a person famous. But
it needs to be understood that there are several crores of people with so many raj yogas and Dhana
Yogas but forget about fame they are not even successful. In any sign Saturn stays for 2.5ys, Jupiter
for 1yr etc. So Saturn will stay in Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius for 2.5 yrs each and people born in those
7.5 yrs. periods will have either Saturn exalted or in own sign. So is it true that for all those people
Saturn will give very good result? It cannot be any astrological combination for fame. SO how to
proceed. I am adding few information which might be helpful in this regard.

 Lagna Lord must be strong. Lagna or Ascendant is perhaps the most important parameter in
any horoscope. Everything is judged with respect to Ascendant. For example-2nd house is
not the house of wealth but it is the wealth of ascendant. They don’t have any identity
without ascendant.
 So if the Ascendant and its Lord is strong, the foundation of the chart is strong and any good
yoga will be able to function properly only if the Lagna and its Lord is Strong.

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 When we see any famous person, we actually see his image not the original person. For
example if a student is studying in a big university, we assume that the student is very
intelligent which may be or may not be true. Here comes the Arudha Lagna.
 Lagna is our true self and Arudha Lagna is how other people see us. We may not be a person
of high morality and ethics but people may think us like that only. This is the beauty of
Arudha Lagna. Benefic Aspect to the Arudha Lagna plays an important role. If Planets like
Jupiter and Moon aspect the Arudha Lagna(AL), it can make a person famous even after
their death. when the Lord of AL is well placed, it protects the image of the person. The
strong Kendra houses (4,7,10) is required to support the AL and the 2ndhouse from AL
sustains the Image. So this is another important astrological combination for fame.
 Upachaya houses are very important for materialistic perspective. 3 rd house gives the
necessary courage and initiative requires for taking any challenge, 6th house gives fighting
spirit and defeating the enemies. 10th house is the house of achievement or success and
11th is the gain out of it. If the Upachaya houses are having strong malefic like
Saturn/Mars/rahu, it increases the chance of getting success if not fame.
 Moon is also important factor while seeing the potential of fame in a birth chart. Before
checking any Yoga of Fame, we must see if there in any potential of getting fame in the
Horoscope. If the Moon is well placed (Exalted, Own sign, Vargottama), aspected by
benefic planet like Jupiter/Venus, we can say that the chart is having potential of getting
Fame. Especially if Moon is well placed in 5th house or 10th house, it helps a lot in reaching
to masses being famous. But it does not mean everyone who is having a well-placed moon
in 5th or 10th will become famous but it is a key factor for reputation.
 For getting a Mass Appeal, we Need a Strong Saturn. As Saturn is the Karaka for Masses, a
strong Saturn with rahu or Venus can make a person famous among masses. Like a Popular
Mass Leader or a politician.
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 If there is any stellium of planets in any particular house. Like 4 planets or 5 planets in one
particular house. It gives very heavy emphasis on that particular area of life.So it is a vital
astrological combination for fame.
 When judging exalted planets, need to check the dispositor or owner of that house too.
Suppose Sun is exalted in Aries but Mars is debilitated in Cancer, the power of Sun will
reduce a lot where as if the mars is also exalted in Capricorn and also aspecting the Aries
sign, it will increase the strength of sun manifold. So carefully check the strength of exalted
planets because it plays a vital role.
 The 10th house is the house of Fame. A well placed planet is a boon here. Even a Planet Like
Rahu can give massive Fame here. Rahu wants everything in abundance, so whenever it is
favorably posited it can signifies huge fame among masses specially as a actor or a
politician etc. If the 10th Lord is strongly placed it helps in achieving recognition. 7 th house is
the house of Masses and also house of desire. So if the 10 th lord goes to 7thhouse, it is a
good indication.
 Any relation (exchange of house or Nakshatra, mutual aspect etc) between 7 th and 10th is
desirable and an important astrological combination for fame. If we refer a article
in Futurepointindia the author says that “When Jupiter or Saturn conjoins or aspects the
lord of house of fame or placed in an angular position fame results.”
 Except Moon, Two more planets are specially important-Venus and Sun. Venus should be in
5th/7th/10th/9th/11th house without malefic influence. Rahu/ Venus sitting in Magha star is
favorable in this respect.Sun is the basic Karaka for fame. So it should be strong
irrespective of its placement.
 Some Astrological Yogas Like adhi Yoga, Gaja-Kesari Yoga, Vasumati Yoga, Panch Mahapurush
Yoga etc are required apart from the strength of Horoscope. Without these Yogas, there
may be potential in the chart for being renowned but the final outcome will not happen.

The most important thing is that we need to check all the above mentioned parameters not only in D1
or the Birth chart but also in D9 or Navamsha as well as in D10 or dashmasha. D9 and D10 need to be
checked as independent chart. If the indication in all the three chart is similar, we can safely say that
the person can be famous.
Another important thing is Dasha-Antardasha. For getting success and fame we need to have right
dasha-antardasha at right time.