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Republic of the Philippines)

City of Iloilo )S.S.



I, AIDA MAJARUCON LOPEZ, Filipino, of legal age, married to

Ibarra Lopez and resident of Negros Occidental, after having been sworn
to in accordance with law, depose and say:

1) Erlinda Majarucon is one of my sisters and heirs of our late father

Francisco Majarucon who died intestate last March 5, 1965;

2) The estate of my late father was subject of Special Proceedings

No. 1861, Branch IV, Court of First Instance of Iloilo (now Regional Trial

3) Consequently, by virtue of a duly approved Project of Partition

dated September 16, 1974, Cadastral Lot 4334 situated in Barangay
Tamboilan, Dumangas, Iloilo was among the properties adjudicated to my
sister Erlinda Majarucon;

4) By mistake and without the knowledge and permission of my

another sister Araceli Majarucon Maloco, the latter’s share of the
inheritance (Cadastral Lot 4333) was inadvertently included by my sister
Erlinda Majarucon as part of her inheritance which was turned over to
Generoso Laruscain for cultivation;

5) I know all the foregoing facts because I became the administrator

of Erlinda Majarucon’s share of the inheritance when she decided to settle
in Australia;

6) Since then I was the one receiving the rentals paid by Generoso
Laruscain, except that one covered by receipt dated September 21, 1996
when I authorized Araceli Majarucon Maloco to receive the rentals as her
loan from Erlinda Majarucon;

7) I am executing this affidavit in order to attest to the truth of the

facts herein stated.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand this _____ day

of March 2005 at Iloilo City, Philippines.




I hereby certify that I have personally examined the affiant and that
she attested that she voluntarily executed and understood the foregoing

Notary Public
Until December 31, 2005
PTR No. 1571567-Iloilo City-Jan. 6, 2005
IBP No. 627629-Iloilo City-Jan. 6, 2005
Roll No. 46649

Doc. No. _____;

Page No. _____;
Book No. _____;
Series of 2005.