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Structural Engineering
Our Structural Engineering Ethos

Structural engineering at its most fundamental level is the application of scientific, economic and practical

knowledge to develop, design, build, maintain, and improve structures. In an architectural context, a

structure is a body or assemblage of bodies that form a system capable of supporting load and an analogy

used by The Institution of Structural Engineers to explain this is as follows:

“... if a structure was a human body then the architect would be concerned with the body shape and

appearance, and the structural engineer would be concerned with the skeleton and sinews.”
Who We Are
Scott Hughes Design are therefore specialists in the design, construction, repair, conversion and conservation
We’re an award winning structural engineering, of structures that form the skeleton of buildings. We are concerned with all aspects of a structure including
civil engineering and sustainability consultancy its ability to support the weight of its inhabitants, the finishes, cladding, furniture, fixtures and fittings as well
based in Manchester and Leeds.
as its own self weight. In addition, we ensure that the structure can resist the effect of environmental actions

such as wind, snow, water, humidity and soil pressure, all without undue movement or other physical signs.

Our structural engineers contribute to all stages of the design process from feasibility to construction and on
Our Stor y to the refurbishment and decommissioning of a wide range of projects. We contribute significantly to the

overall sustainability of projects , both in terms of the initial construction and also the life cycle costs. The
Scott Hughes Design was established in 2003 by
structural engineers at Scott Hughes Design are therefore a key part of the client, design and construction
founding Directors Ian Scott and Wendy
Broomhead. Since then the business has grown from a team, where we work in a spirit of collaboration alongside clients, architects, other engineers, specialist

base of just four consultants to the established designers and builders to ensure that the structure performs as required in a safe, elegant and appropriate
business operating from offices in Manchester and
Structural Appraisal

Structural appraisal is defined by The Institution of Structural Engineers as a check on

the "adequacy of an existing structure". Structural appraisal is different from structural

design in that it aims to appraise the actual condition and adequacy of an

existing structure as opposed to planning and designing a structure that has not yet

been built. It may be necessary to carry out a structural appraisal on an existing

building for legal reasons, due to a change of use, because of deterioration with time

or during service, as a consequence of an accident or fire, or simply to ensure the

ongoing safety of a building.

Mesnes Park, Wigan

Scott Hughes Design has vast experience of carrying out structural appraisals of

existing buildings and other structures. We understand the difference between

structural appraisal and structural design and we understand that to fully appraise an

existing building one must develop a thorough understanding of the form and

condition of the existing structure, including the building materials and techniques used

in its construction and during any subsequent refurbishments. As part of this process

our engineers will carry out site inspections and review any published information

available to appraise the structure. We will also work closely with the client,

stakeholders and other designers to enable us to understand the drivers, aspirations

and requirements for the project. Only then is it possible to make informed decisions

on what the structural interventions and alterations to the building form are

appropriate or necessary.
Feasibility & Concept Design

Consultation with a structural engineer at an early stage of any project is advisable and

will allow the most cost-effective and appropriate structural solutions to be developed.

As part of this process a feasibility studies should be carried out to evaluate and

analyse the potential of a proposed project from a structural perspective. Scott Hughes

Design provide our most senior key staff at this stage whose knowledge and practical

experience, backed up by investigation, research and appropriate precedent studies,

enables them to assess the feasibility of any proposals. An important part of any

feasibility study is the briefing stage and we actively engage with all relevant

stakeholders, the design team and where appropriate, construction professionals in an

open workshop environment, where it is possible to investigate, challenge and develop

the project brief.

Following this our key staff are able to use their experience and sound engineering

knowledge, backed up by structural analysis and design where necessary, to advise on

the feasibility of the architectural proposals and to develop concept structural options

and designs, usually in the form of sketches, 3-dimensional digital models, reports or

outline specifications, in sufficient detail for the concept to be understood and initial

budget costs to be prepared. Our structural engineers will at this point present the

structural solutions, options and concepts developed to the client and design team,

using language that can be readily understood and using the latest software where

appropriate. Our aim being to communicate complex ideas in a simple way. At this

initial feasibility and concept stage we would also be in a position to advise on the

need and extent of any site investigation, topographical or dimensional surveys that

may be required and can arrange for quotes to be obtained.

Development & Production of Structural Drawings & Details

“...our aim is to make this process simple, straightforward and above all, safe...”

It is at this stage in the design process where our structural engineers use the results of the

detailed analysis and design to produce structural drawings, details, specifications and

schedules in sufficient detail to cost, tender, fabricate and ultimately build the proposed

structure. It is also at this stage where structural calculations and other information is

submitted to the statutory bodies for approval. This is therefore an essential phase of the

design and construction of a project, which builds upon and concludes the work carried out

in the preceding stages. Scott Hughes Design have vast experience in the production of

detailed structural information. As such, we understand what information is needed by

various members of the design team, client team and constructors to allow them to

understand the structural proposals and, in the case of tendering contractors, to price the

works accordingly, without excessive ‘risk contingencies’. The construction of structures on

site is often a complex process and our aim is to make this process simple, straightforward

and above all safe, by communicating all of our requirements in a clear and unambiguous

manner. We also understand the often tight time constraints within which projects must be

tendered and built and we are able to allocate appropriate resources to ensure that

sufficient information is provided at the right time, whether it is to tendering contractors or

to builders constructing the works.

Value Engineering Site Supervision

Scott Hughes Design understand that most building projects are bounded by The construction of structures on site is a complex process which requires professional

financial constraints, and that there is often the need for value engineering at supervision to ensure that the works are carried out with a high level of quality, in

certain times during the design process. As structural engineers, we are accordance with the relevant environmental and safety regulations and matches all

constantly looking to optimise our structural form and the materials used, agreed drawings, specifications and details. Whilst the responsibility for ensuring that

often for reasons other than cost. Notwithstanding this, there are certain the works are carried out appropriately usually lies with the main contractor it is often

areas where value engineering can be accomplished within the structural necessary or prudent for the structural engineer to be employed to carry out

design, usually in conjunction with a simplification of the architectural form independent supervision of the works.

and layout of the building. We will work with you as the client and the
The chartered structural engineers within Scott Hughes Design have experience of
members of the design team to investigate value engineering options, which
working on site and of supervising the work of contractors and their sub-contractors.
can help reduce costs whilst maintaining an elegant, but above all, safe
We have experience of interacting with the contactor’s site set up to ensure the
structural solution. In terms of life cycle costing, we also have extensive
construction works are properly carried out. We are also able to use our experience
experience of investigating the relative costs and advantages of specifying
and engineering judgment to react to unforeseen issues and to provide solutions on
materials with inherent durability and flexibility, or in terms of specifying
site. It is also possible for us to work with the site team to develop and approve the
appropriate life to first maintenance of elements such as paintwork
Contractor’s temporary work and method of construction where appropriate.
protection systems for structural steelwork. At all times we use our

professional experience and knowledge to explain in simple terms the life

cycle implications of adopting a range of structural solutions.

Kendal College FC United of Manchester

Conser vation and Refurbishment
The first step with any existing building is to appraise its current structural form
and condition to gain an understanding of the robustness of the structure. At
this point it may be perfectly possible to demonstrate that the existing structure
During a building's lifetime its use, form, function and condition is likely to
is adequate and will continue to perform with little or no structural interventions,
change, either due to environmental factors or due to changing requirements
although this is often not possible. If structural interventions are shown to be
or even as a consequence of accident or fire. As a result, it is often necessary
necessary, the structural engineers at Scott Hughes Design understand that the
for buildings to adapt and change; equally it is often necessary to conserve the
form and extent of the interventions should be based on a thorough
form and condition of a building in its current state. The structural engineers at
understanding of the history of the building, an appreciation of the historical
Scott Hughes Design have been involved with the refurbishment, adaptation
context and importance of respective elements, but above all based upon a
and conservation of a number of buildings of both local and nationally
thorough understanding of the form, strength, stiffness, robustness and
significant importance and we therefore understand the factors involved and
durability of the structural materials and elements that comprise the structure.
the various opportunities and limitations of working with an existing building.
Any structural interventions should be the minimum required to ensure the

continued safety of the structure and must be compatible with the historical
materials or building philosophies adopted within the building, unless it can be
demonstrated that these are unsuitable.

All Souls Church, Bolton

Pavilion, Mesnes Park, Wigan


Scott Hughes Design has been involved in the decommissioning,

deconstruction and demolition of a variety of structures including

multi-story towers, heavy industrial plants and steel works, acting as

contract administrators and structural engineers working on behalf of

the end client.

Scarborough Spa
Scott Hughes Design can therefore advise on appropriate demolition

techniques, review proposed demolition methods and sequences and

give an independent opinion on their validity and safety. Our structural

engineers can also produce outline or detailed method statements

and risk assessments for a variety of existing buildings and structures,

particularly for refurbishment schemes, party wall situations and

complex structural forms. In addition, our structural engineers can

produce structural survey reports and feasibility studies, considering

alternative demolition options. Scott Hughes Design can also work with

demolition contractors to develop safe and efficient collapse

mechanisms, advise on pre-weakening options and provide advice on

temporary works. Scarborough Spa

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