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Preparing A Research Plan

By: Prof. Monali Jani

Proposing a research
• Request for Proposal
• Research Proposal/Plan
The Request for Proposal (RFP)
• The request for proposal (RFP) is the formal
document issued by a corporate research
department, a decision maker, or some other
sponsor to solicit services from the research
Format of RFP
• Instructions to bidders
• Background
▫ Overview/Profile of buyer’s company
▫ Project Overview
▫ Project Requirement
• Vendor Information
▫ Company Profile
▫ History and Description
▫ Legal Summary
▫ Partnerships and alliances
▫ References
• Proposed Solution
• Services and support
• Cost Proposal
▫ Services Prices
▫ Maintenance Pricing
▫ Contractual terms and conditions

Benefits of the RFP

research procurement

Provide Provide
control evaluation
function opportunity
Provide Establish
monitoring performance
device expectations
The Research Proposal
• A proposal is an individual’s or company’s offer
to produce a product or render service to a
potential buyer or sponsor. The purpose of
research proposal are:
▫ To present the management question to be researched
and relate its importance
▫ To discuss the research efforts of others who have
worked on related management questions
▫ To suggest necessary data and the ways in which data
will be gathered, treated and interpreted.
The Research Proposal
• Internal
• External
▫ Solicited
▫ Unsolicited

Structuring the Research Proposal

• Executive Summary • Research Qualifications
• Problem Statement • Budget
• Research Objectives • Schedule
• Literature Review • Facilities
• Importance/ Benefits of Study • Project Management
• Research Design • Bibliography
• Data Analysis • Appendices
• Nature/Form
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