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A. True or False.

Read the sentences below, and circle T (True)

or F (False).Then cheek your a W & s an page 18.

Fast Facts: The Bottlenose Dolphin

1. Dolphins are mammals (like cats, horses,
and<humans), not fiSh. T F
2. A dolphin$ bra%is bigger than a human's. T F
3. Dolphins cummunicate with each other
using olicking ahd whistling 'sounds. T F
-4, As adults, dotphins live by themsdves. T F
"Skim for the Main Idea. On Zhe next page, bok at the title,
headitlgs, photos, and Captiauls. What is this reding mainly
about? Circle a, b, or c. Then read the passage to check .
your msw6r.
a. types OT dolphins b, things dalphins do c. what dolphins eat
.- -

10 U ~1 Amazing
t Animals
: I ) . .

. 7'

.- -

Man geople say dolphins are very intell@&. T h q &em. 7 to

t .- i ablei@ir&,
- understaod, and learn things qgi&f But are
they smart like- -chumans
-.-.--C of' more likk ca*, or dog's,bolpbg
- use their br s dBeredtly from people. But scientists
d d p hinteuieence and human h%eK&e arif&kii
s $,
=ACT I: Talk to Me
humans, every dolphin has its own "nar- - " TIE name
is a specid whstle. Xach dolphn chooses a spcc'".~whstle
ra for itself, usually by its first birthday. Actually, s~lentistst h d c
dolphins, like people, "talk* to each other about a lot of
ch as their-age, their feehgs, or h&ng f ~ o d .
,like l~umans,dolphin4 use a system of sounds and
y language to comQ,cate. But &standmg their
1s nv~---~:--- is not easy' CArhumans. No one '"peaks
m ~ying
A n m e
to learn.
d -I .=
1 FACT 2:la. J Play
Dolphins arc alaa SCXEIIanimals. They live in gaps ~ ~ d e d
pz& I g d * o h j,oixiF&t& e m dii3krn.t l play
x I - ..

pmt a d have E z r G j u ~ tiitr peqkc. in fact,

topether p%

I Dolplunsd h m m ue z , i a & i n & ~ & . ~btr& make

Ik &.m dg.wh
U& an intrn&@m#@#Jy Zt3
we a m a d&&bs 5 q g d x m p k
p w ur r3Mi.nt h t v ~ tU@
cm m&h a-
~ ~ .this mctiPoi a-
la hd-
tbe,&wns Why
? the mca? TIk ddpbw .~;ea
--- Gat,$$FrEk af thk fkh.

+ c s - v - -. . - I .

ynu make a g h r & s r wund tp tam-

a IwtlGditif% m&, t
" - - 1
. . -
I - J I G i:,, ;-:I?--
J lA-d Intelligence 11
A s e best answer far each question.
Multiple Chaioe. ' G h ~ ~ the
Main Idea 1. What Is the main idea of the recling?
a. Dolphins are very intelligent animals.
b. Them are many dierent types of dolphins;
e, Some >dolphin8&@mop intelligent thm h~ir~ans.
d, Dolphins are humans' favorite animals,

Detail 2. Which sentence about dolphin language is hue?

a, A dalphh gets its name frsm its mother,
b. Dolphins use hfiguage Tb talk about many thlrrgs,
c, Dolphins whistle, but they don't use bndy Ianquaaa.
d. Dolphin conversation is ewy to ~t"rderstand,

Detail 3. Why do ,dolphinss~rnetlrnes help fishormen?

a. Dolphins am kind animals.
b. Sd the dolphins mn g ~bud.t
e. The dolphins know the men are hungry.
.- . d, The fishei-?n~n
ask the' dolphins for hdp.

e 4, In lihe 19, others means ofher:,

a pad8 b. people c~elblphins-- -
d, games

Vocabulary 5. In the smbnc~R e d~lphri7~ get to eat some uf the gsh,

(line 29), what does get to mean?
a. are 3ble to b. have to c. should . tl. want to
8. Classifi~ation.How a e .dolphins and humam diffmnt?
How are thw the same? Write the answers (a-h)
in the dlagrarn.
Humans Dolphins
acplay g m ~ in s $map%
b. have their own Trams
c. use spakn wards ta
cornmunimte -
d. plan ways to do =mething
e. caivtch fish for food
f. comrnmlcate Zhelr feelings
to sach other
g. choose th@rQ W name8 ~
R. USB sounds end boaljr
1ahgu.age to talk