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 Adapt to stress, normalize hormons  Complete source of protein, have all

 Longevity, Stamina, Strenght aminoacids

Goji  Only food to increase Human Growth Hormon  Have 21 trace minerals
 World greatest anti-aging food  High in E vitamin
 Protect the liver, repair the blood vessels  Improve vision (highest zeaxanthin content)
 Raw, red color, moist, raw and organic
 Dose: one handful a day
 Most antioxidants of any food  Bone health
 #1 source of magnesium (Hearth health,  Bowel movement
Cacao blood flow, oxgen, nutrients)  Raw, organic, beans
 Relaxes muscles (vein, arteries, cramping)

 Highest vibrational foods: mineral, probiotics,

antioxidants, enzymes
Bee Honey  Complete source of protein

 Contain all nutrients required  Possible increase in height

 Aphrodisiac, fertility, seminal substances  Decrease allergies
Bee polen  Strength, endurance, energy, speed, recovery,  Raw and organic
muscle growth and definition  1 tablespoon/day, daily
 Weight loss benefits  Super helpful in digestion
 Is an alkaline food
 Huge variety of nutrients  Anti inflamatory
 Protein (65-71%) and also 4x more absorbable  Tablet (no tableting agents) or pouder
than beef protein  Good in smoothies, salads, juices
Spirulina  Blood builder-stimulate body to produce  Therapeutic dose: 11-20gr/day, 30gr for athlets
blood  Gamma-Linoleic Acid (2nd highest source,
 Skin and hair health second to breast milk) stimulates development
 Immune system: anti-cancer natural killer of nervous system
cells, stimulate immune cells

 Brain and liver function  Chlorella growth factor: quadruples itself every
 Digestion: increase the number of good 24hrs. Ingested: increase rate of rebuilding and
healthy gut bacteria (increased by x4) healing tissues, multiples growth rate of beneficial
 Regeneration bacteria.
 Detoxification: remove heavy metals,  Tablet or pouder form (raw/organic), when u buy
pesticides, absorb toxins from intestines, it, it need to have “broken cell wall” on the
Chlorella restore probiotics package.
 Radiation protection dosage: 3gr/day
 Inflammation 5-7 gr/day for heavy metal detox, 3-6
 Healing process months/daily
 Weight loss  Immune system: accelerate recovery of immune
system, increase resistance to viral and bacterial
infections, decrease virus replication by 58-65%