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Year 3/4 As Theologists, we will be

answering the key question,

Celebration of Learning ‘What kind of world did Jesus
Our Easter performance of ‘The Tale of 3 Trees’. want?’

101 Opportunity
We will be learning the Lord’s
As Athletes, we will be focusing on striking and Prayer as part of our RE lessons.
fielding games. On Thursday, our PE lessons will be We will also continue to enjoy
taught by Bristol Sport. learning a foreign language
Light and Sound through our French lessons.

As Artists, we will be exploring different

As Technologists, we focusing on col- As Musicians, we will be
collage techniques, leading to a final ab-
lecting, presenting and interpreting data preparing for our Easter Perfor-
stract collage inspired by a piece of music.
using computer programs. mance, ‘The Tale of 3 Trees’.

As Scientists, we will be learning about Light and Sound We will be answering the following objectives:
 Can I explain the role light plays in how we see things?
 Can I explain darkness?
 Can I research Thomas Edison?
 Can I understand how shadows are formed?
 Can I understand how sound is created and how it travels?
As Writers, this term we will be focusing on the As Mathematicians, this term we will be focusing
following genres: on improving our understanding of a range of differ-
ent strands by answering different problem solving
 Performance Poetry
and reasoning questions. The areas of focus this
 Persuasive Writing term are:
 Play Scripts  Division
 Time
 Volume and conversions
 Shape
 Data Handling

As readers, we are focusing on maintaining A big focus for us will be to ensure we know our
frequent and consistent reading at home and times tables up to 12 x 12 (Year 3: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and
improving our comprehension and inference skills. 10 times tables).