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10/5/2017 How to apply - VUT Research

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How to apply
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New Higher Degrees Students

If you wish to apply for admission to a higher degree at VUT, you should complete the following steps:

Check admission criteria

Check the entry requirements to nd out if you are academically quali ed to apply for a higher degree.
Identify available Higher Degrees and research areas available at VUT.

VUT Application form

Application forms can be downloaded or collected from the Higher Degrees Unit.
Student Progress report
Memorandum of agreement for postgraduate supervision 
2018 Application Form
2018 Re-registration Form

Complete application form

If you require assistance identifying and obtaining agreement from potential supervisors, need clari cation of a research topic, and/or require con rmation that you
meet the entry criteria for admission to your nominated research degree, then you should complete an application form for admission to a higher degree.
You are required to provide a research proposal with your application, indicating the nature of the research you wish to undertake. You are encouraged to consult with
acaddemics at the University in your chosen discipline prior to lodging your application.
If you have obtained agreement from an academic to supervise your propsed research and your academic quali cations meet the entry criteria for admission to your
nominated research degree, you should complete an application form.

Submission o application form

A fully completed application form must be submitted to Higher Degrees Unit via:
– Fax
– E-mail
– Hand deliver
– Post

Attach all certi cates and documents to your apllication form. Photocopies must be certi ed as being a true copy of the original. Originals must be produced before actual

Assessment of application

Your application will be assessed initially by the Higher Degrees Unit and then sent to the relevant Faculty. The Faculty will consider the following: 1/3
10/5/2017 How to apply - VUT Research
That you are appropriately quali ed to enter the program;
That suitable supervisors are available for the duration of the candidature;
That su cient resources are available to support the candidature;
Any conditions to be placed on the candidature such as enrolment in prescribed courses.

Outcome of application

If your application is successful you will receive an o er letter which will include any conditions that have been placed on you candidature.
The letter will outline your program, supervisory arrangements and any other details relevant to actioning the o er and your initial enrolment.
The o er may be provisional if veri cation of documents or claims is required.

Outline of steps a student application form will follow:

Registration of Current Higher Degrees Students

A student has to re-register each year for the duration of study of the Higher Degree

Student completes application form and submits to Higher Degree unit via:

Hand deliver

Closing Dates for Application forms

First year registrations are from October onwards until end of January the following year.

Applications close on the 30 March for re-registrations each year for the current year.

Outline of steps a student application form will follow for re-registration 2/3
10/5/2017 How to apply - VUT Research

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