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Guys, today i prepared a document for you to teach you how to install ODM Oracle

Data Miner
here's the document and for sure i will send you.
i will give you the document and you will have an exercise today to install ODM
OK, also today i will give you a brief about ODI for your knowledge
do you know ODI ?
OK .. I will give you some knowledge about ODI & some tutorials about it
if u can check them, u will get a good knowledge about ODI
ok guys,
today we will have the installation doc for ODM and also am working on installation
doc for OBIEE 12c
and u will have it tomorrow, also today we will cover ODI for your knowledge
ok guys,
firstly, you have to check if ur database has data mining option or not
to check that you have go to sys table v$option
by wrtting below query
then check if data mining parameter is true or not

Data Mining TRUE

ok guys,
& by deafult this parameter is true when you install Oracle database.

then , you have to check all the prerequsites mentioned in the doc

1- Oracle database 11g R2 is installed and configured.

2- Make sure that data mining option is set to true.
3- make sure that you have sys user credentails.

all of these are mentioned in the doc.

ODM, oracle data miner has not a separate GUI, so we depend on Oracle SQL Developer
at least version 3
ok guys,
simply, Oracle SQL developer is just executable J2SE application, so no need to
install it
just double clikc on sql developer.exe under windows or sql under
unix patform
do u work on it ?
i mean SQL developer?

do you know that u don't need oracle client to connect to oracle database through
SQL developer??
ok, what is the reason for that ? .. do you know ?

NO, SQL developer is a separate application different from oracle database

the associated one is SQLPLUS
but sql develper can connect to any database like MS SQL SERVER, IBM DB2 or MS
but regarding oracle database it doesn't need oracle client ????


no SQL developer doesn;t come with OS ... it's totally separate application
no Bukola, SQL developer can work without oracle client.
TOAD and PL/SQL develper cannot work without Oracle client

yes OLatunde ... yes olatunde

your exercise today to do it and let me check it with you tomorrow

the reason is SQL developer has some ready made Jars which is designed to work with
oracle database without installing oracle client
ok ..olatunde .. yes olatunde .. it's executable no installations

the most important jar file is o4jdbc .. this jar file allows sql developer to
connect to oracle database without installaing any oracle client.


ODM .. oracle data miner 11g has no GUI, it depend on SQL DEVELOPER
simply you can connect to ODM through SQL DEVELOPER

so, from view in menu bar you can go to Oracle data miner navigator and start
working on ODM.

OK, guys...

we will have simple hands on tomorrow on ODM

dont worry about that.

any worries right now for anything we had.


i will send the document of ODM installation today.

I am sorry guys, I have a cold & I cannot speak

ok guys, so we wil have a sample hands on on ODM tomorrow.

and today i will give you a brief about ODI

most of you know what is ODI ... Oracle data integrator.

ODI was developed by company called SUNOPSIS and this company is acquired by Oracle
in 2008.

ODI now is a strategic product and it replacing OWB

do you know OWB ???
OWB is Oracle warehouse builder and it's built-in tool comes with Oracle database
the last release of it was and there is no 12c version of it as ODI will
replace it.

In ODI we have 11g and 12c as well.

simply ODI comes with the second generation of ETLs tools.
do you have any idea about ETL generations ???.

ok .. no worries

ETL stands for Extract transform load ...

simply you have

source ( DB or data files) >>>>>>> ETL server >>>>>>> target

simply the ETL tool will connect to the source then pull the required data and
take them to the ETL server to apply all the transformations like ( joiners,
aggregators, sequences .. etc). then move data to the target.

this is the 1st generation .. and this applied on all ETL products like IBM data
stage and Informatica.

but ELT which is the 2nd generation which comes with ODI ... there is ETL
intemidate server between sources and targets.

so we will save storage and save hardwares .. this is one of the most differences
between the 2 generations.

now the question is ... how to determine when i can use the first one or the second
one ??
btw, both of them are applicable on ODI.


this question i will not answer it .. i will let you search for it and get the
this is also your exercise ... OK

i need to know when i can depend on the 1st generation (ETL) and second generation
(ELT) & what is staging area??

OK .. guys...

Intermidate server is ETL server which has all the metdadata schemas for the ETL

ok .. anyway .. just search for it and let's discuss it with your current
architecture tomorrow
i can give you some recommendation tomorrow when we discuss it.

ALso i will give you tomorrow a brif about OBIA .. Oracle business intelligence
applications 11g
and check if it's suitable for you.

OK Guys...