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ESSEX CLASS CARRIERS in action en eG . Warships Number 10 squadron/signal publications a ee ESSEX CLASS CARRIERS in action By MICHAEL C. SMITH Color by Don Greer Illustrated by Ernesto Cumpian am Warships Number 10 squadron/signal publications ‘The USS YORKTOWN (CV-10 Delon 10A daze’ camcutage lend two oa Esc {hee carters opera nao the Pippen 186 Acknowledgements ‘Many athe photographs sed in his bok were end rm the photographie ston ‘the Naval Historical Center tthe Washington Nany Var tw prea Me {thank Ed Viney Chock Haber and Jack Gren othe NHC forte sac a ‘ving and oping the many patos mea ths pba, two as ke to thank Pte Cyt, Lary Sowinsh Prank Desa Juth Wipe Steve Ping, ‘nd yond Mann for thet nab comnts an epee rt avo he thank my wife Jamie Nand Sth for her patente and or suport, ihe ‘ih hbk cl ut hve ben compl yo hare any phere of ser amr ses oss of ny maton, pretty ‘ati sap yt set ih dl waa Spratt ‘retin compte nt Roar a pap sn i pied ad he ‘Sitar Theme eal eis ytd Pan then Seat tn ca y mac ¢evs gororpagau cauoneroe, soopy KEN, conaT HH, opaGnen aloton erpani, occbewn, cauuxi Bpewen ont Sexapon/Curiaa ewe nirrepecnee. Miu nepeciew amt ‘gororpagua mephew opuriamiz, Hucte npwenemuny HSK ‘yA componoxeaars nee onyEniKonannie porer peg Moxanyacra, npneusanre dororpagu no aapecy Sat et HMM, RHA. AE MRO LORRE MMLC HERE MENS Leva eer ome LOTMMTT. MUMEMBANELOMMEA NTE, Spee apaik OGRE ENT EDC, CORIBRALMBEWAKL. RAC TES Loe AT, SNEDMO MI FAL WROMBELVELAT. HUM HCNAEMHL AN A, eFiR RS OnE OME SECRET. SHRUFRECAN CA, ‘Murcer Row at Uh i Dace of 944. Front orn in dale comouge ore WASP. YORKTOWN, HORNET, HANCOCK an TICONDENOGA. Bonin CESNCTON ‘ral hey Bn oS Introduction ‘ing nthe sight place he . ar {2 deg wa aniped y's ik oan secre ta ced Fit tip pce ret a ty wat at abn i Th er ape nd ee ‘ove 96 er ce, but id seyret ty aya. Thea eld een et any mars nity we: Nr) wl at cue’ lethcnss cnn mes When ea nd wth the elancly min ve dag that he hg sa fag eds eal satan The Ex chs ane Serve nmr ae, ado lan ee eae ha uli ny mes fang tess ha mil oe Pa Bs eaten Origins of the Essex Class. Thelin wat be USS Homer CUS, wm led Mach 9, eae [USS HORNET (Cv.s) moored of Ford stand in Peo! Harber In August of 1942 She and {be EBBEX wor ciginaly to have ton sinter spe ar doo bere marine pak, ‘es foeed th cmetin of tw HORNEY oe are YORKTOWN Sign etsy Seplmero 199. Dewey fer ew canes the Moet wa competed te "he CV.) bower was fe ui ane design, tented oo oper arg nf eal fr Mth sain. one “tr Sie US. ek nd site” curer ts ane a he it pop hal one ge ‘kek wl stil ein aise om fr tf plans wae ea, Acne Supt ces he sr fhe Might desk by rg ip eck cbr ea alley deck 3 uo ne ort cae we ease wah rin eck ents ck tng he wast deck coo The aie he lds ao minimised by mong ‘uo dy roms oh ply deck sme) he Dg ds Ply te prin epee hss cn wich changes Dsgacs et ao ‘itp by potion rpsienus ped the avy at er ono eo te Semen ic wr sc ch: tc penny eh ) Unde conarction in New "JSS SSO (re sng ue atop. fe a3), U.S. AIRCRAFT CARRIERS 1922 -1943 Length at Watering U.S.S. LANGLEY (CV-1) aaeies U.S. S. LEXINGTON (CV-2) 850 ft U.S.S. RANGER (CV-4) 7901 U.S.S. YORKTOWN (CV-5)7701t U.S.S. WASP (CV-7) 690 ft U.S.S. ESSEX (CV-9) 820 FLIGHT DECKS ea rig Desk U.S.S. LANGLEY (CV-1) S23tt U.S. S. LEXINGTON (CV-2) 866 ft U.S.S. RANGER (CV-4) 709 ft U.S.S. YORKTOWN (CV-5) 802 ft U.S.S. WASP (CV-7) rartt US.S. ESSEX (CV-9) as2tt eis ear eve vautey Force ESSEX CLASS CARR) sapere sAgeitoet 1 Age ee Wartime Modifications ‘he dsp he is clas di nt emi siding he wat at sang waco ‘Kons ered fm oat nd let operat. Mt pan he ese as he eva ced incase he ei sti ces acl fm oe aot ‘ew stem. The mt al resign por which would hat cage te nd nd moved he ich gun ae th corso the Mig deck ws eed nef eave min eden wich allowed te placemat ton inate gate Yow and om, he pice fe an eck ust with to Amn qs id Mu 37 fe diet second ph Sc cata anne von sem. "The come ‘omic pln needa mine eon nape deck enh 1 fet ow and? {return mnt toners te cone ffir the new 40 mn mes The id econ was fever ,altough Toner al Hack cad het ae ‘he ght deck when comple. The wed cat save dng 198 es we gece ight sk ot in ‘Sek length wa restr yo Toe ‘The mtn spc chang esa om he eign wt he esha entering ‘the fom Ines wallow th acer fhe cnt ina th exene eno ee Fors aon he ip tat sd the wate aes ne Hea ree {he "log stipe The clipe bs hance ls hms se ab {eu ta they cased ecessne sammie nhs ion ad ven the bows oth ate ls wou te tenghenel afer Funder acl hangar seg ek Sonar ae aan Cpe He "Te dios tte sp” aames er ids oe dees, Begining in ‘March 194 sme uns wer ind with ve tlhe nd ch tara eh al ‘onthe pode ary nd Rang decks rhe srt el po ion oa ‘cnn elder prs. 2nen mous wee ak exc fom apie 1945 061 in 1848 "The gem nee er improved stir means del with ‘ares sh resin the ition of te weap the cae al tcaing Short Hull ‘ole 20m mae nd Army gue Sliema es “Te unre est wes the asin of ail wg fo chs ht ov il ford ‘Tesi inservice aproinaely 1.400 on gee weight es theca fe warmach ci high pint sp ner it adver leon ty as mated By ‘he sing of 18 the wight pb soar th caver ad esc ee) ‘rie ammunin pide wa miedo 800 ade por weapon prereset ‘eit of tama. Extreme ovata the nr ha Cog te ship ne ‘ster cso a hey col ae ee ot With ped tn l,m ery fmt on he sae se, ih the ext and eran clases nity ‘ove Fem ih the excepto ofthe ayn al Ip els ee ed lege ae ‘retotig red fom several fate nto the et asic ame ‘es onrcomaing lcd hess wg lea dems edna ‘ae, spyot pec snl snare pumas grey mctesed the er a ‘ne ard the ps. Designed tocar 218 oe and,71 eld mam Eee ‘enalycommisioed a 25 fcr and 280 ened sn by wee cl cred 12 ‘Mics and 308 esl es 2 0 prem nee cette eal ei ‘The ie ad wg of tha group wan ao coma en, I 4D he ers ‘spd ohana 70 pos ihe, 0.395 fl lds ad 70 pre Tally ade. The clas tay ment ate With ight en obo hing "300 a 1.00 pounds respecte). Tne nb of planes wc pa wel. Fal 1942 caer a ros oer the een agonal ics Ws ce een mo mate the overrode hangar a ig deck espe tc 9 aah ‘ate and ese the Ever clas a was ead wee spring 13 meg a eee ican, ‘Wot ris could do ie oats thee cei poles. a theca’ weigh ons wk a te led ul ps et el Your f ieee ‘he sip to poise adn yan eon he ship cary xt weit it lessees sy ven of dng, Long Hull (cv-9) USS. YORKTOWN (CV-10) USS ESSEX (9) at Peet Ha on 8 August 1012. Along with USS YORKTOWN (Cv- {0} ana USS INDEPENDENCE {oVL-Z2) tw EO9EX woul te ron on 3 ‘lgct wen arsine nds fo-S) Crow ofthe USS YORKTOWN CV-10) assembied for commissioning ceremonies a Novy ard Apa ft, (0-04) TREPID (CY-11) USS. FRANKLIN (CV a ei HANCOCK (© 19) ‘Wr nr taht deck ado mate owored to USS MANCOCK (CV-10) recovers an FOF Jes tsing sonic Waeatin YOU Fight ek rao mets re arays were ng MM operation. (0- ‘icin.9) {Use HANCOCK (CV.19 papa o lune tie at 844, THe HANCOCK ue “TconbenocA were hey two caro bh wi hep sie fight eect fr [Rectan oe gird ak ur ect: ich wos hever Mod. fbE20050) U.S, BENNINGTON (CV-20) BOXER (CV21) - [USS HORNE CV-12) eH MAN THE OEIC) Nose eva ot on {USS BULLARD (00660) stoams past an Estox class carer prior to operations at Okinawa 1948, (20G-KI815) (Ate) USS TICONDEROGA (C.1) ar ac de wih Hen Arengwe and flo] USS ESEX{CH.] tach Ai Ae? Ma 144. Tsk a we teee cat) cnerning rns to Poa Harbor ae ech campaign (90870) u SS. KEARSARGE (CV- 3) USS. ORISKANY (CV-34) USS. REPRISAL (CV. N’ send os rin: Maloasin Jone. (0.637580) "TAM ( the USS ESSEX (v2) was repsietd in Onign 0; 8 destroyer sehome ick (int eye ih dct eae Pgh Bs San No. The USS INTREPIO (CV.1) cara Design 3A trom June tough December 1844, The ‘Sore are Du Back OR), Osean ray 0) ang Gay (oh USS RANDOLPH CV.5) on S November 1844 one month ae commieining. She pein iene Sh, my in amas gn nh Hoy Armament and Fire Control calitee DP Doble Prose) (uice st fers) gun nance try a “apt bet nas Bosh mate gs 3m Con ight mache Fs "he absence of wet etctes om the Exes cae ret ate Rvy cl hae seme oe 8 ach ps sri bythe Ces las carr bat thay of cr ‘eras wash sch weapons ed sre 2g deck woul ans exer a fe cgeciy a ther serch gh dks The 5” man amet ef he Yor ‘les where retained, wieght tl cre i fa of theo tin ae med {trond sof te nd For otra ve nc gl pen moors ware paced pls ‘mb ot see it ek sir ot placement Frown he The fmm ané 20a wespens each gape |e wees an Dlr ‘Boowaing stoma macin cre byte Yvtaen case TI ch map ed ‘00 atone ted ad the af round hal singly Bsn to gto ig Shun te stk the spr wee now fceg. The ew 2a epee soe ‘ert presge aa el fe the ih, a ed ner sue a ‘he erig 50 caer weapons ‘Waive motifinton 1 the Hes clas amamest cont rina of th ont incase he mer faci wespn. Te Inta for esa comms ‘height m qads ad osc en ig, ad te war i Tal reece pre eae mat hea (ithe srr ide sft” Ao hse monte wee rma allow page tah Fanta Carl sctnd An wos ed Yoh eof os ship, ale gl St creed with end time voto a espa om By 4 he oy Single ws tog gradual ela by twin 20mm mounts Wisp and evngon, ‘Army Ocal esp ment nine pus. While lie nage lo te ‘tang ater an tack ha doged ben he 2am a tat pee he cmp ‘Guinea he tet he haha mence damned" Afi end of ee there nas ie ned frien aac marc a he us ak ach ht pt rman replacing with soy on de or peste opera re roa the inp stp speen regu argc ut sige ar amen ight dk vel The pls wt ater doped tt pe he ino a Ma we cng wah thawte amo “The men mous wee cn hy Mk 49 dst, which ct i by Mk 1c Mk 19 radar This stn fone uate, and he dicta were oped th Mk Sb ‘as wah M8 gn The Am ery aly ie ag Mk 1 tac eaptes eel ole Deck cut outs ARMAMENT ‘5 inch Twin Turet mK 37 Director Mk 51 Director ‘The Aireraft “The Fela sil deine ape 8 pane aan, en see sic amines ne ir mao Torr tas” Whe he Eid Torn i cy operae FF Whe ic: ing vee att the Ca ‘reeves inroe FF Hebe ake el te TB Avenger tr Fete tmtr tat in eon cng he Suh Pcie cringe cad fl {542 The tale SDD Dou schon sad keep wi we SBC as tine bt thew stra alee bg herd ge a ‘avs eure ato die boners enna evar The reig Sa ad Stun pec ih era ican he ses tod fo EQ ta de toner sus nh Hever lhe otis jt new ple afer tea ing the Beker Hi ory ein aon 9 Big Fed Beh soba Ae men eign moans te Hele ral ep he SBD wih eed a ‘Se ons car an ri 9 “he Nyy had vga iter or he Veugh FU Cana wre the FA, ba he ‘onerln Fier as deme to Bg enya hat” oan for eae ne. over, er weighs ses 4 Mate Cp ies ne South Pi 1938, {te Cara wan aed or an oe shear Ft ad aon Se ne 1944 when tee haar tea fea ow Once we Coa nd iol iho and ity came may of ara ig he “Rose tea caer he cares ew hie, ge a ied ‘nce fl a rina Ete he ee of Ma operat cee tee at {ae cae’ xen octets oy lh ily expeding lt septa bop {art pplted nc evr toned porte a, ‘cori S820 Haliner ‘Grumman FF Widest a 2 of he USS ESSEX CV.) dur = (aocoor24) {yes BUNKER LL (¥.17) gong trough he Gatun Locks of te Panna Cn on 17 Septmber 96. ts of Opratn Gsane hein te Cert sen The es nano (1) ander png rp Uh on 9 Mh 5, wo dy ar cull vay ba ope gly. (000374122) February offs un parte to dna operston. GSN i nie forte * 12 Ore 3.48 SOURCES eh Dans Bele, Willan Tian of the Seas: The Deepen ad Operations af Japanese and American Carrer Tak Fares During. Word Wa ‘Camptell Ci. Ale War Pace, Cecent Books, New Yer 19, ving, Sieve The Lady Les and the ae Ghat” A Paral Har of he USS Lexington CV-2 al C16, Fri Hines Pbishng Copan, Miso, MN 198, Fridman, Noman 1S, Arat Cases: An Msrate Design Hor, Nia! site Pes, Angi, MD 9 Kine, He, Deal & Sele Vl 29: USS. 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Navy, Novosti Pes, Atal, MD, 189 (Seon Eon), ESSEX CLASS CARRIER MUSEUMS INTREPID SEA.AIR-SPACE MUSEUM, Pas romero cy ay perre e Aee Aceii att Pi Naa a Mine Maem NewYork, NY a nari ‘ii Sot Cain poe pv ee tos ee ntermet: Mp! www scesicom/scicharteston-marina html LEXINGTON MUSEUM ON THE BAY ‘i anteRAr Cane HORNET FOUNDATION po bce ron TADYLEXGincommat Trot: ptm comrade tan (above) USS. Rawoou (evts)