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Mid-Term Self Assessment Score:

1.    A particular species of shark normally reproduce sexually. In captivity, it was

found that a female could also reproduce asexually. Which of the following is a
negative result from asexual reproduction?
A Increase Biodiversity within the species

B Icrease number of males produced

C Decreased number of eggs used

D Increased gene recombinants

2.    According to the graph above, which size of seeds have most likely become the
most common in the environment?
A All sizes of seeds are in equal abundance

B Large Seeds

C Small Seeds

D Medium Seeds

3.    Why is crossing over and independent assortment so important?

A It increases the number of chromosomes

B It decreases the number of cells

C They increase genetic variability

D They make sure gametes are the same

4.    If two people who are both carriers (heterozygous) for a genetically inherited fatal
recessive disease decide to become parents, what will be the odds that their children will
also be carriers?

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5.    Something is wrong with this picture! What might explain the unusual pattern
seen in this cell?
A During prophase, one of the chromosomes failed to condense

B During metaphase, one of the chromosomes failed to bind to both

spindle fibers

C The cell is undergoing binary fission

D The cell made too many copies of its chromosomes.

6.    The taxonomic name for dogs is Canis familiaris. What genus do dogs belong to?
A Canis

B Familiaris

C Mammals

D Vertebrates

7.    Which of the following is the correct formula for photosynthesis?

A CO2 + O2 = C6H12O6

B Light energy = Glucose

C C6H12O6 + 6O2 = 6CO2 + 6H2O

D 6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2.

8.    Imagine that the gene pool found in a natural pond of plants is comprised of 1000 purple
stemmed alleles (the dominant allele) and 1000 yellow stemmed alleles (the recessive allele)
creating allele frequencies of 0.5 dominant and 0.5 recessive. If a population of herbivorous
animal who dislikes the taste of a purple stemmed plant is introduced into the environment
how would this affect the allele frequencies in the plant population?

9.    What stage of Mitosis is this onion root tip cell in?

A Anaphase

B Metaphase

C Telophase

D Cytokinesis

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10.    What is the most common ancestor to humans AND bonobos?
A Gorilla

B Chimpanzee

C Baboon

D Orangutan

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