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Address: Tan Hoa Dong Street, District 6, HCMC

Telephone: 0908 313 505

Date: of Brith: 12 Dec 2012

Carrer Objective
Being promoted to management
PERSONAL PROFILE position in an accounting firm and an expert in Finance

A Finance and Banking Professional EDUCATION

with strong expertise background and
skills who can undertake challenging 2016 ACCA student (F1-5,7,8,9 passed)
assignments deliver exceptional results 2015 Certificate of Excel for Auditor by Smarttrain
2015 CAT Certificate
2011 – 2015 Banking University of HCM City at Major Banking – Finance


Level B in Office application

Nov 2015 Vietcombank Binh Tay: Credit Staff
English advance level to July 2016 Analyze the financial statement of companies to make
assessment of customer’s credit worthiness
Teamwork Skill
Assess the carrying amount and fair value of mortgage to
Communication Skill make asset valuation
Interview the management and collect historical data to assess
the company’s operation

PRIZES Check the inventories quality and quantity, check the purchase
and stock out value to assess the inventories value if the
inventories are used as collateral

FIA Scholarship at IAP

Sep 2015 BNP Paripas Bank: Client management intern
Scholarship at University at
4 semesters to Nov 2015 Collect document from customer as the bank request, do Know
Your Customer including check information about the supplier
and customer of company are whether or not in the bribery
nation, check the company operation combine to law and
regulation …
REFERENCE Prepare documents, open account for customer and serve the
request of customer about their account such as updating the
legal representative, address or closing their account

Branch Director of Vietcombank

0903 870 491 Self-improvement

Weekly improvement is considered to be my happiness/success. The underlying
competitive spirit keeps me moving forward continuously
Sense of carefulness
Chief of operation officer of BNP Paripas
Habit to keep careful checks on everything I do. It helps me reduce risk when
0938 441 269 facing uncertain, thus allowing me to comfortably take risks from time to time.