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Name: Alyssa Fortin

Date: March 2018
Grade: 2
Subject: Language Arts
Unit: Novel Study – Freckle Juice
Class Length: 30 min/day

General Learner Outcomes:

Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to…
1) Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences.
2) Comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts.

Specific Learner Outcomes:

1.1 Discover and explore.
 Express or represent ideas and feelings resulting from activities or experiences with
oral, print and other media texts.
1.2 Clarify and extend.
 Connect own ideas and experiences with those shared by others.
2.1 Use strategies and cues.
 Connect personal experiences and knowledge of words, sentences and story patterns
from previous reading experiences to construct and confirm meaning.
 Use knowledge of the organizational structures of print and stories, such as book
covers, titles, pictures and typical beginnings, to construct and confirm meaning.
 Apply a variety of strategies, such as asking questions, making predictions, recognizing
relationships among story elements and drawing conclusions.
 Figure out, predict and monitor the meaning of unfamiliar words to make sense of
reading, using cues such as pictures, context, phonics, grammatical awareness and
background knowledge.
2.2 Respond to texts.
 Connect situations portrayed in oral, print and other media texts to personal and
classroom experience.
 Retell the events portrayed in oral, print and other media texts in sequence.

Learning Objectives:
Students will…
1) Listen to the story “Freckle Juice” by Judy Blume.
2) Answer questions and complete activities that correspond with the story.

Students will be assessed on their application of knowledge and information to activities
throughout the study.


 “Freckle Juice” by Judy Blume

 Freckle Juice student work booklet

Day 1
Show the students the book and share the title. What do you think the book is about
based on the cover?
Read Chapter 1.
As a class, answer Chapter 1 questions. Have students each form a question that they
have about the story after reading the first chapter. Record them on a slide with their
comprehension questions.
Day 2
Read Chapter 2.
Have students create their own secret recipe product (worksheet). Examples could be
hair growth, help lose baby teeth and grow adult teeth, change hair colour, bigger
Day 3
Read Chapter 3.
As a class, answer Chapter 3 questions. Solve ingredients puzzle/riddle on page 37.
Day 4
Read Chapter 4.
Students will draw clothing for monsters (worksheet).
Day 5
Read Chapter 5.
As a class answer Chapter 5 questions.
Students can create a Freckle Juice bookmark.

Have varying activities and visuals to show students.

Ketchup folder or finish incomplete work.