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Name: Masude Sayedzada

Grade Level: 10
Content Area: World History
Standards Addressed: SSWH7 Analyze European medieval society with regard to culture, politics, society,
and economics.
d. Describe the causes and impact of the Crusades on the Islamic World and Europe

Student Response Technology Used:

X NearPod Socrative PollEverywhere iRespond Today’sMeet X Other: Kahoot!
Technology that students will use to respond to questions/prompts:
X Computer Hand-held student response system (such as iRespond) X Phone
XTablet (such as iPad Other wireless device (such as iPod Touch)
Describe the instructional activities that will occur prior to the SRS activity and how you will
introduce the SRS activity:
The teacher will present the following scenario to students:
Imagine going somewhere all the time, can be a favorite restaurant, friends/relatives house, park, etc.
Now imagine having unrestricted access anytime that you wanted to go. Do other people share these
same interests with you? Do you have their support/encouragement in going to these places? Now
imagine that you are not allowed to visit/go to your specified place anymore. How would this upset
you? What if your life depended on you being able to participate/go to this place? For people in the
11th century religious pilgrimage was a life or death ideal. Their ability to transcend into heaven and
have their sins abolished depended on it. Now imagine if freeing your chosen destination of choice
would allow you to participate in this piety. Would you do it?

Students will be set up to begin thinking of the Crusades. I will then go over my expectations as it relates to
their participation in the Nearpod assignments as well as the summative assessment on Kahoot!

Describe the purpose of the SRS activity (check all that apply):
Assess Prior Knowledge Anticipatory Set (Create Interest in a Topic) To Illuminate Common
Misconceptions X Formative Assessment of Content Knowledge (for purposes of differentiation and
mastery for ALL students) X Summative Assessment of Content Knowledge X Test Preparation
Survey/Poll Discussion Starter “Homework” Collection Other
Additional explanation of purpose (optional):

Type of session: X Teacher-Paced Student-Paced

Identification of students:
X Students will log-in so their individual scores will be available to you after the session
SRS activity will be anonymous
Briefly describe what will happen during the SRS activity (For example: What will students do? What
will the teacher do? What materials are needed? How long will the SRS activity take? The overview should
be a minimum of 2 paragraphs.):
Students will begin by logging into Nearpod. The discussion will begin with a poll to see what kinds
of ideas they have about the Crusades. As the lesson progresses students will have to participated in two
collaboration models on Nearpod. These collaboration models will test/assess students on the information
that they just were exposed too in the previous slides. At the conclusion of the Nearpod presentation
students will then login to Kahoot! where they will answer specific questions on the Crusades. This
Kahoot! assessment will be summative while the models in Nearpod will be formal assessments.
The Nearpod presentation should be about 30minutes. The brief quiz on Kahoot! will take the
remaining of class or about 15minutes. Throughout the Nearpod presentation the instructor should clear up
points of confusion that are common among students. In this process the instructor may also differentiate
the lesson for students that are having difficulty grasping key concepts.
Bloom’s Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):
X Remembering X Understanding Applying X Analyzing X Evaluating Creating
Types of questions/prompts (Check all that apply):
X Multiple choice Multiple Select True/False Yes/No X Short open-ended response
or fill in the blank X Longer open-ended response
Provide samples of questions/prompts to be given to students:
Before beginning, what do you think the Crusades were about?
What reasons did the Pope give for fighting for Jerusalem? What arguments does he use to persuade his
listeners to go on a crusade?
Right/Wrong Answers: Will there be right/wrong answers to these questions? Yes No
X Mixed (Some will have correct answers, others will not.)
Immediate corrective feedback:
Will you pre-select correct answers to some or all of the questions and display correct response to the class
after the SRS activity? X Yes No
Why or why not? To clear up points of confusion and to reaffirm the content.
Use of data: What data will be collected as a result of this activity? How will it be used and by whom?
(For example: Will information collected from this activity be used to award a grade? Will the individual
information collected be shared with students and/or parents to help them monitor individual progress?
Will you discuss the aggregate, anonymous data with the whole class to help them learn? Will you use data
to differentiate instruction for students, if so describe how.)

Data will be collected in order to better prepare students for the unit test. Students’ points of confusion will
be clarified. There will be a participation grade based on the assessments. The assessments themselves will
not be graded for accuracy because the purpose of the assessments is to gauge student knowledge of
presented content and to intervene before the next unit if need be depending on individual circumstances.
Some data can and may be used to facilitate individualized learning at home. Parents can see students’
problem areas and help as needed at home based on assessment data. Aggregate data will be discussed in
class to let them know how they are doing as a group and the direction they are headed.
Describe what will occur after the SRS activity: A conclusion discussion highlight the days content on
the Crusades as well as go over any themes of confusion that were present during instruction.
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity. (For example: What are you trying that you have
not tried before? What do you hope to learn from this activity? How do you hope it will help students learn?
You must design something that will help you learn something new. Honor system!) : Nearpod is new to
me. I enjoy both the interactive presentation aspect as well as the student response aspect. Combining both
as well as including a Kahoot! quiz at the end provides both formative and summative assessments of
students. I hope to learn how to incorporate the latest tech in all of my lessons so that my class stays
relevant to students. I am hoping that by having assessments done while the lesson is ongoing students will
be able to retain information more efficiently. Much information is lost by the time of the Unit test, these
assessments during the lecture will help solidify the content before too much time has passed.
Other comments about your SRS activity (optional):