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180 C Caitlin Morrow, Moises Guzman

The Grand Lopez, Samantha Moore
Canyon March 15, 2018

-The Grand Canyon;
e-parks/grand-canyon-national-park Arizona State
-The Arizona Flag;
West Campus
Top 5 P la ce s
-Sedona to v is i t in Ar izona
 The largest hole in the ground ve-sedona-arizona-webcam
with a river running through
-Havasu Falls
it. You can ride a mule too!
 The Grand Canyon is one of
the 58 national parks in the -Tombstone
United states and is worth in-tombstone-az-a-town-too-tough-
visiting if an average of 5 mil- to-die/
lion people visit the grand
-Monument Valley
canyon each year.
 One of the best things to do at
the grand canyon include
being able to literally walk over
the Grand Canyon with the
skywalk ledge over the 1.154
mile long depth.

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Havasu Falls
 Crystal clear blue waters Monument Valley
 Beautiful hiking traces Description :

Visit Sedona’s Secret Seven  Spots for camping Monument Valley, a desert that
crosses the Arizona-Utah border, is
 Stargazing Facts
known for the towering sandstone
 Hiking  On Itavasupai tribal lands buttes of Monument Valley Navajo
 Biking  In the grand canyon Tribal Park. The park, is known as
 Used to be called Bridal veil falls a popular filming location for
 Picnics
Western movies. The famous,
 Arts and culture Tombstone steeply sloped Mittens buttes can
 Spiritual be viewed from the road or from
overlooks such as John Ford’s
 Vistas  Full of history Point.
 Makes you feel like you're a part of the old Facts
Description west
◦ The Navajo name for the park is
Sedona is a well-known town that  Gun fight shows daily Tse Bii’ Ndzisgaii or valley of the
is located in the northern region Facts rocks
of Arizona. It is known for its
 Tombstone was founded in 1877 ◦ Navajo natives like to give cultur-
Red Rock scenery. Some famous
al views of the land while they are
places in Sedona are Chapel of the  Gunfight at the OK Corral is a famous
giving guides
Holy Cross, event
◦ Monument valley is used to de-
Slide rock, and Devil’s Bridge  Mining Town
scribe the Wild West

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