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Name: __________________________ Period: ______ Staple this paper to your final essay when you turn it in.

Night: Final Essay

Outline Due: ________________
Draft Due Date: ________________
Final Draft Due Date: ________________
How is the Nazis’ treatment of the Jewish prisoners dehumanizing? What is the result of this dehumanization? In a well-
organized essay, explain how the author, Elie Wiesel, shows the moral and physical transformation that the Jewish
prisoners go through as a result of their cruel imprisonment.

Include a title

Start with an introduction. Introduce the reader to the novel and the characters. Include a thesis statement about what you
are arguing as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph.

In your first body paragraph, explain how the Jews of Sighet are still positive and hopeful at the beginning of the novel.
Consider what makes us human—what human traits are still visible in the Jews of Sighet before they are imprisoned?

In your second body paragraph, explain how the Nazis dehumanize the Jewish prisoners. Consider what you wrote in your
first paragraph—what made the Jews human? Now consider how the Nazis manage to take away what made them human.
What is the resulting effect? How do the Jewish prisoners respond to the treatment? (Explain 2 instances of cruel
treatment, and follow each example with a quote that shows the Jewish prisoners’ response and how they have been

In your third body paragraph, you will continue to build on the Nazis’ cruel treatment. Again, explain what the Nazis have
done to the prisoners and the prisoner behaviors that result. In this paragraph, however, you should show how the prisoner
behavior GETS WORSE, in other words, this paragraph should not be a repeat of the second paragraph, but should build
on it. (2 instances of cruel treatment, 2 quotes that show the prisoners’ response and how this shows their dehumanization)

End with a conclusion. Restate your thesis (do not just copy this word for word; just bring the argument full circle). Tie
everything up and end your paper on a positive note.

Whatever you write about, analyze. Do not simply re-tell the story. Take a stand on the issue and analyze
the issue itself. Proofread carefully!
- Your first and last name and period on the first page
- Make sure to write in PRESENT TENSE
- Use at least 2 quotes in each body paragraph
- Use transitions between each paragraph and each part of PIE
- Each body paragraph must have all five parts of PIE (Point, transition, Illustration, transition, Explanation)
- Your final draft must be:
o 2-3 pages

What NOT to do in a literary analysis essay:

 Do not use first or second person (I, me, my, we, us, our, you, your)
 Do not pose questions
 Do not use dictionary definitions
 Do not include reasons or examples in your thesis
 Do not write a thesis which makes a statement like, “The following paragraphs will discuss…”
 Do not repeat words from the quote in your commentaries
 Do not start your conclusion with “In conclusion” or “To conclude” or “So, finally…”

Paper Outline: 15 points
Paper Draft: 20 points
Final Paper: 40 points

Content Format/ Sources/Citation Writing Conventions
10 Well-written, good voice, Clear organization, correct 2 sources in each Typed, correct font,
clear thesis, addresses the paragraph order, has an paragraph, correct in-text double spaced, 1-2
thesis throughout, clear intro, at least 3 body citation, works cited page spelling, punctuation,
PIE, overall good writing, paragraphs, and a correctly formatted and sentence, or writing
at least 2 pages conclusion, transitions written, all quotes are valid errors, all complete
between each paragraph to the thesis and overall sentences, all in present
and point point tense
8 Good voice, unclear Clear organization, correct Less than 2 sources in one Typed, incorrect font or
thesis, attempts to address paragraph order, has intro, paragraph, incorrect in-text spacing, 3-4 spelling,
thesis throughout, clear at 3 body paragraphs, and a citation, works cited page punctuation, sentence, or
PIE, good writing, at least conclusion, some incorrectly formatted or writing errors, 1-2 tense
2 pages transitions written, not all quotes are errors
valid to the thesis and point
6 Has voice, unclear thesis, Unclear organization, Only 1 source per Typed, incorrect font or
partly attempts to address incorrect paragraph order, paragraph, no in-text spacing, 5-6 spelling,
thesis, unclear or missing is missing intro, body citation or works cited punctuation, sentence, or
part of PIE, less than 1 ½ paragraph, or conclusion, page, quotes are not valid to writing errors, 3-4 tense
pages no transitions the thesis and point errors
4 No or little voice, no Little attempt at No all paragraphs have a Handwritten, 7+ spelling,
thesis, no attempt to organization, missing more source, no in-text citation punctuation, sentence, or
address thesis throughout, than an intro, a body or works cited page writing errors, 5-6 tense
missing parts of PIE, less paragraph, or a conclusion, errors or not in present
than 1 page no transitions tense
0 No effort or not turned in No effort or not turned in No effort or not turned in No effort or not turned in
Score: Score: Score: Score:

Grade: ______________