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Unit Code: U25294

Unit Title: Operations Management
Subject Group: OSM
Unit External Examiner: Nigel Caldwell
Academic Year Reviewed: 2016/17
Number of Students Registered: 114
Date of Unit Review Board/Meeting/Day: 30/06/17
Unit Co-ordinator: Huijing Chen

Please complete the following sections as appropriate to provide information relating

to the development and evaluation of the Unit. Where the unit is offered through an e-
learning environment and/or supported by e-learning materials, consideration of this
needs to be part of the unit evaluation.

1. Unit Changes
Please note any changes made to the Unit since the last evaluation.

This unit split up with Finance and became a 15 credit unit.

Coursework was submitted through Turnitin rather than hard copies in previous years. Feedback
was delivered electronically.

2. Unit Feedback
Please write an evaluation of the feedback received for the unit. If necessary, continue on a separate
2.1 Comment on feedback received for the unit. Please discuss:

 Mid-year review, method used and actions (where appropriate)

 End of unit feedback summary paying particular attention to overall unit satisfaction score and
any areas falling below the UoP threshold of 3.75
 Reflective summary and conclusions

This unit was delivered in TB1 only so there was no mid-year review. Overall satisfaction from the
student survey was 4.4. The lowest score on the survey was 4.1. Students were very positive about
the unit and their experience. They commented on the quality of the syllabus, the practical nature
of the unit, and the teaching team. They valued the support and help they received in the seminars.

2.2 Discuss any major issues arising out of comments by students, external examiner, teaching team or
other stakeholders involved in the unit, and responses to them.

No major issues. The external commented on the use of MCQs in the exam. This will change next
year as the result of introducing MSc International Business and Management as a January intake.
3. Unit Evaluation
Please write a brief evaluation of the unit. If necessary, continue on a separate sheet.
3.1 Discuss unit enhancements since the last review.

More support was offered in seminar groups, especially with the individual coursework. Tutors
offered to read drafts and gave constructive comments.

3.2 Discuss how technology is being used to enhance learning in the unit (Moodle, e-learning, iPads, etc.)

Moodle is put to effective use. Each week lecture slides were uploaded in advance to help
students familiarise with the material; this proved to be very helpful especially for international
students. All seminar materials, revision questions and important messages were put up on
Moodle. Some lectures had a recorded version.

3.3 Evaluation of unit delivery. Please discuss:

 Basic structure of the unit and how it is taught/timetabled (labs, lectures, etc)
 Cohorts taught on the unit and potential for internationalisation
 List of staff members who contributed to the unit this year
 Any changes to staffing of the unit
 Suitability of rooms and facilities used this session
 Details of any operational or resource issues that arose and how they were resolved

This unit was core and was delivered in TB1. Each week students had 1 hour of seminar and 1
hour of lecture. It has been split from Finance and run as a 15 credit unit as the result of the
restructuring of MBM. The majority of the students was overseas with English as a second

Teaching team:
Lectures----Huijing Chen, Philip Brabazon, Briony Boydell, Adrian Benfell
Seminars----Huijing Chen, Paul Summers, Adrian Benfell
Adrian Benfell will not deliver seminars next year and be replaced by Shahin Gelareh.

3.4 Evaluation of student achievement. Include:
 Summary of achievement and breakdown of marks
 Review of performance across artefacts (exam/coursework balance)
 Review of
coursework Exam performance
Min 20 22 across cohorts
Average 50.92 57.39 (where
Max 75 84
Std Dev 14.83 13.06
groups take
the unit)

3.4 Please discuss how research informs teaching on the unit.

Research informs teaching on inventory management and IS. This year an external speaker
delivered a guest lecture on research into food supply chain.
3.6 Discuss any proposed changes to the unit for next year.
Assessment: 20% Moodle online test and 80% individual coursework.

Signature of Co-ordinator
Print Name Huijing Chen Date 27/06/17

Please forward the completed evaluation to the Unit Assessment /Review Board (or equivalent)
and log a copy in your unit file. Ensure the evaluation is added to the unit Moodle site within 10
days of the Unit Review Board.

4 Update following UAB or Review activities

Please identify any actions identified in relation to UAB requirements, External Examiner comments or
consideration of the Unit as having an “exceptional” performance.

Signature of Co-ordinator

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