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The EViews 8Demo

Your demo copy of EViews 8 is a full-featured version of the Enterprise Edition of EViews 8. While the demo
does provide you with access to all of the features of the regular version, it will only run for a maximum of 30
days from the time of installation.

This document outlines the installation procedure for the EViews demo, and describes the documentation pro-
vided with the program. While EViews is a modern, easy-to-use Windows program, it does employ an innova-
tive interface to provide sophisticated and powerful tools for data analysis. As such, you should be certain to
read the brief section “Getting Started” on page 3 of this document for a description of where to find the docu-
mentation you will need to get the most from your EViews demo.

Installing EViews
The EViews 8 demo is distributed via download link. You should also have been provided with a 10-character
user-name to be used in the demo installation and registration. If you did not receive a user-name you should
contact the demo provider or IHS Global Inc. The actual installation of the software and supporting files is
straightforward— first close all other applications, then double-click on the installer application.

When the installer starts, the EViews 8 installation screen

will be displayed. To start the installation process, simply
click on Install EViews 8 and follow the instructions. We
recommend that you click on Read Me First to view any
last minute updates to the instructions.

You will now be asked to enter a serial number and user-

name. Type the word “DEMO” in the serial number field,
then enter the 10-character user-name provided with
your demo copy. Click on Next. Follow the instructions to
complete the installation of your demo copy.

You should be aware that as part of the installation proce-

dure, EViews will attempt to register files containing the
extensions “.WF1”, “.PRG” and “.EDB”. If these exten-
sions are already registered, you will be asked whether to
allow EViews 8 to override the existing associations. Registering the extensions will allow you to double-click
on files with these extensions to launch EViews 8.

Once the installation procedure is completed, click on Finish. The EViews Start Menu folder will open. To
launch EViews, simply double-click on the EViews 8 icon (it is not necessary to restart your computer follow-
ing installation).

Registering EViews
The first time the EViews demo is run on a new machine, you will be prompted to register the machine. Regis-
tration is a simple process that can be performed in a few seconds. The demo version of EViews will not run
unless the machine has been registered as described below.

How Do I Register?
When you launch EViews on a machine that has not been registered, you will be presented with the main reg-
istration screen. You can choose to register in one of two ways: you can use the EViews auto registration fea-
2— The EViews 8Demo

tures (by clicking on Auto Registration), or you can register manually (by clicking on Manual Registration).
Selecting either of the latter two options will open a dialog prompting you for additional information.

Auto Registration
If your computer is connected to the Internet, the EViews auto registration features should make registration a
snap. Simply click on the Auto Registration... button to open a dialog containing the registration information.

If you wish to continue with the auto registration, first make

sure that the Name field contains the correct user-name and
that the Serial # field contains the word “DEMO”. To com-
plete the registration process, click on the Register now but-
ton. EViews will contact one of our registration servers, the
information contained in the dialog will be sent to the server,
and the machine will be registered to run EViews. If success-
ful, you will see a message indicating that registration was
completed successfully.

There are some common reasons that auto registration may fail. First, auto registration will obviously not
work if the computer is not connected to the Internet. Second, your computer may be behind a firewall which
does not allow the required communication between your computer and our servers. Furthermore, while
unlikely, it is possible that all of our registration servers may be down temporarily.

If you have problems with auto registration you may register manually as described in the next section.

Manual Registration
If auto registration fails or if you prefer not to use
the automatic registration features, you can choose
to register manually. From the main registration
page, click on Manual Registration... to open the
manual registration dialog.

In the dialog you will have to fill in three fields:

the serial number, the user-name, and the registra-
tion key. Enter “DEMO” and the 10-character user-
name in the first two fields.

As described in the dialog, there are four ways to

acquire the registration key: web browser, email,
phone, or standard mail.

The easiest method is via web browser. If you have

access to any machine that is connected to the
Internet with a Web browser, simply go to

which will direct you to our registration servers. Follow the links to the registration page, and fill in the form.
You will need to enter the information displayed in the registration dialog. If your information is entered cor-
rectly, you will be provided with a 36-character registration key.

If you do not have access to a working web browser, you can contact our office via email, phone, or standard
IHS Global Inc.
Attn: Registration
4521 Campus Drive, #336
Getting Started::—3

Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: 949-856-3368

Please provide your 10-character user-name, the “DEMO” serial number, and the machine ID number. We will
then be able to provide you with the 36-character registration key.

Once you have obtained the key, simply enter your name as entered in the web page, enter the registration
key, and click OK to finish the registration process. If all of the information is entered correctly, you will be
informed that your registration is complete.

User Contact Information

Once registration is completed, either automatically or manually, EViews will display a contact page form. You
may fill in this form to send name, address and phone number information to IHS Global Inc. This information
is for our records only and will not be redistributed to others.

Getting Started
While easy-to-use, EViews does provide sophisticated and powerful tools for data analysis which require doc-
umentation. All of the EViews documentation may be viewed from within EViews using Adobe Acrobat
Reader, or the standard Windows help system.

The EViews 8 documentation set is provided in Adobe PDF format (along with Adobe Acrobat Reader). All of
the PDF files are hypertext linked, making it easy to find the information you need. To access the files, select
Help from the main menu and choose the desired volume. In addition, selecting Help/Readme opens a PDF
file containing additional information.

To access EViews Help, simply go to the main menu and select Help/EViews Help Topics or Help/Quick Help
Reference and select one of the available shortcuts. Note that the on-line help system is fully searchable and
hypertext linked.

Before beginning to work with EViews, we recommend that you read through the “Introduction,” “A Demon-
stration,” “Workfile Basics,” and “Object Basics” sections of the User’s Guide I PDF or the Help documenta-
tion. In particular, the demo section will show you how to read data into EViews, examine descriptive statistics
and graphical views of your data, estimate an equation, and perform simple hypothesis tests.

Purchasing EViews
Please contact our office if you wish to purchase EViews. Contact information is provided above. Email corre-
spondence should be sent to

10/14/13 - EViews 8 Demo Instructions