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Natural Pest Control
“One thing is certain; the
beetles are much reduced
compared to my other
rose bushes just fertil-
ized yesterday.” p. 65

100% All Natural

Safe for all plants. BlueGold
will not harm people, ani-
mals, or beneficials. NOP
Compliant with Certified
Organic Programs. p. 27

Reduce Inputs up to 90%

“I actually love this stuff. It
really does pep up your gar-
den without chemicals. Truly
organic and works.” p. 12

Eliminate Diseases
Increase plant health for
natural defenses against
plant viruses, diseases,
root rot, blight, fungi,
and more! p. 6

Increase Production
“The plants I used it on
are visibly larger, greener,
and bushier than the ones
I did not use it on.” p. 112
Table of Contents 47
Reduce Inputs

130 BlueGold Garden Blend is a

wetting agent that will in-
Natural Pest Control crease your fertilizer and
watering input efficien-
cies. When you use our
Increase plant health for Garden Blend solution you
natural pest control against must reduce your inputs
earwigs, Japanese bee- by up to 90%, depending
tles, aphids, mites, thrips, on soil conditions, to pre-
mealybugs, whiteflies, and vent burning your plants up.
more. Plants with proper
nutrient levels are high in
brix and do not need pes-
ticides or fungicides. Pests
and molds cannot survive
in high brix environments.
10 Plants Produce in Extreme Heat 67 BlueGold Promotes Prolific Root Growth

14 Frost/Freeze Protection with BlueGold 77 Disease and Pest Free Fruit

27 39 BlueGold Attracts Beneficials 125 Why Is Brix So Important?

100% All Natural

BlueGold Garden Blend is a
natural wetting agent made
using Eden’s Proprietary
Process, which is a cold pro-
cess conversion of herbs,
minerals sources, sea-
weed plants, oceanic clays,
plant oils, and plant ex-
tracts for Amazing Results.

2 3
den BlueGold is a new zwitterionic Natural Wetting
Agent technology made from herbs, minerals sources,
seaweed plants, oceanic clays, and plant oils and
extracts. BlueGold is an effective tool for growers to
amend their water and quickly address water-related issues
without concern. BlueGold is unique in that its surfactant
qualities increase soil water holdings, which reduces water
consumption by 25 to 60%. With increased water uptake, and
thereby increased micro-nutrient access, plants quickly see
increased brix levels. BlueGold water penetrates deeper and
wider and transmits benefits by rain collection.

row headache free with BlueGold solutions.
Please note, you must reduce inputs by up to 90%,
depending on soil conditions, to prevent burning
your plants as our wetting agents increase input efficiencies.
In many cases, growers significantly increase yields through
BlueGold solutions without the use of any fertilizers,
pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or biocides. Our solutions
are designed to quickly address the immune systems of
plant brix, enabling them to boost their natural immune
functions. Defend your plants with our safe and chemical
free solution.

Blue Gold Garden Blend is 100% All-Natural.

and NOP Compliant for Certified Organic
Programs. Please contact your certifier prior
to use in your program.
all life begins with soil 2
If you have bugs in your crop, your
plant sap is below 6.4 plant sap and
soil pH, and you are usually missing
Phosphate, Sulfur, and micronutrients.

If you have a disease in your crop,
BlueGold is designed to jam as much water and is available or lacking in the plant instantly your plant sap is below 6.4 plant
as many nutrients (as safely as possible) into the upon testing. A plant sap resistance (pH) sap and soil pH, and you are usually
soil and plant as possible. Because the average below 6.4 will lock out Calcium, Magnesium, missing Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium,
soil is mostly nutritionally dead from lack of Potassium and available salts. Resistance above available salts, and macronutrients.
biological activity and Carbon and Petro locked 6.4 locks out, Phosphate, Sulfur, Silica and all

out nutrients (incorrect polarities). Many soils are micronutrients. The farther away from the plant You can also have both pest/disease
so abused with tillage of topsoil loss and chemical sap resistance slides away from 6.4 the greater with a low/high pH because your cation/ This is the first harvest off of only seven pepper
onslaught. BlueGold is here to fix the problem. the lockout of these nutrients and pest and anion exchange is out of balance. plants in the middle of a drought in Blackburn,
disease pressures rush into the plant. This is

Missouri using BlueGold Garden Blend.
Soil is a living organism that needs care all year why a working foliar program is so important to If you have an alternative to city
long. The BlueGold solutions are impressively high production; you get your results back in 24 water, preferably rainwater, this will
effective when foliar and soil fed, which hrs. and make the correction in the plant within always significantly improve your
induce the plants to grow deeper roots and 48 hrs to increase production all the while. results with any fertilizer product. If not,
pull up nutrients more efficiently. Simply, it you can let the city water sit in an open
makes soil nutrients rush into the plants (via We eagerly work with any BlueGold customer to
container for 48 hrs before use; to gas off
the roots) mining the soil very effectively; adjust their protocols and provide soil analysis
some of the chemicals harmful to the soil.
which is a very good thing as long as there are to ensure continued balanced nutrient inputs.

nutrients being inputted to replenish the soil. If you would like to discuss your specific soil
Never use any compost or
and plant problems before purchase BlueGold
We have seen as much as 225 pounds of Calcium any product from a municipal
Garden. We would love you to please contact us.
leave the soil into the plants per year with only sewage plant! Nor use yard waste
We will happily walk you through the following
five foliar feeds on farm crops. Calcium is one compost, that is loaded with chemicals!
information very simply and efficiently so you

of the most vital elements for proper nutrient can be a happy BlueGold grower. We are here to
balance in plants and is, unfortunately, one of the help you in any way we can as we do not want you Compost and worm castings your soil
most overlooked nutrients. We know people with to purchase BlueGold solutions and be unhappy. in the Spring and Fall every year. These
marginal soil health that use the BlueGold and get We offer a satisfaction guarantee for this reason. are the best times possible. You can use
excellent results instantly. Then later on the plant organic animal waste also if it has sat for a while. A Blue Gold grower is really amazed at the size &
amount of his beans.

production falls off and the pests and diseases
Listen to our 'Headache Free Growing' Podcast: Cover (bed) your compost,
return. This happens only when the nutrients
Episode 1: Calcium and Soft Rock Phosphate worm castings, and soil with
were not put back into the soil in a balanced
to understand more of how these two minerals fall leaves (mulched best) if
manner. This means the soil is beaten up and
are the most vital to soil health. available. If it is not, use a clean straw.
needs more than just a wetting agent to increase

nutrient availability in the soil. Continuously, with

tuned up soil, proper pH, and balanced nutrient 99% of the time the culprit who causes all Weed pressure is the direct result of
inputs our growers are experiencing Amazing Re- farm/garden crop disasters is the available a poor soil. The more deficient the
sults such as production increasing every year Calcium and Phosphate ratios. Without soil, the higher the weed pressure.
with no pest and disease since beginning the this ratio balanced nothing will ever work for The less organic soil matter and biology
BlueGold program. For over 7 years, BlueGold worry-free growing, and it is that simple to the more elevated the weed pressure.
products have been improving soil and plant correct most of the time. We break this down Using soil biology inoculants are great
health and water availability, without the use offurther on our podcast. Click here to listen. for restoring the soil, but a great local
This specific gene series of the cherry tomato (grown
pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or biocides. Spread a minimum of 5 pounds of our natural compost and worm castings will have all
by Azure Standard in their greenhouses) were only
soft rock phosphate per 100 square feet of soil the bugs you need and now just feed them.
Plant sap analysis testing along with plant sap and 5 pounds of our ocean-derived calcium jellybean sized. After BlueGold, they began
resistance (pH) monitoring tells us exactly what (not the industrial flue recovered pellets). producing these monster sized cherry tomatoes.
den BlueGold utilizes electrical BlueGold users are able to reduce their
and magnetic interactions water consumption by 20-25% when
through extreme micronization the soil porosity changes!

to create ‘bio-sourced’ natural
wetting agents. We have combined den BlueGold has truly embraced
herbal powders, rare-earth mineral the world of sub-particle
sources, exotic sea plants, clays, and mathematics and electrical
supernatural plant extracts to create polarity. You have to think of
BlueGold. BlueGold as a super effective natural

bio-nutrient delivery system. Not
e use a Proprietary Low only is it bio-sourced, but it will bond Blue Gold Turnips Test:
Heat Process that does not the water with nutrients mixed with Can you tell which received our
degrade enzymes; what we it, convert it, correct polarity, and solutions? Look at the amazing
like to call ‘Synergist Technology’, efficiently take it to the plant for increase! She's been a happy
to convert these bio-nutrients into Eden grower for the past 5 years!
immediate use, via osmosis! With

a revolutionary Saponin product for this increased nutrient and water
Amazing Results . Additionally, the
process provides a natural negative
penetration, while also correcting
many nutrient lock-up issues in soils,
My pla n ts
polarity to the final solution, with the
perfect pH of 6.4, enabling enhanced
surfactant properties.
users can often get away with in
using as little as 10% of their standard
fertilizing rates, depending on soil
reall y e n jo ye d
W t. "
conditions, along with the BlueGold.
etting agents are known
to make water wetter, and
through enhanced water
properties remediate carbon chain O
nce the soil is corrected, it
is our recommendation you
should always amend the this p r od uc -Amazon

and chloride lockup in soils and soil again with compost and worm
correct incorrect polarities in the soil. castings in both the Spring and the Blue Gold
Dead Plant:
This same power effects nutrient Fall to put back every year what the After using BlueGold this dead plant is resurrected and new growth sprouts forth!
inputs combined with the wetting plants take out. This helps to maintain
agent, enabling up to 90% input plant health and production.

reductions are needed, depending
on soil conditions! The solution is a den BlueGold is a supernatural
wetting agent, and NOP Compliant solution. With increased
for Certified Organic Programs with nutrition and hydration,
certifier’s approval. It will also increase availability comes: increased drought
the water holding capacity of your soil. resistance, reduction in pest and
With BlueGold solutions, your water disease pressure, increased brix, etc
will penetrate deeper and wider with through nutritionally balanced soils.
the nutrients, than ever before. Most

8 9
Plants produce in the extreme heat Mid-Summer Arizona Harvest!
n Alpine, California, in the middle of drought and water restrictions,

Eden customer, Babra Rosenberg is achieving Amazing Results with BlueGold. den BlueGold solutions are
In her words: excellent for protecting

My pepper plants are huge and still loaded with peppers. My beans were dying plants, bushes, trees, etc.
back and spraying with BlueGold Garden I have new green leaves and more from killing frosts and severe heat.
beans. My tomato plants are thriving. My strawberries have multiplied like crazy. I These photos show an Arizona
planted one row around each bed and the beds are totally full of strawberries. As well mountain harvest in mid-July. The
as the ground around the beds. I had a drip system malfunction at least three weeks grower says, "this never happens
in 100 plus temperatures with no water. A small pear tree withered and lost all leaves. due to the extreme heat and plant
After fixing the problem I applied weekly for two weeks. After the first application, I stress".
had new leaves. After the second application, I had flowers and more leaves."

L an e o r an ge s
"My la te
are t he s i z e o f
ru it s a n d th ey
gra p ef o o d
no t rip e y e t. G
ar e u e G o l d . "
f th a t B l

-Babra R

10 11
" " "
It really I mix this with My pepper plants micronutrient complex added.
I will be doing more testing
does pep up my Blue Gold showed new and I also just purchased their

your garden Fusion growth within compost slurry to add to my

feedings. Oh, by the way, the
and without Compost and I 4 days!" customer service is fantastic. I
chemicals, truly have never seen "I like what I see in only one week! called Eden and I spoke with a
very nice and informed person
Our season start has been very
organic and plants grow this cold and dreary. All tomatoes and there for over 15 minutes who
works." quick. Great peppers have been out for 2 weeks answered all my questions.
I will be giving them more
"I actually love this stuff it woke product." with zero noticeable growth since
transplanting. That is until I tried business. Made in the great
my plants up while they were Blue Gold. My pepper plants showed state of Wyoming and good
Amazon Customer review by 'FOCHEF'
suffering from high heat and You can read it on Amazon, here. new growth within 4 days! Not only old fashion customer service."
root invasion by a nearby tree did they form new leaves, but they Amazon Customer review by 'organicisbetter'
when I couldn't move them or are flowering in temperatures in the You can read it on Amazon, here.

" "
get anything else that seemed
to help to rescue them, they Excellent mid 50's. This certainly took me by
surprise. and more vibrant leave I've just started
perked right up and although product! color. I noticed the birds like this as using it so I can't
the yields were smaller than
normal some harvest beat no
The most well, and my chickens were gathering say a lot but I
where it over sprayed on the grass.
harvest and I'm happy to have amazing product I also used on orchids and some
know there are a few
something to show for my work, I have ever other indoor plants and I noticed a
plants that appeared
I will fix the tree root invasion to have bugs eating
problem and use this again. used, could not beautiful waxy coating on the leaves
and colors deepened and became the leaves and that
It really does pep up your make a higher more vibrant. Tip: if you add this to is no longer the case
garden and without chemicals,
truly organic and works."
recommendation!" a bucket, fill the bucket first with after just a couple of
H20, then add a small amount and applications. As of
stir. If you add water to the solution
Amazon Customer review by 'othersaints' -Amazon Customer now, I will be buying
in reverse, you will have it bubble up.
You can read it on Amazon, here. You can read it on Amazon, here.
I use both as root drench first, then again."
as a foliar spray, next day with a -Amazon Customer

12 13
Blue Gold offers frost and freeze protection Eden Freeze Test on Plants:
hese were planted March 1st at a 2,100
citrus tree underwent a freeze test with the use of BlueGold. The elevation, from the greenhouse, as part

citrus lost no leaves and was undamaged by the killing frost. BlueGold of a freeze test. These plants survived
is the perfect weatherproofing solution for your garden. several 30 consecutive killing frosts and two 6"
snowfalls with no damage. Plants were sprayed
Fantastic! with 1 teaspoon per gallon of BlueGold.

This stuff
works above
and beyond
the company's
claims. I
love this
O products.
ne Eden grower installed our Eden
Helix device* to purify his entire
water supply. He cleaned his Lima
Beans one night before cooking them for
dinner. The next morning he discovered a
You will
lima bean still in the sink showing that the
bean had sprouted overnight! be amazed. "
-Garry M.

ou can see these BlueGold plants
handling the killing frosts like champs.

M y pl ants are
*Contact us about our Helix

14 lookin g gr eat now ! " -Alex, Amazon Cu

" The plants
seem to really
like it. They
look beautiful. "

-Marian, Amaz
on Customer

pple Tree, sprayed with
BlueGold Garden, has
new flush and growth
They after two 20° killing frosts
with no damage!

exceeded my
itrus trees, sprayed
with BlueGold
expectations Garden, shown in a

his is the second snowfall, after North Carolina snowstorm
several 'killing' frosts, on
BlueGold greenhouse test plants. by responding in March. They also lived
through 15 days of below
freezing temperatures and
The plants are weatherproof and
hardy with the use of BlueGold. within hours had no damage from the
freezing temperatures.

of contacting
otice the
them. They trees in the
background, as
usual after the first
were thorough, frost. See how green
and blooming this

friendly, and plant is after over 20

killing frosts! It has
been foliar sprayed
helpful." mer
twice per week with
-AJPT, Amazon Custo

16 17
o y o u p r o t e c t
H o w d a i n s t
o u r c r o p s a g
y f
frost andre Standard
r e e z e ? BlueGold is a rock solid
J o i
an d
n A
u s
e B l u e G o l d ! program for any garden.
" "
I waited a little For the
while before vegetables where
reviewing I did not put the
this to give my BlueGold concentrate,
vegetables a chance I noticed that they
to respond. And did not grow as tall
respond they did! as the rest. For the
Without changing veggies where I used
my watering the concentrate,
schedule at all, and they look much
having a near mirror healthier compared
summer to last to the ones without
year weather-wise. the concentrate. This
BlueGold is the best BlueGold concentrate

hoto was taken on product I've found really works well
January 3, 2017, at for my vegetables. and I like that it is
Azure Standard Farms
in Dufur, Oregon. This My tomatoes, organic."
tropical banana tree was a
cutting stuck in the snow
strawberries, kale,
from the greenhouse (for and basil have all -Amazon Customer

fun as a test). It weathered

many killing touches of frost thrived more than
and freeze swings already ever before using
this year and not died.
It's a little rough around this product."
the edges but still made -Amazon Customer
it through this snowfall at 18 19
9° outside. Notice the new
flush (leaf) coming out also.
den BlueGold
in Alpine, healthy plant will quickly reduce fungal infections, viruses, and diseases
California, is super
amazed that the good on its own like powdery mildew, dutch elm disease, tomato blight, root rot,
corn smut, fire blight, verticillium wilt, anthracnose, lawn fungus, fusarium
wilt, apple scab, tree diseases, sudden oak death, damping-off, lawn diseases, leaf

seller to
garden went year
round, and "never spot, leaf curl, early blight, late blight, cankers, wheat rust, botrytis blight, tomato
stopped producing". fungus, cedar rust, galls, bacterial wilt, cucumber diseases, mosaic virus, etc.
Year-round squash,
deal with,
tomatoes, and more! hese tomatoes in Virginia were plagued with blight. With some use of

glad I did.
BlueGold Garden Blend, the tomatoes started producing and the blight

Their price
is excellent
and they
carry good
-G. Wees

ustomer says,

"this plant never
grows in the winter
in New York. But after
trying out the BlueGold,
this plant is growing product!"
nonstop, vibrant, and
healthy". -Freya

Works great!"
-Margaret Sifferlin

20 21
a n d

d u c t
Great pero
r v i ce . T h is
great s ally works!
stuff re -Mfkubik, A
mazon Cust

his is a bell pepper
plant that had
been hit with a
I am a weed eater 4 weeks
earlier and it took all the

big fan base bark off the plant,

but the plant did not die
and kept producing!

of the
Blue Gold.
nother picture of
the bell pepper
I find that plant that shows
stalk full of pith even

they keep all after all exterior bark is

gone. This would have
killed any other plant, but

my indoor this was a BlueGold plant.

and outdoor
ush green bell

plants as pepper plant

with blooms
and fruit set 30
well as my days after having
the bark stripped
by a weed eater.
vegetables in Healthy top side
and still producing!

good, vigorous
-Stephen W. Kaiser 23
Made my plants come
Ginormous carrots are grown in a high
back to life!!" Nutrition
organic matter, biologically tuned up -Nicole
cures any
soil, and BlueGold solutions by Pacific You can read this review on Amazon, here.

University Agriculture (Forest Grove, OR).
Truly Amazing Results. Plants
a n d ev er y
Because of the high nutrient density,
they said the taste was superb. take off soon after use. It's
fantastic!" -Charlotte A. Cavatica in any
You can read this review on Amazon, here.
crop when

I am reordering. This stuff properly
is awesome. Works as balanced.
advertised." -L. Babinsack
You can read this review on Amazon, here.

product! I will
continue to use "Remember for best
results always root feed
Blue Gold year (1 teaspoon per 5 gallons
after year. Better bucket of water) first
and then foliar feed a
germination and minimum of 2x per week."
w th im m ed iate l y
# Eden Syn ergy gr o
aft er ge rm in atio n.
-Eden Solutions Customer Support

24 Amazing." -John Garstka

Jr., Amazon Cu
stomer 25
" E
Eden Solutions has den BlueGold is first and foremost
a wetting agent made from raw
completely replaced my and rare earth materials. More
appropriately, a water amendment solution,
regular feeding schedules." which is used as a robust Nutrient Delivery
System. While our recipe is of course trade
secret, what we love to share is how BlueGold
"EVERYTHING I have ever gotten from Eden Solutions is bar none is formulated using many herbal powders,
excellence in products. Eden Solutions has completely replaced my plant extracts, mineral sources, and rare
sea plants. Because we target mineral
regular feeding schedules. BUY THESE PRODUCTS!!! THEY ARE sources, we are in fact accumulating so
EXCELLENCE IN AGRICULTURE!!! Thank you, Eden Solutions." many of the elements the Earth has to offer.

-Brad Kinney' ften, the agriculture industry
You can read it on Amazon, here. wants to only offer you a 250 count
crayon box with only three crayons
inside it: NPK. We deeply beg to differ

this as the only solution. We see value in Blue Gold herbs ready for cold processing!
offering the entire 250 count crayon box,
After just a few applications so you can easily create a headache free

Blue Gold
growing masterpiece. This philosophy
these plants started led us to create the BlueGold from more
than just one single Saponin source!
growing like there's no And this is why we offer such an array of

ingredients ,
BlueGold products covering the full
tomorrow." spectrum of nutrients soils and plants need.

A m i cr o n
nyone can formulate their own
"This stuff is amazing. Been using for about a year now
on a dozen or so houseplants. Half of them were almost
compost tea mixing ingredients from
all over the world. Right? Yes, but
are s ub -
dead and the others didn't look so good. After just a few
applications these plants started growing like there's no
cost quickly outweighs the financial gain
from harvest. Eden Solutions has taken
it a step further and we have acquired
which is sm a l l er
tomorrow. I've just started using other BlueGold mixtures and
so far I've seen excellent results. I usually don't leave reviews
these popular tea ingredients in bulk to
make it cost-effective for our customer
and through our years of Research
than p la n t a n d
but this stuff is pretty much quite amazing. I don't have
to water as much and I use maybe 1/3 as much fertilizer."
-PZG, Amazon Customer
and special Synergist Technology
we have formulated these into the
BlueGold line for optimum performance.
That is what we set out to do, and leaf m em b r a n e s.
that is what we have accomplished!
You can read it on Amazon, here.

26 27
"I love this product. You can use it VERY lightly if you're
"an outstanding

product" -amazon customer
spraying buds. My experience is do not spray it on plants
under lights. Spray when the lights are off. Like anything,
too much of this can burn, so go light. Great product and I
will buy again; I love this product. I use it as a root system

like magic"
-NannyMomma64, amazon customer
and foliar spray. I bought a series of products from them and
am very happy with all. Prompt shipment. BE CAREFUL when
you open the cap. Follow instructions. This is strong stuff. ;
excellent product. I use it as a foliar spray and in a tea fertilizer
"great for

my garden" -sam5663, amazon customer
mix. I am going to order again along with the other fine
products from this seller. As always, follow instructions."
-Kevin R. Seiter

look happy" -Nicole, amazon customer

"Our products do not and are

guaranteed to not cause burning when

used as directed. Our products greatly -roger321, amazon customer

enhance uptake and when combined

with inorganic inputs, this is when
burning can occur. Please give us a call
and we will go over your protocols and

it" -Boo, amazon customer
help you make sureBlueGold is working

"great product"
top notch with your program and
tweaking your protocols for maximum
output. Looking forward to speaking
with you!" -mario n. alpizar

-Eden Solutions Customer Support

"love this

product" -J. Gilmore

28 29
his is a Coconut
Apple. They are highly
nutritious. Coconuts
float around in the ocean for
years with the milk inside.
When a coconut washes
on shore, the switches
flip and the coconut turns
the milk into this coconut
apple bloom which is like a
spongey yogurt consistency.
The coconut 'seed' feeds off
of this nutrition for its first
stages of growth. We use A photo of some of
about 7 Coconut Apples per the liquid inputs (we
call it the liquid line-up)
batch of BlueGold. It is an that are getting ready
awesome highly nutritious for the slow injection
ingredient. process in their
appropriate order into
a new batch of BlueGold

We search the Earth for virgin resources. Garden being made.

Each input is a
different color with

varying amounts.
e search the Earth technologies and amazing
for virgin resources solutions, that work. We seek
to include in our to end agriculture problems

products while endeavoring for a sustainable quality future
to provide these discoveries for those who choose to make den Garden Blend is known for remarkable results
to our customers at the lowest a change! The raw materials
cost possible. We are in this and mixing processes of Eden like a longer vegetative cycle, vibrant produce, deeper
business to spread the benefits solutions have been carefully
of correct farming practices. researched and developed and explosive root growth, increased biology, higher
It has been stated that our over many years of combined
solutions are, “revolutionary”. research so as to take full brix, attracting beneficials, reduce water usage by 30-
We have elected to adopt the advantage of electrical polarity
Henry Ford method and provide in the soil, plant, and the 50%, frost and freeze protection, extreme harvest, bumper
our BlueGold solutions at the solutions. Eden Solutions are
lowest cost possible, to enable equipped with electro-negative crops, and allows you to reduce your inputs by up to 90%,
the most amount of people the ionic charges so that they may
opportunity to experience 'Eden naturally and immediately be depending on soil conditions, and more! We offer guaranteed
Miracles'. We have superior available to plants and the soil.
results so you can shop risk-free on Amazon today!
30 31
loe plants are extremely slow growers

even in natural and enclosed settings. We This is not plant food. It has no guaranteed analysis showing
% of nitrogen, etc. It is soap and water...which may help to
did our own test on a 2-year-old aloe plant. soften your water and allow the plants to absorb the plant
The green tabs in the photo on the tips of the food you have to add in addition to BlueGold. When doing it this
leaves are the original leaves prior to starting way: as an adjunct to feeding, my plants do look great. The MFG
the test. But all the new growth was an average needs to fully explain what their "surfactants" do and buyers need
115.44% larger than the original. There is a total to recognize there is no MFG statement about nitrogen %, etc."
of seven new leaves and six existing leaves on -Louis Ladone (You can read this review and our response on Amazon, here.)

the plant. This growth occurred over 3 months.

You are correct in that BlueGold brix is the plant's natural pest and
Garden Blend is a surfactant disease defense and is also directly
or a 'wetting agent' as called related to the quality of the harvest.
Department of Agriculture in various
States. But it is also so much more BlueGold starts a chain reaction in
than that! It is designed using herbs, the soil and the plants with simply
minerals, sea extracts, clays and yields Amazing Results ! Please do not
rare plant oils. By this method, this hesitate to give us a call anytime so
product is superior to any other that we can go over your application
"normal soap". Surfactants, by their methods with you and help you achieve
nature, make water wetter, thereby the best results! Also, please be sure
allowing water to penetrate deeper to visit our website. It is ever changing
and wider into the soil. Water is but we always try to keep the latest
at the basis of all life. There is a information available on the website.
severe prolonged dehydration The BlueGold technology is on its face
issue plaguing our soils today. a "wetting agent", but it works totally
different than any a-typical in-organic
The cause and reason is a debatable NPK chemical product. Nitrogen is a
subject, but nonetheless, when gas that is the following precursor of
BlueGold Garden Blend is used, the amino acids and proteins. We assure
treated water is able to penetrate you that the BlueGold is not just soap
deeper and wider, enhance water and water. Surfactants comprise our
hydration of the soil and plants! Due to lungs and are responsible for oxygen
the special way BlueGold is formulated, exchange. Plant-based surfactants
it has properties that specifically helps are responsible for cell repair in
nutrients penetrate membrane walls nature. It took us a long time to
more efficiently, while also helping understand how they work with the
to reduce nutrient lockup in the soil plant DNA, and just how important
induced by chlorides, petrochemicals, the *source* is. We are here to
and generic carbon lockup. BlueGold help all our users understand the
plants see a significant increase in brix technology to help better serve our
as a direct result of increased water loyal customer base. Hope this helps!"
availability and nutrient uptake. The
-Eden Solutions Customer Support

32 33
decided to give BlueGold Garden Blend
a try when I read it helped to control
plant diseases like downy and powdery
e will problem solve with
mildew, rust, cankers, blight, wilt, and
viruses. My honeysuckle vine has some
you so that you receive the
disease issues so I hope this product works! results you desire & expect.
I like having the feeding directions on the
bottle. You can root feed or foliage feed. It
is recommended to apply it with a hose end "I love this product as a fertilizer, my plants look greener and
sprayer. I used a pump sprayer to apply the
product. It can be applied twice a week.
so far seem to be growing super healthy. My only issue is that
This concentrate enhances the nutrient it didn't help me a lot with the mildew on my mint. It keeps
uptake of plants. It makes the water wetter coming back. But for the most part, this is a great product."
so it penetrates the soil deeper and wider. -Amazon Customer
You can use your current fertilizer with this
product but use less. They recommend
using 15% of your input ratio. I have used it
twice this week. I used one teaspoon per
gallon. The product is a dark foamy green
color. My vines and hanging basket seem
to be improving after the 2nd application. "We are excited about your plants!
My only con is the product spews out Regarding the mold, when it is too serious for
like a shaken up soft drink. Watch out normal BlueGold doses to hand, we usually have found
where you open it ( outside is safer) and this to mean the plants are lacking macronutrients
do so slowly. Both times I used it I had (calcium, magnesium, phosphate, sulfur, etc). For
issues with it foaming over. I didn't shake best results always root feed at 1 tsp per gallon and
it up so the second time it surprised me. then foliar feed at suggested rates the very next
-Dee (You can read this review on Amazon, here.) day. When mildew is this extreme, be sure to double
"We have growers who spray every day
your rates for the two to three applications. If it
and some multiple times per day; so it persists or returns, triple your rate for the next two
is safe no matter how often that you to three applications. That should do the trick, but if
spray. They are after mega-production. you are still having mold issues contact us again and
Sorry about the foaming. Never shake we will do a soil analysis for you to see what your
the BlueGold and like you have seen the plants are lacking."
second time it did it also because the

first time activated and it did not have -Eden Solutions Customer Support
time to vent. It is OK to leave the top
loose so it can breathe. OK for pump up Excellent
sprayer but always use 1-2 tablespoons
for the spraying and 1 teaspoon product! Gr
for the watering. Hope this helps."
for vegetab t
-Eden Solutions Customer Support
a n
d flowers."
34 35
-Theresa Litt
"Hello, "I can't say I've noticed a huge difference in my veg garden after
a few uses of this product. This is my first season using it. I found
I have a young avocado tree, about 10", and I see on the soil
blister beetles on my tomatoes and they were devastating the
some gnat and larvae gnat. Which is annoying, and I read plants quickly, so I used this to give the plants every possible
somewhere they feed on roots. I don't want these little bugs advantage to fight the effects of the bugs. Now that we've picked
to eat the roots of my avocado! So I just bought BlueGold, I off all the bugs (because we keep an organic garden), the plants
have put water in a plastic water bottle of 16 ounces and are thriving and giving lots of tomatoes, but it's hard to know
added 1/2 tsp of BlueGold inside, then I have watered my how they would have fared if I hadn't used it. The tomatoes that
didn't have any bugs are giving tomatoes at a similar rate. This
avocado alongside other plants that I have. This was Sunday. product is terribly expensive and if I used it every 7 to 10 days
Today I check, I still have gnat in my avocado. What should I like the label suggests, I'd be broke, so I only use it about once a
do? How often should I use BlueGold? How to use it? Shall I month. It is easy to use and it smells OK. Sort of like a fruity drink,
clean the remove the tree and soak the roots with BlueGold?" so it smells a lot better than a lot of other garden products."
-Robin, Amazon Customer (read it here)
-Adrien Haccoun

"The reason that

"The gnats are there because the bugs are attacking the tomatoes is
your plant sap pH is above 6.4 and your that you have a shortage of anionic elements
(micronutrients/negative charges) in the soil and plant
micronutrients are locked out. So let’s do this: mix sap. Your plant sap pH is probably above 6.4 at around
1 tsp of BlueGold in 5 gallons of clean water and use 7.1 or 7.2 and you probably also have an excess of cationic
elements (positive charged). Just mentioning this so we can
this to water all your plants including the avocado learn exactly what is the problem. We run into that most soils are
tree. Water them whenever they need watering so out of balance. This why we say to double the first dose on both
with this which should be 2x per week depending the root/foliar. Then fall back to basic amounts and 2x to 3x per week
to get the plants back on track. Always root feed then foliar feed afterward
on the weather. Then mix 1 tbsp of BlueGold in a up to a day later. We wanted to take a moment to review the costs. The
gallon of clean water and use this to spray the solution makes 16 gallons of foliar spray or 48 gallons of root drench. This is
$1.12 foliar gallon and $0.37 gallon root feed. It will still work at 1 tsp per
plants ‘everywhere’ top and bottom of leaves and every 5 gallons bucket of water for the root feed to water them every time
spray the soil also. Foliar feed the plants 3x to 4x they need watering. This costs $0.07 cents total per gallon. We have
per week till they are gone then 2x per week for tried our best at making it lowest cost possible, as a product
comprised of over 200 ingredients is quite costly to manufacture.
best results. This will get you going. Plese Once a month applications will always get you once a month
note, 16oz of water and 1 tsp of BlueGold results! When used as directed it always outperforms and
never ceases to Amaze! We greatly value your input!"
is extremely strong."
-Eden Solutions Customer Support -Eden Solutions Customer Support

"great seller.

excellent priduct!" -Luki James 37
Did you know that the Blue Gold Attracts Beneficials
first version of BlueGold
was called Lazarus?
Day after spraying BlueGold Fusion Compost, BlueGold Garden, and BlueGold
Special K* + a dandelion ferment of my own on my Blackberries. From what
I understand there are two types of blackberries: Floricane and Primocane.
Primocane berries basically grow veg the first year and then the second year they
produce flowers and berries. Floricane species will start to produce berries the
first year after transplanting. So essentially you will need to wait till the 3rd year
from planting to actually get berries. I sprayed the mix on these and the next day...
not even 24 hours began to appear. Still blown away by these

The worms like in the picture
-Robert Turner are in every shovel full that is

his is a citrus grove where turned over anywhere under
the pivots now. When I bought the
they fill 1,000-gallon sprayers
farm 10 years ago I asked the county
with our Eden Helix device extension agent if there were worms
and culture the BlueGold and Eden in the valley because I had not seen
Bugs. Our solutions are easy to one worm in the first 2 years on the
mix in any commercial or large farm that I’d been here and I really
scale application and can work looked for them. He assured me
seamlessly with current operational that the valley had worms but our
farm did not! This farm had been
protocols. What is neat, is if you
conventionally farmed for over
look closely you can see white spots 50 years and was totally sterile it
on the ground. These are butterflies seems. The wood fence posts were
drinking the spilled BlueGold. This more decomposed above ground
third generation grower commented than below ground that I attribute

that in his 40 years of growing, he e spilled some BlueGold it to the chemicals applied. 2 years
has never seen a diverse group at an Eden manufacturing ago we stopped all conventional
pesticides herbicides and fertilizers

Amazing Results in 24 hours of butterflies, bees, and other

beneficial insects since BlueGold.
site and these beautiful
butterflies quickly flew over! and began applying Eden Solution
products and the earthworms
exploded in just one month after our
first applications, the first year of
*Conact us about our Special K solution.
38 39 using the solutions."
-Bar 10 Ranch, St. George, Utah
Product is
as much as sk
you could a B
eneficial Insect
his grower in Arkansas
Parasitic Wasp
was so surprised at
the increase of bees
for . A d van c ed (Trichogramma
Wasp) lays eggs into
in his field, on the BlueGold
program, he just had to stop
pr o duct. H a s evasive pest larva. This
farmer had never seen

helped bringfrom
and take a picture to show us! them do this before
he used BlueGold.

plants back 's great Our solution attracts

beneficial insects. Here

the brink. It
at Eden, we continuously
onarch butterflies flocking just minutes after the runoff of a witness this.

and unique." "

potted fig tree watering. The butterflies drink the BlueGold
water. Our solutions attract every kind of beneficial. I sprayed BlueGold Garden on my
milkweed for my red spider mite
-Dizzy, Am
azon Cust
omer problem. Monarch Butterflies
landed on the plant the same day

" Gre
and started drinking the BlueGold.

Good Amazing the animals are attracted

to it like bees, ladybugs, and more."
stuff." -James Read

on Customer
-CUL8RQT, Amaz

these folks.
will buy
from them
again." 41
-Døn Diego dela Vega
I had odd effects on one of years: extra N P K, in various
my tomatoes: white leaves, concoctions, along with a lot of

ornet on a fig yellow leaves with green watering (a dry season here in
leaf right after veins, crusted leaves, malformed New England), but until I got this
a BlueGold fruit. I did put a lot of compost BlueGold nothing seemed to touch
foliar spray. The
leaf is still wet; into my beds this year with the the weird leaves and fruit. I do
he appears to be usual time-release fertilizer, and believe that this is what solved
drinking the solution. this is the first time I've had the the problem of uneven nutrients.
weird results. Two other tomato Unfortunately, it is now Sept. and
plants were more than fine... days getting short with less light,
putting out giant tomatoes like so that tomato with the problems

crazy. All the more reason to try is not going to make it much
Before I used this product and figure out what was wrong
with the supposedly "mini" one
longer...but I learned a lesson. I
like this and would buy it again,
the bugs were demolishing (now 5 ft. tall). All were in the first before any other 'remedy'.”
same bed and the same corner.
my okra. The bugs are gone I tried a bunch of things based

and haven't returned using on a comprehensive growing

guide which I've had for over 20
Amazon Customer review from 'ZED'
You can read it on Amazon, here.

this twice a week."

-Amazon Customer
You can read this review on Amazon, here.
"Keep foliar spraying the
tomatoes at 1 tablespoon of BlueGold
per gallon of water and watch how long they
will go into the fall even with killing frost. If it is
"Pests are a going to frost just spray the day before. They will
sure sign of low keep producing if you keep spraying them.
micronutrients. Your yellow leaves and green veins stem from a
manganese shortage along with magnesium and
A disease is a other micronutrients. If the compost was not fully
sure sign of low ripe/ready it will deplete the Nitrogen in the soil.
The BlueGold made available what was
macronutrients." not available by way of nutrients."
-Eden Solutions Customer Support
-Eden Solutions Customer Support

42 43
Animals love Blue Gold W
ildlife love BlueGold! This
Florida Citrus farm took

photos to show us all the

wild egret birds following their sprayer
These horses graze in our pecan orchard; they come to the barn every
evening for grain and hay. After we sprayed the pecans with the BlueGold the
horses did not come back to the barn for 5 straight days/nights. All is I can
I did not (spraying our solutions) all day long in
flocks! Watch the video they took, here.
say is they were after the nutrition in the BlueGold that landed on the pasture all
around the pecan trees. And the trees are doing great also!"
hear any
-Roger Barret complaints
(Monticello, FL)
from my
plants. They
actually seem
to be quite
happy with it.
Thank you!"
-Angela, Amazon Customer

Great products!
Will buy !
again and again
A ma z in g p rod u ct s
S S ol ution s."
outhern California Eden customer
showing his dog who licks his legs when
he comes home from spraying the at E de n
BlueGold on his garden! -Brad Kinney

44 45
Blue Gold grower Fantastic! All the minerals
harvested over
600 tomatoes this
year from one
and extras my plants need. " -Bee

tomato plant.

Azure Standard is impressed with the quality This specific gene series of the cherry tomato
and vibrancy of their cauliflower. They noted was being grown by Azure Standard in their
there was zero disease or pest problems with greenhouses and were only jellybean sized.
the BlueGold. On the BlueGold program, the produced these
monster sized cherry tomatoes.

More Growth and More Yields... With Fewer Inputs?

uite often we are asked how BlueGold its natural state. In a primitive way, this can
is able to reduce the required inputs be understood as soap breaking the surface
to 10% or less, depending on soil tension of water. This is achieved through
conditions. The answer is all life works off of this special base natural Wetting Agent (100%
polarity. More specifically frequencies. Each natural). By improving the ionic properties,
plant, soil, bug, etc. all carry specific negative, plants and soils are now more able to properly
neutral, or positive ionic properties as well. participate in electromagnetic actions and

Op ientz ing Sometimes, due to environmental chemical
conditions, the water-holding capacity of the
soil today results in minimal water availability
exchanges more efficiently. Essentially this
allows for the efficient and accelerated
processing of nutrients, moisture uptake, and

Nutr ery to plants and/or crops. BlueGold helps this

one problem, by neutralizing its current
other key factors vital to optimum growth
for larger production yields, increased root

state and allowing it to essentially reset to depth, and overall improved harvest quality.
46 47
Do you have a
dormant or dead
plant problem?
will solve your
problems quickly!
This is a common salad radish that
does not get bigger than 1 inch. This
This plant's stalk is normally the size of your thumb. This garden is in its second season using the
is what happens when you completely
switch to the BlueGold program, you BlueGold Garden generated a ginormous stalk! BlueGold Garden. The soil biology has increased. The
customer commented that neighboring gardens are
achieve super amazing supersized failing, but theirs is producing giant harvests in October.
produce like Azure Standard did. Look at their giant cucumber and okra!

Snow peas with reduced internode spacing

resulting in more internodes, meaning
increased yields! The snow peas that are
coming out in two, three and quadruple shoots
from a single seed each. Amazing Results from
BlueGold Garden including NO pests!.

48 49
that this
Avocado tree
is experiencing
300% increase
in their fruit set
on the BlueGold

den BlueGold
grower was
happy to see
an increase in size
and weight of his

apples, all thanks to
zure Standard cucumber plants being treated with BlueGold Garden. There is
foliar sprays of
usually only a couple of fruit set per internode. Here you can see 7! They were
thrilled to see the internode sections closing up and getting closer together
BlueGold Garden.
(this means a bigger harvest) as opposed to being so widespread.

your garden
today with
A photo of another Azure Standard cucum- This is three times the normal size of a
ber plant set on one internode, totaling 5! cucumber leaf. Again, note how close the
internode fruit sets are.

50 51
ur extraordinary program of solutions
Blue Gold Garden Blend is the most
amazing organic plant nutrient
that I have ever used."
are overflowing with an abundant
array of minerals, herbal extracts,
amino acids, plant extracts, and sea minerals.
" BlueGold Garden Blend is the most amazing organic plant all of which have been converted to a sub-
nutrient that I have ever used. The response from my plants
is unbelievable. I was a cotton farmer for 30 years in South colloidal size via our Synergist Technology.
Carolina. I now live in the North Carolina mountains, where

the growing season is much shorter. It is critical to get a fast alifornia BlueGold tomatoes were still blooming and setting fruit in
and healthy start to plants. I have been using this product December! The pictures show 10’ bamboo poles they had to use to
stand up the cherry tomatoes!
for 4 years. It keeps harmful insects away while causing no
damage to beneficial insects and bees. The yields of my
produce are amazing, producing healthy food for my family
and friends! Do not hesitate to try this quality product!"
-John H.
You can read it on Amazon, here.

Blue Gold Wetting Agents maximize
every nutrient they touch. We
suggest you use up to 90% smaller
rates of inputs, depending on soil
conditions, and nutrient inputs due
to increased input efficiency when
paired with Blue Gold Wetting Agents
to prevent burning your plants!

52 53
This is the same
The best
San Diego, California product I
garden from the
previous page. James' have ever
tomatoes are over a
year old and they're
had…Blue Gold
still producing. He can literally
told us that, "I've never
had tomatoes go over resurrect
6 months before." your dying
plants! This
is my 4th
bottle of
using the
but has
quality for
(Website Review)

54 55
This is the 5th harvest
this year on these
tomatoes in CA. Look at
the blooms and still going
strong. They (tomatoes)
will grow over the top of
patio awning. Treating
tomatoes like a rose bush.
They just keep going and
going even after the stalk
was cut down; they came
back. The older pineapple
as well. " -Mike Jones (Video Here) 56 57 watch the video
Blue Gold
was built
by consumers
who wanted a
better product.

This Kansas grower says his sweet potatoes have never

produced in such abundance since beginning BlueGold!
hese cherry tomatoes being grown by
Azure Standard are amazing. Normally
This Blue Gold treated
there are only 1 to 2 tomatoes per runner,
tomato plant is sport- and you can see an average of 4 per run.
ing massive growth! And you can see that the size is significantly
It produced over increased from a standard cherry tomato size.
600 tomatoes in one
year. The grower was
forced to use hog
panels to support the
tomato plants and
their massive growth.
The previous year
the BlueGold tomato
plants broke down the
baskets with the giant

58 59
Azure Standard eggplant seedling in their greenhouse. After applying one application of the
BlueGold, the leaves grew to this size compared to the smaller size seen to the top right of this
picture. It gets lost in the BlueGold leaf.

t looks like Jack and his beans visited these cherry tomato plants in Washington
State. The grower is extremely happy with the huge size and quality and
commented that they produced 1000s of tomatoes after they received weekly
treatments. Amazing growth and huge harvests are a standard result of BlueGold.

This Washington State greenhouse is using Blue Gold to gain huge growth. Look at the leaf size,
and if you look closely you will see huge beans.
" Great
great seller."
-Joseph Porter 61
pineapples from 1 plant?! Normally, pineapples only produce 1 (rarely, 2) on one
plant. This BlueGold pineapple plant produced 6 pineapples on 1 plant! See the
first harvest picture on p. 126.

armer's Basil would normally only
grow six inches, but here with
BlueGold, you can see it is about 2
feet in height. He said he would mow it
down and it grows right back within a

issouri farmer is showing his super tall
Jalapeño plants running on just
BlueGold Garden Blend.

" Very good product! It
makes everything taste and
smells so much better."
-Suzanne M Tuck
These Brussel Sprouts have no bugs, pests, or
diseases on the BlueGold program.

Look at the size of these leaves! They are 5x
the normal size from BlueGold Garden.
Three days later, there is no
Springbank Farm
organic produce for
I believe doubt the tomato and pepper
sale in stores in
Oregon grown with
in your plants look healthier. I don’t
see much if any change in in
BlueGold. horticultural the rose bush but I’m in the
products. I look midst of a Japanese beetle
attack so it’s hard to say. One
forward to using thing is certain; the beetles
them from the are much reduced compared
to my other rose bushes
beginning and just fertilized yesterday.
In my opinion, the product
throughout the is what Eden Solutions
growth cycle in claims and is effective
Beautiful Blue Gold Kale throughout the growth cycle.
the future."
I appreciate that the seller,
"There is no doubt the tomato Eden Solutions, contacted
and pepper plants look me with useful information
healthier! I tested the product prior to testing the product.
first through foliation (mix I highly recommend BlueGold
1-2 tablespoons per gallon Garden Organic Liquid
of water) on a rose bush and Concentrate as a high end
various flowering vegetables and useful product. I believe
including horseradish, in your horticultural products.
tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, I look forward to using them
cucumbers, and zucchini. from the beginning and
Note: Do not over shake the throughout the growth cycle
bottle before opening! The in the future. My first full
liquid is a healthy looking moss cycle will be with kale in the
Blue Gold Garden colored green. The next day, fall. Thank you also on the
Missouri Pepper Harvest
following user directions, I tip regarding triacontanol*."
used a hose end sprayer (one
teaspoon/gallon) to apply -Michael H. Brown
a good dose into the roots You can read the review on Amazon, here.

at the base of each plant. *Our Garden Blend does not have the special
ingredient of triacontanol like our Rose Blend
does. Roses love this natural growth hormone.

64 65
" " E
We have I believe it den BlueGold promotes prolific
root growth while increasing soil
so many is a great water holdings for your garden’s
continued use all hours of the day,
Jalapeño and value, which reduces water consumption.
BlueGold water penetrates deeper
Bell peppers we
don't know what weighing out and wider and transmits benefits by
rain collection. It is a natural super-

to do with them the return on critical fluid that is micronizing every

nutrient it touches, meaning you can

all." investment." use as little as 10% of your current

inputs, depending on soil conditions.
Blue Gold Root Growth:
This plant was transferred to a
"Awesome. We have so many "This works great! I am cup and sprayed that night with
Jalapeño and Bell peppers very much pleased with the a low dose of BlueGold. The next
early morning these roots had
we don't know what to do results and will buy again. I grown. Overnight! So much they
with them all. In addition, live in Southwestern PA and reached the bottom and begun to
grow back up to the top!
they are HUGE. Make sure am growing an indoor herb
not to mix too much as it garden next to my dining
is concentrated. Dilute it room window, so my plants
according to the directions. are getting a less than ideal
Best sprayed first thing in amount of sunlight. That being
the morning as we did see said, I choose to use this daily
some burning of leaves when and get great results. I believe
Healthy Roots after 36 Hours:
sprayed in the afternoon sun." it is a great value, weighing Bean Sprouts after 36 hrs. of
out the return on investment." planting after being soaked in the
-Gina D.
BlueGold Garden solution. Look
You can read the review on Amazon, here. -Amazon Customer at the healthy roots!
You can read the review on Amazon, here.
"We usually do not see any leaf
burning unless a lot is used. Verify "As you are seeing it is safe to use
the rates that you applied per every day and even multiple times Prolific Root Growth:
gallon of the foliar spray (per the per day if the rate is adjusted
instructions). For best results, always
BlueGold excels at promoting
accordingly. You may want to think prolific root growth. The grower
root feed the plants 2x per week and about using the BlueGold Super Carb was amazed at the length and the
foliar feed up to every day or 2x to 4x with the Garden formula for that diameter of the root mass.
per week." extra turbo boost."
-Eden Solutions Customer Support
-Eden Solutions Customer Support

66 67
his grower
was so

"It works great"

with the
outcome of -Ken C.
his BlueGold

tomatoes that reat picture from another happy oot and Stalk size difference from
he dug up the customer showing the pepper a pepper stalk planted in a cup.
plant to see stalk size, and the huge root BlueGold peppers grow extremely
how much the mass of their BlueGold pepper stalk. well from seedling up.
roots had grown.
Check out the
length, and look
at the diameter
of the roots!

W a tc h th e p r ol ifi c
root growth at
Hamlin Orangeter
Gr ov e s 11 0 da ys a f
initia l t re a t m en t !
Overnight Root Growth:
Serious Blue Gold Root Growth:
Look how white and vibrant and Overnight, after the application of the BlueGold,
health the roots are. They are not this seedling grew roots to the bottom of the cup
brittle, fine hairs; they are thick which started to then grow back up. Overnight!
68 limber roots. Just 8 hours!
his amazing
BlueGold root
growth occurred
within 72 hours. Amazing!

“ I couldn ’t be more excited. ”

I started soaking 4 seeds at 1 pm October 23rd in BlueGold for 15

minutes at 2.5m/L per quart. I started (planted) in soil soaked in
his customer could not
the same BlueGold solution. I have been watering each plant 3x a
pull these onions out of
the ground. Shocked, day, enough to keep both seed and soil moist. I'll measure BlueGold
he dug up these BlueGold solution in veg state. By October 24th I thought I saw a white root.
onions and said he has never Thought, 'Nah, that's gotta be something in the soil.' Well, I'll be
seen this much root growth on damned if I didn't see a root on the morning of October 25th. By the
onions in his entire life. end of the day, I had 4 out of 4 roots sprouting up. I couldn't be more
excited. Cannabis seeds usually take 5-8 days to germinate. BlueGold
did it in 42 hours. See the picture. Thanks for your help!"
-Andrea Young


stuff" -david, amazon customer

"very good

stuff" -robert, amazon customer

"works great"
-Jrobin griffin


is great" -JTeresa A. Bowes
70 71
Notice the
leaf size,
amount, and the

size of the fruit
explode with peppers that I

" color and

If it's organic why isn't
"OMRI is not the only Organic Certifier in sprayed with
approved by OMRI?" the USA. We have elected to get organic
certification through Oregan Tilth first due
blooms after Blue Gold 3 or
using this.
-Amazon Customer Question
to the fact OMRI and USDA are very long
4 times."
and drawn out processes. We are in the
-James Read
process of certifying our BlueGold solutions
through both OMRI and USDA." -Leenie

-Eden Solutions Customer Support You can read this review on Amazon, here.
Is this safe for skin

"Yes. Very safe. Prolonged skin contact with
-Amazon Customer Question
concentrate may result in irritated skin for
a few hours. The saponins will strip the oils
I grew mint
off your skin and leave it too dry (itching)
with prolonged contact with the skin from
last year and
concentrate. But it is non-toxic, it did not
chemical-free, and all natural."
look like this ...

-Eden Solutions Customer Support

Does this contain

"In the beginning, it did. But we have
I have tomatoes
micronutrients that are improved the dissolving of metals without growing
-Amazon Customer Question
the need of chelation. The BlueGold has been
laboratory proven to reduce chlorides by everywhere."
2,000%. The BlueGold contains many mineral
sources (not just individual minerals), which Bryce is an Eden customer from
makes for a very comprehensive mineral list. California. He grows a small container
organic garden on his back patio.
These precursors are broken down smaller
than the chelation process, making Check out what BlueGold did for his
mint and tomatoes. Watch his video
BlueGold minerals much more effective." here.
-Eden Solutions Customer Support

72 73
n the middle of a
drought, this BlueGold
pepper stalk is huge.
Usually, pepper plants
have a green stalk. This
pepper plant is growing
so fast it is already
developing a barked
skin. Amazing!

" First
time use,
my plants
n, Amazon Custom

nheard of in this bean plant, but with BlueGold
eppers grown from a plant in Missouri in the middle of a drought. Garden triple bloom sets are quite normal.
The pepper plants were planted earlier that year and received
BlueGold Garden applications over three months. They are HUGE!

Water is the basis of all life. When you increase

its availability, amazing things will happen.
Those who partake of the Eden BlueGold experience report in-
creased growth, brix, and yields, while significantly reducing pest
and disease pressure. Most significantly, due to the extreme capa-
bility of BlueGold to increase water penetration and enhance nutri-
ent uptake, often dead plants, trees, soils, etc are able to be revived!

Blue Gold is
made in the USA. 74 75
hrough this ability to modify polar
and ionic properties, and BlueGold's
ability to optimize nutrient uptake
less becomes more. Fewer and fewer inputs
are required. And as your field becomes
ever more sustainable, your biological
and soil network will continue to sustain
small-scale yields without inputs! Rather
than providing ever-increasing amounts of
NPKs that are harsh chemicals or extreme
pH’s with high chlorides and accompanied
by marginal declining results, growers can
now use BlueGold to supply many nutrients
efficiently and in ever decreasing amounts,
allowing the bugs and soil to grow and take
overgrowth as it always has been able to!
Moringa Trees do not produce seed pods Look at the size of these pest-free Squash
until they are 3-4 years old. These BlueGold leaves grown with BlueGold. Beautiful disease and pest free
Moringa Trees are 6 months old and producing
grapes and vines are possible with
2' long pods. Moringa Farms USA grows their
BlueGold! Eden customers have
trees with twice-weekly BlueGold treatments. cured their vineyards of Pierce Dis-
ease, blight, whitefly, and molds
on the BlueGold program. We look

“I purchased
forward to sharing an Eden Experi-
ence with you. This grower is super
impressed with the amount of fruit

yo ur prod uc t f or set they received and comment-

ed on how significantly increased
the taste and sweetness was.

home gardening. This grower for Welch's

grapes is happy to

It was a miracle
report his increased
brix and increased fruit
sets for a huge harvest

fo r my ga rd en ! ” increase on the
BlueGold program! A
very healthy BlueGolD
-Georgia Cuny, Vi
sta, CA vineyard with no pests
and no diseases!
"Some of the veggies Blue Gold Garden
helped to grow."
-Mike Smith, Shenandoah Valley Produce LLC

76 77
The final
photo of the
vineyard that
grows for

Amazing fruit set on this Concord Grape Vine in Washington St., treated with BlueGold.

den BlueGold has seen
great success resurrecting
year long (and more) dead
vineyards, even ones that were
and I
plagued by various diseases like
Pierce disease and others. couldn't
be any
This Pierce Disease vine was dead
and slated for removal for an
entire year. Upon application of Great
BlueGold, it picked right up and
began producing quickly. product
from a
-Bubble Guppie,
Amazon Custom

This North Carolina “This vine had overspray from Round Up last year that nuked it. I pruned it way
vineyard experienced back and have been coating/spraying the cordon and canes weekly all spring with
a new flush BlueGold Garden and the BlueGold Fusion Compost. I just added the BlueGold Spe-
on its vines in cial K* in the last spray and now this has started already? The spring way up here has
freezing been super cold and wet! Way too early for this to be happening, amazing stuff and
temperatures amazing fruit set. Crazy...hope I can get them before the squirrels do.”
on BlueGold. -Robert Turner; Rev Organics (Neenah Wisconsin)
*Contact us about our Special K solution.
78 79
his is Springbank Farms in Oregon who went organic
this year with our BlueGold solutions. Overall, they saw Springbank Farms' produce is for sale in major supermarket
a 50% increase in fruit pounds per acre and they said
the quality was the best they ever had. Brian said, "I feel very
chains throughout their home state of Oregon.

Tony H.
positive about the results produced. All the nutrients are great -

to work with, especially in how concentrated they are, soluble,

and easy to tank mix. Our tissue tests show that Calcium
levels, in particular, are right where we want them, which up
to this season has not been the case. Manganese as well is Used it
up where we want it. All test results show the plants are still
loaded with nutrients. We will "Eden up" again next season." for
2 weeks,
what a
-Gary Peters


80 81
brief report on the production Another noticeable difference was the Another note: Blueberry harvest for Overall, I am amazed at the
of organically grown (not vibrant color of the plants. They really these varieties in this region is usually production results. I harvested 875lbs
certified) blueberries on my looked healthy. Vertical growth was not from about the 3rd week of July to of berries from 1,000 plants that
family farm in Carlton, Minnesota: as much as the previous summer but there the end of August. This year we were are 1/8th of the estimated maturity.
was very little fruit the previous summer picking the last of the blueberries on -Cid
"My family planted 2 varieties of for the plants to support due to the September 24th. No other growers in
blueberries conducive to the cold climate above mentioned harsh preceding winter. the region still had berries this late.
of northern Minnesota. Chippewa
and Superior were selected based on One issue I have been contending with the
hardiness, disease resistance, and past couple of years has been the cycling
production. The field was planted in the of the Northern Forest Tent Caterpillar.
summer of 2010 with 2-year-old plants These pests recur every 7-9 years and
from a commercial grower.  The first two increase in number to a peak exponentially
years there was average to low average over about 3 years until they recede for
growth on the plants. (If you want another 7-9 years. 2012-2013 I believe and
specifics on how they were planted, soil hope was the peak. James advised me
type etc. I can furnish that individually.) on the BlueGold product as a deterrent.
One problem with the slow growth was
little to no snow during one winter and Upon initial application, the caterpillars
below freezing temps. Although these slowed down but did not die. I increased
are varieties that are suited for cold, the concentration by half and tested it on
extreme cold will still freeze off the a few subjects. There was an immediate
buds. The snow cover insulates them. reaction to the spray. The caterpillars
rolled over and died within 90 seconds. I
In the spring of 2013, I was fortunate initially spot sprayed any plants that had
to come into contact with James at any caterpillars on them then sprayed all
Eden Solutions who discussed with me the perimeter rows to inhibit the migration
the organic liquid based products he into the field. I then applied to all plants
wanted me to try as a topical applicant. as James told me it would change the pH
I applied via back-pack sprayer than of the plant to where the pest would not
a 15gal tank sprayer from my four consume any foliage. This was confirmed
wheeler on average every 7 to 10 days. as about 2 weeks after the fight there were
The surfactant qualities of the liquid, virtually no caterpillars on any leaves. A
aided in water uptake and availability, few were observed on the stems but not

as well as nutrifying the plants and soil. the leaves.  A DNR rep stopped by to place
a Gypsy Moth trap on my property and I
One of the biggest results I noticed showed her the reaction and result of the

r g ua ra n tee d re su lt
early in the summer was the prolific spray. She was astonished as the DNR’s
flowering of the plants. Well after they approach is to aerial spray a pheromone

We o ff e o ns !
t i
were supposed to be done flowering, the to inhibit mating of the moths. Another

G o l d s olu
plants continued to produce flowers. As note: Blueberry harvest for these varieties
an added note, I do have (2), 3-hive stacks in this region is usually from about the
of Italian bees adjacent to the field. 3rd week of July to the end of August.

on all B lu e
82 83
regon’s largest
Blueberry grower,
Townsend Farms
(located in Grant's Pass)
has a total of 6,000 acres
with 2,150 acres devoted
to blueberries. We ran a
2 spray trial with them on
400+ of their blueberry
acres. They sent us some
recent photos and said
this was the, "largest and
best harvest in years"!

They noted:
• 50% more blooms than
ever before
• bud/bloom drop
reduced by 70% - 80%
• new leaf buds sprouting
on dead wood
• diseased wood

84 85
Newbie question,

For every action, there is a reaction.

what is a root
soak? How often James, Here are my peaches
do I do this? I have I was telling you about after

re you tired of bouncing back and BlueGold is a rock solid program of pea plants where three applications with the
forth from program to program, solutions that replace mostly everything leaves are starting BlueGold Garden and Eden
trying one product over another? and supercharges the rest. It is sufficient, to yellow. Will this Special K*. You said it would
Are you tired of the ever-increasing compatible and all-encompassing with help? Thank you!" fatten the fruit and it sure did.
regimen of “new and improved” These are a whole lot bigger
products only to marginal yield results?
any organic solution on the market. -Amazon Customer Question
Enhance your yields, frost/freeze than last year, I believe double in

Are your shelves full of “silver bullets” protection, soil biology, quality, and size thanks, Eden Solutions."
that did not go the distance? We prices. Lower your stress with BlueGold. Yes, it will! A root -James Read
first hand know all these struggles. soak is when you Creative Landscaping, San Diego CA

make a nutrient *Contact us about our Special K solution.

batch in a bucket/
watering can and
soak the "roots" by
pouring at the base
of the plants. Then
later that day or the
next when you foliar
it not only feeds the
plants directly but
it tells the plants to
"uptake" nutrients in
the soil. This is why
you always root soak
before you foliar to
maximize nutrient
uptake. Give us
a call and we can

aterpillars can be destructive on Healthy plants have higher amounts help you tweak the
your plants. Instead of spraying of brix, which allows plants to create a applications to fix
toxic insecticides create a natural defense against fungus, virus, your greening issues
nutrient-rich soil with our BlueGold diseases, and pests including caterpillars. ASAP! (877-732-5360
Garden, our bug superfood BlueGold BlueGold solutions do not harm beneficial Ext 103). Happy
Super Carb, and our all natural NPK insects, bees, birds, or earthworms.
fertilizer BlueGold Fusion Compost.
[Image: Oleander Caterpillar munching on plants in South Florida] -Eden Solutions Customer Support

86 87
he grower is very
happy with his
oversized BlueGold
plumcots. And also
commented he has never
had so much quantity

My husband bought the
BlueGold Garden solution at
our local health food store. I
used it skeptically on my apple
tree. I was impressed with the
outcome. What impressed me
more was how the next tree
over had large apples on the
BlueGold side and small apples
on the opposing side.”
-Janice Drumm, Bartlesville OK

88 89
Check out these massive fruit sets!

ur gardening
solution will
not harm
beneficials, birds,
bees, or earthworms.
Blue Gold makes
water wetter for
increased water
uptake. Our liquid
8oz concentrate
solution makes up
"My plants really enjoyed this product."
- icybernate, amazon customer
to 47 gallons!

90 91
his 30-year-old indoor ficus tree would not

each tree in Missouri was killed from over fertilization. Once the owner stop losing leaves. Thanks to the BlueGold it
sprayed it with BlueGold Garden new buds were shooting out all over! has revived and is flourishing at full health.

he grower
was very
about how fast
the fig tree took
off growing, and
with how much
bigger the leaves
got with

den BlueGold peach tree was thinned
twice, and the grower commented that the
peaches had no imperfections and how
sweet the fruit was compared to previous years.

his peach tree became disease and blemish free with the continued use
of BlueGold, and the grower commented on how large the fruit sets were
compared to previous years.

92 93
Some examples of the growth on my peppers - lateral
Check out sprouts all over as well as foliage deep and robust
waxy green. My tomatoes are setting in temps in the
the 50s and low 60s. The last two weeks the average temp
biological has been about 55 and many nights hover around 40. I
can't recall ever seeing peppers on my plants this early
growth in the season on (5/23/17) as well as tomatoes in full sets.
I have been using the
kicking BlueGold Garden
Blend as a soil
in after drench as well as
foliar feed, mixed in
watering with a very small
amount of BlueGold
with the Fusion Compost.

AT 70% BLOOM SHOWING BEFORE MID- BlueGold. My plants have

gotten 2 treatments
thus far and I am
APRIL AND THEY SMELLED AMAZING! The very impressed with
the growth and
customer vigor despite the
cool and rainy
was so weather. "
amazed at -Brian from NJ

how fast
it started
after just
a few
94 95
Eden Acres Cherry Orchard in Washington State is seeing
beautiful blooms and harvests on the BlueGold program.
" " "
Is this safe for nitrate Is it good for apple
Can this be used on

sensitive plants?" trees?" I have new plants already
herbs? Parsley, sage, -Amazon Customer Question
-Amazon Customer Question
rosemary, thyme, dill, in the ground. Rather

" "
Yes, it works extremely mint, chives, oregano, Yes the Garden product than spraying, can I
well on those plants!" sage?" will work on any fruit tree. just water plants with the
-Eden Solutions Customer Suppor
t -Amazon Customer Question We can create a custom diluted solution?"

blend for exactly what your -Amazon Customer Question

Yes, you may use this on

I ordered this for my trees need as well." That is what I do. Use the
all the above. In all our -Eden Solutions Customer Suppor
houseplants? Is it not for years of research, we have recommended strength

indoor plants?" never seen any side effects or gallon and use every
Is this a fungal
-Amazon Customer Question on any crop or any living week. The plants will do well."

preventative, for garden -LYK; Blue Gold Grower
Yes, it can be used indoor plant matter." vegetables too?" who gave insight on Amazon
and outdoor! For your -Eden Solutions Customer Suppor

-Amazon Customer Question

indoor plants you want to
bloom, check out our Vibrant Yes!"

Floral!" -Eden Solutions Customer Suppor
-Eden Solutions Customer Suppor
96 97
I used this
as a foliar
his is a Prime
his is showing amazing Ark Blackberry

feed and beautiful and healthy fruit

sets on a Shiro Plum fruit tree
through the power of BlueGold!
Plant that has
nearly 150 fruit and
blooms with more
the plants are on the way. With
daily applications of

looking much BlueGold. This was

a brand new plant,
planted 30 days
better. I am before this picture
being taken.

growing tropical
fruit trees in
containers and T
his is a planting
of a Natchez

mango trees Plant. After only one

application of

and they are BlueGold Garden

and BlueGold Super
Carb, it bloomed and
very healthy set fruit. There are 75
berries on this plant,

now after using and it did not lose a

single one.

this. Also, the

customer service
nother photo
of the newly
is excellent. I had planted
berry plant setting

a question and fruit in their first

year when normally
it is not expected
they were very to set fruit for at
least 2 to 3 years

helpful. I highly after planting.

recommend this." 98 99
-Amazon Customer
hese strawberry leaves have

ealthy and significantly improved in size
vibrant trees through the use of BlueGold.
on this multi- They are growing strong and healthy
variety fruit orchard. in cold November. The second picture
The customer is very was taken in mid-November after a
satisfied with their dozen killing frosts in the state of
now very healthy North Carolina! Notice the increased
fruit trees treated size of the strawberry leaves. The
with BlueGold! photo with a quarter in the center
Pest and disease is for reference to show the size.
alleviation is easy.

z ing f ru it set o n
A m a
e a c h t re e t re at ed
a p
l u e G o l d .
with B

A few of our tomatoes on BlueGold Garden and
BlueGold Fusion Compost. The foreground is
Supersonic and the background are Big Boys
at over 5' tall in June! Loaded with flowers and
green tomatoes. Notice the heirloom squash plant
that gets overspray and a root drench as well. It's
over 3’ tall/wide and we have picked 6 giant yellow
squash from it." -Brian Evancho, NJ
100 101
zure Standard Greenhouse star
fter several early spring killing touches of frost, this fruit tree did not suffer fruit cluster, who commented they

any detriment, and it continued to set its fruit and produce all of it. have never had this many star fruit
in a single cluster or fruit this big!

I did both
the drench
and foliar
feed and got
in only a
few days.
The plants
seemed to
perk up and
be greener
with some
new growth
I highly
recommend!" Azure Standard comments this seven-inch starfruit
-Amazon Customer is 3 times the normal size of their starfruit!
102 103
Underproducing Citrus Cured and Fruit Drop Reduced

tagged citrus
his Arizona citrus tree normally
tree, which
produced 9 oranges or less. The
was treated
tree was sprayed with BlueGold with BlueGold,
for 4 weeks about 8 months prior to shows elimination of
this picture. This tree in this picture black spot, yellowing,
now is sporting over 200 beautiful leaf miner, and rust.
disease free oranges!

his photo
shows the
eradication of white
fly on this citrus
tree after only one
application of

his citrus grove had already set its fruit and
suffered from severe fruit drop. After two

his is what happens when a citrus applications of BlueGold, a new green fruit
his citrus start had bad
tree succumbs to the chemical set occurred on October 1st, and you can see the
chemical burns. With
onslaught it receives from fruit drop is very minimal now. This tagged citrus
fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides, etc. tree was treated with BlueGold. Leaf miner and
BlueGold the healing was
quick, and the new growth
rust were eliminated. Notice additional fruit sets
came quick.
are happening after application of the BlueGold.
104 105
alifornia Citrus tree recovering from
leaf miner and greening quickly with
BlueGold treatments. New Growth Generated on Terminal Citrus Farm

his third
citrus farmer
says this is what a
diseased terminal
citrus tree looks
like. He says that
never before has
he seen a tree this
far gone sprout
new growth. All
thanks to the

hey call this

C Product
alifornia Citrus tree thriving a lightning
in spite of the drought strike. The
University of
through BlueGold.
looks like Florida calls it
‘sudden death

it will do syndrome’. Here

at Eden Solutions,

what we need
we call it 'chemical
toxicity' from
mostly herbicide

to control the root rot poisoning.

We invented

bad bugs in BlueGold to

reverse this, and it
did on this farm!

our garden."
106 -Jack, Amazon Customer
itrus Tree from a trial we ran
on a Florida Citrus Farm. New
blooms appearing on this citrus
tree just sprayed with BlueGold!

his California citrus tree was unable to
produce and was diseased. All thanks to

only a couple applications of BlueGold it
produced quickly, and the disease went away fast.

Excellent for
a foliar drench. T
his lemon tree was experiencing leaf miners, citrus rust and many other pests
and diseases. All gone thanks to the BlueGold. It's now gaining healthy fruit.

Does not leave

any residue or bad
smell. Root drench
with this definitely
gets them excited.
Very satisfied
his fruit orchard is getting the best of the BlueGold, and the citrus tree is no

customer and exception. The diseases and pests quickly disappear with continued use.

highly recommend. "

-Joe Blow
"Excellent product"
- Ashley Beecher

his neighbor's citrus was massively plagued with whitefly, rust, and black spot.
A BlueGold user sprayed the visible half of his neighbors citrus tree. You can
see all the fruit set on the BlueGold treated side and healthy vibrancy of it.
The user said all the pests and diseases went away!

rought resistant
perfect and pest
and disease free,
grown in High Desert
Alpine, California
with BlueGold.

110 111
Blue Gold can be applied to all growth stages and on edibles up to the day of harvest!

for everything to bear fruit, but it will be interesting to see if
The tree has never looked there is a difference. Some reviewers criticized this product as
better. It's blooming like crazy effectively being a non-fertilizer fancy organic soap. It's not billed
as a fertilizer, but rather a product that allows your plants to absorb
with multiple blooms on each nutrients better and that controls pests. Fancy soap or not, I'm
branch, there's lots of new leaf making this a regular part of my gardening. It's pretty amazing."

-Chester G.
You can read the review on Amazon, here.

"I've had an indoor/outdoor fertilizer that I've done for

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree for years. It's now a few months
about four years and haven't later and the tree has never
gotten a lemon in over 2 years. looked better. It's blooming "We are happy that you have
In the winter, it's kept in a like crazy with multiple experienced the power of the little blue bottle.
warm indoor spot with a grow blooms on each branch (never Please remember, that for the best results use
light. It bloomed but the fruit seen that before), there's lots it to water your plants or as we call a root
browned and dropped off of new leaf growth, and the soak. This can be as little as 1 teaspoon per
before it really got started. I fruits are is staying on and a 5-gallon bucket and use 1 tablespoon per
gallon to foliar spray your plants all over
put the tree outside in warm growing. The bugs are gone. and even under all the leaves because this is
weather but then it got where the bugs hide and lay their eggs. As you
bugs, the leaves yellowed Since it worked so well, I did stated "nutrition" deliver is an amazing thing
and dropped, and I thought a little vegetable experiment to watch happen as you have on your Meyer
it was toast. After reading with cucumbers, eggplant, Lemon. Remember to foliar after you root soak
the reviews for this stuff, I and tomatoes. The plants I because the foliar induces the
figured it couldn't hurt to try. used it on are visibly larger, plant to pull up nutrition from the roots.
greener and bushier than the Happy headache free growing."
I flushed the roots with ones I did not use it on. It also -Eden Solutions Customer Support
water and did a few root/leaf took care of an aphid problem
treatments as directed, along on an eggplant. It's too early
with the usual course of

112 113
igh Desert Alpine,
California garden grows

his pest and the disease-ridden Citrus Tree, in San massive perfect oranges
Diego, CA, was cured, and the homeowner said he has in the middle of drought and
never had so healthy and many more fruits than before! water restrictions with the use
of BlueGold Garden. All Barbra
Rosenberg's oranges grew
unblemished and healthy pest
and disease free.

Blue Gold utilizes organic

supercritical fluids which
maximize every nutrient it
touches, allowing you to
use smaller rates of inputs.
114 115

One of our California customers, who grows year-round, sent us photos of his backyard citrus trees and said, "Approximately 75% more fruit than last year, really green! Thank you!"
-James Read

Fruiting Trees love our 100% All-Natural solutions that are N OP Compliant
for Certified Organic Programs! Grow fruit year-round with Eden BlueGold!
116 117

Blue Gold cover crop to the left and control on the right! What a difference.


TO LIFE! watch the video! ON THE TREES! watch the video!
118 119
With steady Blue Gold use, these figs are producing unlike ever before!
Get your own Amazing Results in
indoor & outdoor gardens with our gardening
solution. Blue Gold makes gardening easy!

his avocado
tree has not

Super produced
avocados in 10 years.
The grower is a

seller, 4 time California

State landscape

excellent champion.
BlueGold quickly
cured his non-
customer producing plants
and trees in just

service, three applications.

In the winter, the
leaves are normally

great drooping, and

the plant looks in sad

product. shape. But after use of

BlueGold, our banana
tree is surprisingly

Could perky."

not be
-MrIndiana, Amazon Customer

120 121
" " " "
Pure Amazing Results ! I used this on Your garden
magic! This This helped the foliage of mixture is a
technology all my plants my tomatoes miracle in a
goes way beyond come back in full and had very bottle. Wow."
the scope bloom." good results. "The broccoli and other
described on the seemed to deter veggies were grown in one of
our high tunnels. We started
bottle. I have "Amazing Results! This helped the leaf spot I using the Eden BlueGold
experienced all my plants come back was having a Garden product at the
beginning of this season and
in full bloom. I have some
many incredible chrysanthemums, daisies, problem with." root applied and foliar fed
results from use crepe myrtle tree, and once per week. I head cut and
-weasel, Amazon Customer
Japanese boxwood plants trimmed this amazing broccoli

of this product in and they all were saved here, right at a pound. And it
my household." from deterioration with this A good was harvested amazingly 14
product. My house is facing
-J. Spencero
the sun so it is harsh on my organic days early from when we have

ever harvested before? OK,
plants. With more watering product." nothing else needs to be said.
I use this on and this product, my plants This broccoli says it all. Your
-weasel, Amazon Customer
are looking amazing!"
my hibiscus garden mixture is a miracle in
a bottle. Wait till you see the
You can read the review on Amazon, here.

and it makes

radishes, wow."
them go wild It can be used
I use it on -Mike Auxier

with new on any type Outback Farms in Pryor Oklahoma


growth." of plants.
-James H. Caler
-m.r. snort, Amazon Customer
You will be very This stuff really works.
satisfied." Our garden looked great
and produced a bumper
-LAM TA, Amazon Customer

*A bumper crop is a crop that yields an unusually productive harvest."

122 123
Blue Gold is
manufactured S
naturally to be a IM P O R T A
biologically alive
nutrient dense
formula to increase
the delivery of
I use the

nutrients to your Blue Gold


plants and produce. Blend

and the
Blue Gold
Compost Oranges are bigger, more vibrant, and healthier on BlueGold. This is a Hamlin Citrus
orange on the BlueGold system. BlueGold orange is on the left and the control is on the
together and right. The left has no signs of citrus rust or canker after 6 months of application.

you will see he best tool any plant grower However, there is an important truth
the plants can own is a Brix Meter. It is
essentially your only true method
you should know about brix. Anytime an
Agriculture salesman wants to convert
respond to verify the vitality of your plants. It you to their product, all you have to
really well. is the B.S. meter you can use to prove
if the products you are using work. If
do is use their samples on a test plot.
Use your Brix Meter and see if it works.
Deep green
your brix levels go up, it works. If they
rix is the plant’s natural sugar
and waxy stay the same or decrease, get rid of
the product. We will let you have the
production measurement. High
leaves." educational fun searching on Google.
brix equates to a healthy vital
plant. Did you know that pests do not
BlueGold potatoes on the left in both of the photos. Notice the greater abundance and size! -organicisbetter
Amazon Customer
124 125
have a pancreas? They can not process really that simple. This is nature’s way now on fall
sugar! Yes. A pest cannot survive feeding of protecting you from eating sick apples that
on a high brix (healthy) field. They will deficient plants. Increase the health of did not
freeze or have any
pass over the healthy plant and target the your plants with BlueGold and reap the
damage even when
sick deficient plant that has the low brix benefits of a truly healthy harvest while temperatures were
levels. Increasing your brix, effectively watching the pest and disease pressure below freezing for
decreases your pest problems. It is disappear in your first BlueGold season! 5 days thanks to
BlueGold Garden.

P ro l on g e d w a te r,
biological, and
nu t rie nt d ef icie n c y
issue s ar e pl a gu in g
p l an t s a n d so il s
today. Fix this
with Blue Gold.
Show and Tell: Blue Gold pineapples. The first Two of the apples
harvest from the plant that produced 6 pineapples
in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on p. 63.
cut open revealed
ll ent no fruit damage
"Ex and e Tomatillo from Baja, Mexico:
This tomatillo was grown with and very high brix
product lped BlueGold. They sent it to us at the
Eden Solutions offices to show it
it has he en
off. They were awed at the size
of the fruit and the harvest yield.

The top tomatillo is right at 4.5

my gard ously."
months old, and you can see it is his is a mandarin orange tree grown
just starting to dehydrate. High brix in Azure Standard's large greenhouse
nutritious fruit will not rot, rather in Bend, Oregan. They say after foliar

t m en d -Allison
it will dehydrate as you see here.
A great sign showing BlueGold
Garden Blend is working!
spraying with BlueGold and fertigating
with it, that the tree is so aromatic you
can smell it outside the greenhouse. Wow!

126 127
Not a green
thumb, but
n amazing
view of what hese
Jalapeños I am trying
to get into
can do to increase were

growing. I have
your fruit sets. grown using
These Rainer the BlueGold
cherries maximized Garden over an avocado I'm
with BlueGold.
They are beautiful
a few months
in Missouri in growing from
and healthy with the middle of a seed, (that big
increased brix. drought. These
peppers had nut thing in
increased brix the middle).
After 7 months
and had zero
pest issues!
of sitting in a
plastic cup, it
began to sprout
but painfully
slow. I added
a teaspoon (of
B lueGold) to a
gallon of water
nimals will eat BlueGold high brix Champion and pet solutions; going on 5
fruit! Animals have the ability to years now with zero side effects. Diesel and began
detect nutritional value. Their
senses have been researched and
would regularly on his own accord go out
to the apple trees, fetch an apple, bring to water the
discovered to be 700 times more acute it back, and eat the whole thing when sprout from
than humans. We understand dogs do
not usually eat fruits and vegetables. Our
they were ripe, just like the photos on
the next page depict. This only happens the water can.
office dogs do, but we know this is not the with BlueGold apples, while control OMG. Less than
norm. We have a number of different fruit
trees, grape vines, and vegetable plants
(untreated) apples are not consumed.
We attribute this to the higher nutritional a week and the
that we test on regularly here at the Eden value of the BlueGold apples. Often, shoots are over
Lab with varying foliar and fertigation
solutions.Here you see one of our office
when we are applying the solutions,
he would follow the tractor and lick the 6 inches long
dogs, Diesel. Our dogs are treated, BlueGold from the plants and ground and healthy.
dosed, and bathed in BlueGold Grand to get at the nutrition in the BlueGold.
It works!"
-TC, Amazon Customer
Eden lab does an Apple Bag Worm Kill Test
Natural Pest Control I'm always

when e collected
The consistent review of Blue GOLD is that change is ordering liquids some live
bagworms from
seen in as little as three days if not within 24 hours! but the product an apple tree at an Eden
manufacturing site.
was packed

mazing pest free
harvest from tomato for protection
plants that produced
over 600 tomatoes per plant
and arrived

in the season with treatments safely. I've just he BlueGold mixed
of BlueGold Garden! started using with 25b Exempt
(Organic) Plant
it so I can't Oils (with pesticidal
benefits) is applied to the
say a lot but I bagworm pests.
know there are
a few plants
that appeared
to have bugs
den BlueGold mixed
eating the solution is slowing
down and killing the
leaves and that bagworms.
is no longer
the case after
just a couple of
applications. As
of now, I will be
den BlueGold mixed
solution nukes the
buying again." bagworms within a
-mzm35, Amazon Customer couple minutes.

Whiteflies hide under leaves, so always be Wetter water through the power of
sure foliar plants from top to bottom. BlueGold is very effective at taking away
Picture shows dead whiteflies after a flight capabilities of whiteflies, which usu-
foliar feed. ally results in death.

130 131
v e a n y of thes e I had
Do you ha oblems? used it
to m ato p la nt p his is a Missouri farmer
with over 6 ft tall tomato with my
• Sunburn
plants. PEST FREE. The
besting tasting tomatoes he has veggies
• Leaf Roll
ever had, he said.
and I
• Blossom End Rot noticed the
• Cracks and Catfacinga difference
• Solar Yellowing & after two
his grower is amazed and
Green Shoulders excited about their super weeks. My
large BlueGold Garden
Blu e G o l d t r e a te lettuce leaves. And notice no
bugs or disease.
looked very
l a nt s, g r o w n
tomato p av e
in heal t h y so i l, h
I with more
nfested with fire ants and
whitefly. After applying

g s or d is e a s es . the BlueGold the owner fruits. My

no bu was so amazed all the pests
disappeared, quickly. This Korean
Philippine fruit tree will no
longer suffer from pest issues. radish loved
it. They
grew so big
that I only
used half of
it cooking
soup with
-Cle, Amazon Customer

132 133
How best to

" "
use Blue Gold
I was I am already Garden and
Blue Gold Fusion
originally impressed Compost in
skeptical after three
a vegetable oils that contain too much content in the vegetables and
garden?" water are lacking carbon. Often
about BlueGold, days my basil
chlorine displaces carbon, iodine, and
-Amazon Customer this is actually seen in fields calcium. (Carbon lock-up). Carbon
but I am very plant in water
I use at very suffering carbon lock-up. This happens is absolutely essential for life. It
low rates as when chloride heavy materials are does the same thing in the soil as it
impressed... (mason jar and it works well. introduced into the soil, which ionically
interacts with the carbon molecules,
does in your body. It determines the
1/4t in a 3-gallon water holding capacity! Charcoal
I highly coco chunks) and bucket watered and locks them up preventing them is a common rich source of carbon,

recommend.” your product to roots first as

a root drench,
from being properly utilized. BlueGold
has been tested and proven to reduce
however so are natural carbohydrates
found in our BlueGold Super Carb.

" is amazing. I
I was originally skeptical about then 1t to 1 gallon chlorides by up to 2,000%. Carbon is

BlueGold, but I am very impressed. in foliar spray essentially a governor for water. When
I divided and transplanted hostas used one gallon to leaves and a soil or plant is dehydrated, the simple
hat is the difference between
hardened steel and iron?
stems. Use often
of H2O and
planted under dense pine trees with answer is ‘more water’. However, the
Carbon. One pound of
highly eroded soil in the dead of summer. at once week or hypertechnical is that they have too
carbon can hold up to 4 lbs of water
The topsoil was virtually non-existent
and the well-established pine trees were
a teaspoon more if needed. I
saw very strong
much more water than they do carbon.
By properly attending to the water to
at 100% efficiency! While water is the
stealing what little water made it through of BlueGold. growth early
on when I used
carbon ratios, soil and plant hydration
become a problem of the past with ease.
most obvious catalyst for carbon,
Phosphate is the catalyst for carbon
the dense canopy. Daily watering
wasn't perking them up and was hard Awesome!" it with Fusion and oxygen for the manufacture

Compost. Used of carbohydrates! Check out our
to keep up with because of spigot and -Bobby Whips
on tomatoes, arbon exists in every biological BlueGold So-Phos 23, which is an amazing
location issues. So, I decided to give
peppers, etc. cell. The cell cannot exist product to input Phosphate in your soil!
BlueGold a go and they loved it. I read
the directions, mixed appropriately and
doused each thirsty plant. By morning
BlueGold will Look for more without carbon (Carbon 12).
lateral branching Remember we talked about the
of stems off importance of ionic properties? In
they were all standing tall for the first
time since planting a month prior. Plants optimize your nutrient vegetables...
the peppers
south Texas, there is a high chloride
that were happy and stayed happy. In
fact. some have even bloomed today.
I am blown away. I highly recommend,
delivery system. I tested it on
went bananas
especially for transplants that need a
bit of help until they are established."
It is chemical free and branched
out everywhere
within 1 week and
-Amazon Customer and will not harm a deeper waxy
green than I have Super big mushrooms grew

people or animals. seen before.

Good luck."
overnight after the mulch
received BlueGold overspray.

-organicisbetter; BlueGold
Grower who gave insight
134 on Amazon 135
Have you ever seen Alfalfa with an RFV of 227.2 and crude protein of 26.3?!
field has undergone the 5-year drought
condition like everyone else, and yet INCREASES
instead of the traditional 1-2 ton per acre
on dry land established fields, he has
received the benefit of 5+ tons per acre

on a newly established dry land field.
Kirk has seen more than just increased
quantitative earnings. He has seen a More info
quality of his crop unlike ever before on how to
In fact, Oklahoma State University, supercharge
Alfalfa with
after completing their tests of the
harvest, agreed that his harvest held BlueGold

hrough the decade, industries a quality seldom seen in the industry.
have risen up on the pedestal
of technology, advancing

Only a couple
and maximizing capabilities and his is dry land Alfalfa in Cherokee, OK. The field months along and
availabilities. Today the agricultural usually produces 1-2 cuttings per year. This picture with only three
industry has been operating under a shows his 4th cutting while using BlueGold with applications, and
technology developed only 60 years enough time for a 5th cutting! In his best year, the in the middle of
ago. However, due to environmental farmer told us he usually gets 1-2 tons per acre, and a drought, these
and entropic side effects, recent
this year his BlueGold Alfalfa is approaching 5 tons per soybeans are well
reports on maximizing harvest quality
acre. All of this during an ongoing drought condition. on their way to
and quantity have been dismal in fact.
passing 4' tall!
Farmers in Oklahoma and Texas may
reap only one Alfalfa crop and one

Bermuda Grass crop this year. Compare Look at the soybeans on the
this to the normal of three according right side of the photo. This is
to Larry Redmon, a forage specialist at my brother’s field. When I come
Texas A&M University. He commented in from spraying the BlueGold on my
last year about the continuing
BlueGold Missouri Soybean Fruit Set
fields I drive the edge of his field
plaguing drought. Each year requires going to the barn to put up the
more fertilizer and more pesticides equipment. I hang the one boom
in order to produce marginal results As seen in the image above, OSU tests
over the edge of his field and spray
compared to the previous year harvest. show unbelievable results. Kirk sees
all the way to the barn. LOOK at
We researched and developed many value-added benefits from
the height difference where the
BlueGold to set the agricultural these results. Kirk has used zero
pesticides or herbicides during the BlueGold has been sprayed twice
industry back on track. Using this new compared to his normal protocol
technology, one Alfalfa farmer, Kirk
Brown in Alva, Oklahoma, has seen
growth of this amazing quality crop!
Watch our video here and read more
Blue GOLD SOY IS 18” (chemical)! Yikes! They are 18
inches taller at least. BlueGold is
some unprecedented results. His Alfalfa about Alfalfa and BlueGold here.
-Keith, Sweet Springs MO


James Farm in Utah had a 50% larger yield on the 4th cropping of Alfalfa

I just started using
the product I don't
know what this fizz
when opening the bottle
QA &

or adding it before BlueGold is a living solution so it may

water mine does not burp or fizz when you first open it.
Most people pour it into an empty
have any reaction at all bucket first and then add the water
perhaps I have gotten which will cause it to foam up if you
do not keep the hose under the water
an older bottle?" surface. So just keep the hose under
Usually, this hay produces 1 stalk with no -Rich, Amazon Customer the water surface and you'll be fine."
lateral branching. They are very pleased -Eden Solutions Customer Support

with the additional lateral branching and
leaf sets of the Alfalfa stalks they usually
do not get since being on the BlueGold Wow, my plants love
program. They are excited about the overall
quantity and quality. This hay is over 2' tall! this! Does it come in You can buy directly from us (vs.
Also, their hay always had Hollow Stem
bigger bottles? buying on Amazon) by the gallon on

Syndrome; since BlueGold applications the
stems are all closing up. This is a sign of -Deborah, Amazon Customer our website. A gallon ends up being
nutritional value and heavier crop yields over 25% off with $7 flat rate shipping.
previous yields! Supercharge your Alfalfa.
-Eden Solutions Customer Support

Franklin Roosevelt "Customer service is great they

said, "The nation stand behind their product."
-Keith, amazon customer

that destroys its

soil destroys itself." "This is my second order.
BlueGold corrects I can see good results."
many nutrient lock- -J. Fred

up issues in soils. 138 139

Blue GOLD has increased soybean harvests up to 87%!
A ch a n ge
d ! E
very year farms

is n e e de
his BlueGold test plot soybean
field was entered into a
and growers are
Missouri State contest. The having to use more
farmer's field produced on average fertilizer, pesticide,
30 -34 bushels per acre for the fungicide, and herbicide
past five years. The BlueGold test inputs with diminishing
plot field produced a high of 93
results. Every year is a

bushels per acre and an average of
69 bushels per acre. With over 230 n organic CSA crop grower of sweet potatoes decrease in yields and
in Virginia was amazed at the size and
fields entered, our BlueGold test
quantity of his potatoes. He experienced over
harvest.BlueGold solutions,
plot came in 7th place! For some help you detach from this
background, this field was the 50 percent increase in size and harvest.
'worst' the farm had and was all they vicious declining 'race
were willing to use to test a "new" product. The results were amazing, to the bottom' cycle and
especially since this was the first season of just BlueGold without any achieve Amazing Results!
fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide use!

This grower is very impressed with the size

of the Barley after Blue Gold treatments.

his corn grower was shocked he is
getting two and three shoots per seed,
and all stalks produced on the BlueGold
program. Truly amazing! BlueGold has also
been used to successfully produce 4 to 7 ears
of corn per stalk.
140 141
What you see depends on how you view
the world. To most people, this is just dirt.

To a farmer it is potential. DOE ZANTAMATA

Amazing Results with Persimmon Trees!
A potted
Tree that was
written off for
dead. With
a just a few
applications of
BlueGold over
a few weeks,
this new shoot
came forth!


his is a persimmon tree that our
friends, Roger and Lori, have
per gallon of water. Then following
Maria Thune’s biodynamic calendar, I Does your
on their property. It is a family
tree with a great generational story.
Its perpetual and declining health
treated the tree once a week halving
the BlueGold solution each time. Now
it is full spring and sprouting. I am
was quickly remediated with BlueGold.
Here is what they had to say:
spraying three times a week with 2
m/L of BlueGold. For the last 10 years, Tree have
“Starting one month ago I began
spraying my grandfather’s persimmon
this 7-foot tree has never produced
over 50 total fruit in a year. Today,
on the 5th of April, I counted nearly
tree. He planted this tree in 1943 after 1000, yes 1000, plus blooms. If I have a
he brought the seed back from the
Pacific in his pocket. Needless to say,
it is long past its prime. One side of the
complete bloom set, transitioning into
fruit, I will have to support the tree
from sheer weight. At 1.5lbs per fruit
BlueGOLD killed
tree broke off and became infested
with Formosa termites. I cleaned the
normally, the math on this is terrifying,
to say the least for this old soldier of
off one customer’s
rot off of the trunk which is six inches
in diameter and sprayed the entire
a tree. Wow! What a product is the
BlueGold Garden. Thank you so much!”
trunk and limbs with 21 m/L of BlueGold
just ONE spraying!
144 145
Ba l d C y pr u s
R ev i v e d !
I had a
couple of
his Bald Cyprus was
declared dead and everyone and the seller
said to get rid of it. One
of our customers asked to try went out of
some BlueGold on it. After only a
couple applications the results their way to
are amazing. New growth
immediately began growing. provide an
Don't be afraid
to contact
them. Super
folks for any of
your questions
no matter how
small or big

igh desert California
Persimmon Tree they are."
treated with BlueGold. -Joe Romanski
This grower had trouble
getting fruit to set. After
only a few applications, this
tree set fruit and produced
them all.

146 147
“If I was a plant doctor I ’d pronounce it cured. ”
Maple Damage Maple Damage Maple Pre-Spray Maple Pre-Spray
"These Maple and Ginseng
trees were massacred by
a grounds crew. Basically
girdled and I thought what
the hell. Why not spray it
with BlueGold. This tree has
been sprayed 4 times since
last year (bark and leaves).
If I was a plant doctor I'd
pronounce it cured."
-Robert Turner

Maple Pre-Spray Maple After Spray Ginseng Pre-Spray Ginseng Pre-Spray Ginseng After Spray

148 149
Should this be used
alone, or is it better

n amazing testimony from Mike to use along with

This row, treated with BlueGold, yielded 750 pounds from 200 plants. This sweet potato weighed 6.8 pounds.
Smith Owner of Willow Grove an NPK fertilizer?"
Farm CSA and Shenandoah -Amazon Customer Question

Valley Produce LLC. Willow Grove
Farm is the only chemical-free CSA Many growers have
and large-scale produce operation
in Winchester, Virginia that does not
used BlueGold by
use harmful chemicals like pesticides, itself. For example,
herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Read tomatoes love BlueGold
about their results using Eden Solutions and will generally
on their sweet potatoes: yield an enormous

James, harvest without the
use of any fertilizers.
The BlueGold, C-4, Eco-Sweet, But not all soils are
Special K*, and So-Phos combination the same. Because
on the sweet potatoes is a definite
success. Rows that got the Eden BlueGold enhances the
Solutions yielded twice as much nutrient uptake we
in some cases than rows that only recommend sticking
received spring water irrigation. One with your current
row of 200 plants yielded 750 pounds. fertilizer at reduced
One of the sweet potatoes almost
weighed 7 pounds. High yields on rates. With continued
the rows without the Eden Solutions use, you can dial in
yielded 400 per row on the high end. just how little fertilizer
The texture and flavor of the sweet you need to use. We
potatoes are phenomenal, and no recommend starting
stringiness; all my customers have
commented on them with the ones at least 15% of your
that they usually get from US Foods current fertilizer input
and Costco etc. I will admit I was not ratios. The protocol
faithful in getting them injected every of many successful
week like we talked, but still, it is Eden growers is to
amazing at what the little I did; did do.
Next year every week I will definitely switch to BlueGold
continue to use the products on all my completely, increase
sweet potatoes moving forward, and application rates if
I can show anyone that the proof is in stress or pest arise,
the pudding. Thanks for your hard work and only consider
in developing these products. God
bless you and all Edens Solutions does." fertilizer inputs when
increased BlueGold
-Mike Smith rates are insufficient
*Contact us about our Special K solution. to maintain a high brix
and big harvest/bloom.
-Eden Solutions Customer Support
150 151
I am looking at this
and the BlueGold
WHY REDUCE CHEMICAL INPUTS OF NPK? cocktails of various chemical solutions problems and the current solutions!
Fusion Compost.
Can they be used

just to achieve nominal results in reducing
ests are your friends and are together or will it
pest, weed, and disease pressure.
the governor of sick vs healthy

Azure Standard, is the largest organic to This BlueGold user has been growing
home supplier in the US. Azure Standard is succulents for many years but has never seen he USDA performed a study. plants. Invasive pests do not have burn the plants?"
amazed and happy with the super-sized and their succulents produce like this. Notice Today’s corn is 700% less in a pancreas and can not process sugar, -Amazon Customer Question

super quality peppers being produced under that this plant has five new blooms after Manganese, 437% less Calcium, and meaning your high brix healthy plants
the BlueGold program. Colors look artistic. the BlueGold Garden has been applied. 56% less Magnesium. These are bone- are inherently pest resistant. Pests will No BlueGold product
chilling numbers. In another study by the not target a healthy plant, but rather the will burn any plants,
USDA, since 1975 agriculture has seen the sick plants. They are showing you the flowers, buds,
greatest loss of vitamins and minerals in plants that you should not be harvesting leaves, new flush when
fruits and vegetables than ever recorded: and eating! How do the plants become used as directed. It is
sick? Sick depleted soil management
• Apples: Vitamin A down 41% safe for any grow or
practices and minimal photosynthesis
• Sweet Peppers: Vitamin C down 31% photon exchange (sugars) to the root
houseplant. With that
• Watercress: Iron down 88% said, be careful with
• Broccoli: Calcium and Vitamin A down 50% zone to feed the microbial armies who
process the micro/macro soil nutrients to the Fusion Compost

historic example has been set. The plant available organic mineral sources. If because of the
current methods are not working it is not a water-soluble organic nutrient explosive all-natural
for modern NPK farming and it is not available to the plant; period. It combination of 50%
agriculture and we all must strive together means that chemical products high in ratios of anion nitrate
to get our soils back to their original healthy salts and chlorides are locking up carbon
living state. It's the only answer. Give us a and nutrients and decreasing water
and cation ammonia
call at +1 (877) 732 5360 ext. 103 and we will uptake. Solutions that are extremely high from Peruvian seabird
happily talk with you regarding the current in pH will kill soil biology! Achieving higher guano, etc. If you have
yields is about making better choices! vegetative houseplants
that do not require
'a lot' of flowering
requirements the
Fusion Compost is your
go-to. But, BlueGold
Garden is no slouch

and will produce some
or the last few decades, the solutions to fight pests, diseases, and
amazing vegetative
Agriculture industry has marketed weeds. Something is wrong when you
the primary (and often sole) use of are having to spend less on nutrition!
and flowering plant
production when used

three ingredients to push fields towards
the appearance of a quality crop. here
very year requires more inputs with root and foliar as
than the year before and the directed. But you do
is no doubt that the combination of
achievement is ever diminishing not need both of them
NPK, in the beginning, yielded increase.
yields. Each year brings a new army
However, the long-term side effects
of pest and disease that are resistant
together. If you add
are beginning to show. Generally, the
to pesticides and insecticides. New
anything always add
average American NPK farmer utilizes
varieties of weeds are plaguing fields. the BlueGold Super Carb
1/3 of his budget for nutritional inputs, to the mix for
Today farmers are brewing custom
and 2/3 of his budget for chemical Look how huge these BlueGold dewberries are Left is the BlueGold Rice plant and the right is the any situation."
compared to the glass beaker. control. 30 days before harvest.
-Eden Solutions Customer Support
152 153
" " " " "
Is there a preferred Hello, I see 3 kinds of this Why are poisons like What is the How best to prepare
time of day this (BlueGold) product all claim arsenic, cobalt, lead, guaranteed results, BlueGold Garden
should be applied?" same ingredients so what is and mercury in this? when the disclaimer solution for 32 oz.
-Amazon Customer Question the difference between all 3?" These are deadly toxic." says there is no spray bottle for frequent
guarantee?" sprays on tender veggie

-Amazon Customer Question -Amazon Customer Question
BlueGold can be sprayed

" "
-Amazon Customer Question plants?"
at any time of the day There are some differences These elements are

-Amazon Customer Question
or night, in the heat in how much of each found everywhere With regard to all

or the cold, rain or shine. ingredient is used. The Blue- in nature! No matter of our sales, we Put 1/2 teaspoon (2.5
The absolute best time Gold Garden Blend is our base where you go. Our lab guarantee results! m/L) of the Garden in
we have found is in the formula and can be used with all sheet is showing you This then is a "condition" the 32oz spray bottle
early morning when the plants in any environment. We just how little we have that supersedes what is on the new tender veggie
dew is present." have tweaked BlueGold Vibrant in this product! It takes in the legal disclaimer plants. This is safe to
-Eden Solutions Customer Support Floral's formula to optimize a lot of work to purify on the label. So, if you spray every day with
blooms. BlueGold Rose Blend has a product of heavy them and twice per day
didn't see a result of any

Triacontanol extract added to metals without inducing at the most. After about
Any liquid fertilizer even more toxins in the kind, we will be more
it, which is really good for roses two weeks you can add
should be applied as process. We seek to be than happy to reimburse one teaspoon (5 m/L) per
and cannabis. The triacontanol the sale! The label
early as possible and can only be used for those plants, transparent with our 32oz spray bottle as this
applied at the base of customers, where many disclaimer is a blanket will take them all the
as other plants do not like that
the plant if possible. This manufacturers hide statement to protect way for the foliar sprays.
ingredient and can be harmed by
allows the leaves to dry just how much heavy us from customers who Remember, for best
it. We also have a BlueGold Hydro,
during the day to avoid metal toxins are in their misuse the product results add 1/4 teaspoon
which is specifically formulated
the possibility of mold products! If you review and do not follow the per gallon of the garden
for use in hydroponic growing.
and fungus growth." In one formulation we may use the sheet closely, you will instructions on the label to water the plants with
-James Dunning; BlueGold Grower who gave
2lbs of Oregano and 1lb of Nettle, see “n.d.” which stands or the instructions we and add the foliar sprays
insight on Amazon
while in another formulation it for Non-Detectable give based on either a above for the absolute
may be vice versa. All the same according to the lab soil analysis or an on- best combination for the
ingredients, but not the same sheet legend. We are going 'problem-solving' plants."
formulas. Everyone can use showing you that our conversation. Please -Eden Solutions Customer Support

BlueGold Garden Blend on products do not contain contact us anytime and

everything and get great these toxic heavy metals. we will be more than
results. For those wanting the Additionally, you can
see the ‘Reporting Limit’ happy to discuss any
best of their roses or the best question or concern you
of their peonies, it would be column which shows you
the maximum limit. Good may have at length. Our
better to purchase the Rose time is yours!"
Blend or Vibrant Floral products information to know! You
(respectively) to achieve optimum can view our lab sheet -Eden Solutions Customer Support
-Eden Solutions Customer Support
-Eden Solutions Customer Support

154 155
Asparagus broke
the soil 30 days
I have only been using Blue Gold
for a couple of days. This has
ahead of schedule. to be the best-kept secret in
the growing world. I can say I see
visible results. I can't wait to see
long-term results. I went to Eden
Solutions website to research.
Amazing technology and nature
meet. I had a couple of small
roses started. 3 out of 5 up and
caught something. I thought they
were goners. Blue Gold is going
save them."
-georox, Amazon Customer

ur anti-fungal and anti- mealybugs, whiteflies, spider mites,
bacterial vegetative nutrients
nematodes, fungus gnats, squash
have humic and fulvic bugs, grub worms, Hymenoptera,
acid supplements and other soil cutworms, leafhoppers, cucumber
additives to naturally encourage beetles, weevils, flea beetles,
and enhance a plant’s immune leafminers, sawflies, potato beetles,
functions so plants can repel gardenleafcutter bees, scale insects,
bugs and pests on their own. cabbage worms, squash vine borers,

cabbage loopers, borer beetles, corn
lants will rid themselves of
earworms, white grubs, tomato pests,
earwigs, Japanese beetles,
Mexican bean beetles, tree borers,
aphids, mites, thrips, slugs, caterpillars, snails, and more!

156 157
WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF This is a 10 foot Washington State
tomato plant experiencing winter

blooming. The final harvest had
been picked in late October
after two 22° degree killing
frosts. After even more killing

ustainable soil will absorb frosts the plant is still blooming
well and it will warm up as of November 1st! This plant
produced over 600 tomatoes
quickly in the Spring. It from June 1st to November 1st.
will not crust after tillage or
planting. Your soil will soak
up heavy rains and have no
standing water, with little to no
runoff. It will store moisture for
drought periods by absorbing
up to 3" of rain in 20 minutes and
have an abundance of bacteria
and other microbial life. It will
be a suitable environment to
use Blue Gold
support very high populations
of soil organisms. Your soil
in a foliar
will resist erosion and nutrient spray or
loss from runoff and will not
require the increase of inputs foliar feeding
for plant life. It has a rich earthy
smell and produces healthy as well as
plants with high brix that are
disease and pest resistant.
a soil drench
Most sustainable soil farmers
produce high production
to create
crops with zero NPK inputs. healthy
Huge Kennebec Potatoes Grown with
garden soil
BlueGold Garden. On harvest, the
farmer was so amazed at the size, he
and stimulate
immediately took a picture and sent it
to us. He also commented that there
were no worms or pests degrading
the potatoes. Very happy customer!
He said his harvest increased in size,
quantity, and taste with BlueGold. "I would order

from Eden Solutions again."-jstfunin, amazon customer
158 159
hese tomatoes were planted and grown during one of the worst droughts in
Blackburn, Missouri history. With weekly BlueGold foliar applications, these
test plot tomatoes bulked up to 5 feet wide and over 6 feet high. Each plant
bore over 600 tomatoes per plant during the growing season.

me with
prior to
the Blue Gold STOLE MY HEART."
product. " "I purchased all 3 tomato plants
as babies. I used Miracle Grow "We are so th
ankful you h
-Michael H. Brown on the two outside tomato experienced
bottle. Not su
the power of ave
the little blue
plants and I used BlueGold only but for the b
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est results al
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ways water o
for the middle one. As you can the plants an
minutes or a d then foliar fe r
ed them up to
ro ot feed
day later. Th
see the middle one is much plant to pull
up nutrients
e foliar feedin
from the roo
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through the
larger and already producing disease just
leaves. If you ts and also fe
encounter an ed s
double or trip y pests or
twice as many tomatoes. The application o le the
nly and this sh rate on the foliar
ould set the
stems are even stronger." back to the h
appy and hea plant

"great product"
and the prod lt hy immune syst
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ke off."

e ! "

"A + E x p e r i e n c You can read the review on Amazon, here. -Eden Solutio
ns Customer Su

-Le ann e Rh ein for d

160 -Da vid Ric e 161

" It was recommended to
use Kaolin Clay Spray
to stop all kinds of

Keith’s Missouri Garden Harvest garden pests, leaf miners,

flea beetles, etc. Is this
foliar spray for that?
-Amazon Customer Question

" Things like clay,

diatomaceous earth,
and other microscopic
"sharp" materials are great
pest deterrents. They only
last until the next watering
or rain, which is why most
who use these do so with
a "Sticker". A syrup like
mixture (molasses, honey,
etc) helps the clays to
stick to the leaves and
topsoil. Blue Gold contains all
of these and so does our
Super Carb. Blue Gold works
primarily by increasing
the health of the plant.
The better the health, the
higher the brix. Pests do
not have a pancreas and
can not process sugar.
This is why they pass up
a healthy plant (high brix)
for an unhealthy plant
(low brix). Ultimately, the

? best way to deter pests is
What are the N-P-K levels to simply grow healthier
-Amazon Customer Question

Officially, the NPK rating is 0-0-0. -Eden Solutions Customer Support
Blue Gold is foremost a nutrient delivery

tool. It will break nutrients down for
instant plant feeding, thus enabling you I do not use any kind of
to use fewer fertilizer inputs. Often, many poison on anything that
plants do not require additional inputs will be consumed. Spray
other than the Blue Gold. We input over 30 plants with Blue Gold and
plain water in morning,

gallons of plant extracts and 30 lbs of

How often should I spray It depends on how fast you and in the afternoon to
nutrients (such as NPK) into a 200-gallon keep plants clean and
my houseplants?" want them to grow but I would batch during the manufacturing process." happy. It also helps keep
recommend 2-3x per week."
-Amazon Customer Question -Eden Solutions Customer Support bugs down.
-BlueGold Grower who gave insight on Amazon
-Ken C.; BlueGold Grower who
162 163 gave insight on Amazon
a z
Am s ! T i n g here are no silver T
his Missouri farmer is
shocked on the size and
quantity of his Jalapeños

bullets. Plants are very

from only a handful of pepper

Re s u predictable. Good things

in, good things out. There are
many organic options today,
but we have taken it a step
further by not only combining
numerous organic sources, but
plants in the middle of a drought!

on Customer
we have broken these down to -Dave D., Amaz
the nano level, making them
immediately available to the
plant, soil, and biology.

his is showing
High Desert
Winter produce
harvested six months
after the garden
should have stopped

photo of
producing in
the middle of
winter in the

T Unarb-reoluinedvparobdluece!!
hese High Desert plants kept on High Desert,
producing through the winter well past their
on the BlueGold. Who would expiration
have thought possible? date.

Ye 165
D r o u g h t R e s i s t a n t "Great
S a go P a l m in N e v a d a -Pepsi, Am
azon Custo

This is a BlueGold Sago Palm and it has an amazing story. Its

grower lives in Las Vegas, NV where it is always in a drought. Minullabor aut Ipsapis des Nit
Since spraying the BlueGold, this Sago
Rosemary and
Palm has sprouted a ‘baby’ palm Bougainvillea
after only six to eight sprays of BlueGold before and after a single
Garden Blend in total. This quick application of BlueGold.
transformation is amazing! While all the Look at those quick results!
other plants were stunted growth and
suffering from drought, this unusual result
happened using the BlueGold.
gives plants
the nutrition
they need to
become their
own healer
and natural
defense system.

166 167
"Made a
dramatic T
his is in Oklahoma. They
always had a hard time

difference in tomatoes and

disease and

plants! Plants pests. Using

used to taste G
only the
dunking BlueGold, this
the gardener got

bland, now whole tomato a healthy

plant and root tomato
plant and

they taste
ball in a BlueGold
Garden bath
prior to planting

flavorful. "
on the
to jump-start
first try!
the plants.
-Manda Joiner,
Amazon Customer

his Washington State
gardener is amazed at the
size and quality of this sweet
potato. She sent us a photo showing
it also weighs almost 3 pounds!

rown in the middle of
a drought in Missouri,
these pepper stalks
were dug up in early November.
They still had green leaves, but
check out the thickness of the
stalk and the size of the roots.

ashington State
grower is amazed
that the BlueGold

asparagus was able to be
harvested 30 days ahead of epper plants love the BlueGold. After only a few months
schedule. Notice the control on the BlueGold program, look at the pepper stalk
asparagus. thickness. And you can just see the huge root mass.
" "
Can this also be used as a I'm ready to get my seeds
foliar feed or just through
watering the soil?"
-Amazon Customer
ready, Can we can talk about
how I should start them with my
Blue Gold?"
The Blue Gold Lineup on amazon

It is best to both if you can,
-Amazon Customer

however, Blue Gold Garden Take 32oz clean water and
solution is primarily designed add ½ teaspoon (2.5m/l) to the
to be foliar fed. Make sure water. Soak seeds for about 10-
to spray the plant and the 15 minutes in some of the water/
underside of the leaves where BlueGold. Then place seeds on a
pests like to hide. Spray until cotton cloth soaked in the solution
it drips. Especially when foliar and cover them. Or if you want to
feeding, only water (with or plant, just plant after soaking and
without the solution) as the water with the mixed solution as
soil needs it. Be sure to test the needed. This should get you going
soil moisture by feeling the soil faster and healthier."
before watering. This solution -Eden Solutions Customer Support

will reduce the amount you have

to water."
-Eden Solutions Customer Support
"Temperature went down to
26°& we've had 2 nights of 32°
Is this okay for houseplants
like poinsettia, oxalis,
Christmas cactus, jade, spider,
pothos, baby tears, norfolk island eather. Amazing BlueGold!"
w -George Reymer

-Amazon Customer

Yes! Because it increases water
uptake, you will water less
often. You can tell when you
need to water by sticking the
first part of your finger into the
potting soil. If it's dry you need
water. It also works extremely
well if additionally you put some
in a squirt bottle and mist the
plant (stalk, leaves, floral) until a
-Eden Solutions Customer Support
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