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Lesson Topic: Place Value: enVisions 3-5 Rounding Whole Numbers

Teacher(s): Jim Dempsey Date: Cycle Day: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Time Frame: 9:50-10:55 and 1:55-2:55

PA Common Core Standard(s):

M04.A-T.1.1 Apply place-value and numeration concepts to compare, find equivalencies, and round.

At the Bell Learning Activity/Warm-up: ☐PSSA Math ☐Lesson Topic

Quick Check 3.3 and Mad Minute

Lesson Objectives (Learning Expectations):

1. Students will show how to use place value to round whole numbers through the hundred thousands place.

Lesson Activities/Content/Materials:
1. Introduce and define rounding/estimating—copy into notebooks
2. Demonstrate how to round by finding the place, looking next door, 5 or more add one more. Rounding hills or
number lines may also be utilized.
3. Sing the rounding song as a class
4. Whole Group: enVisions video 3.5 and District Math Flip Chart.
5. Guided Practice: Complete enVisions lesson examples together on Promethean Board and in students’ notebooks.
Round to the greatest place value for all problems.
6. Independent Practice: Complete “Rounding Whole Numbers” WS 3-5—pull 4-5 students to the back table to
work with. Provide reinforcement and alternate strategies to solve rounding problems.

Co-Teaching Approach (if applicable)

☐ One Teach, One Observe/Support ☐ Parallel Teacher ☐ Team Teaching
☐ Alternative Teaching ☐ Station/Center Teaching ☐ N/A

Differentiated Instruction:
L T B Appropriate Manipulatives Made Available to students _____Highlighters or colored pencils________
L T B Additional Teacher directed example problems
L T B Teacher lead small group instruction (alternate strategies provided to ensure mastery)
L T B Slower paced/smaller chunked lesson
L T B Rephrasing directions when needed for individual students
L T B Extend concepts to enrich for individual students __begin rounding to any place within a number___
L T B What to do when finished early - various activities previously introduced to students

Formative: Students will be constantly monitored throughout the lesson, checking work for accuracy. Students will
have an opportunity for small group/teacher led instruction as well as peer/self assessment. Teacher directed
questioning throughout review.
Summative: N/A

Closure: ___ Give Me 5 ___ thumbs up/down ____ What stuck with you _X_ Exit ticket activity
Homework: Practice Basic Multiplication facts & continue working on HW Pack for week
Lesson Reflection: