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1. Look at the menu below, then answer the 4. Complete the following sentences.
following questions! 1. Can I have ………………………. piece of cake?
a) another b) other c) either could be used here
2. She has bought ………………………. car.
a) another b) other c) either could be used here
3. Have you got any ………………….. ice creams?
a) other b) another c) either could be used here
4. She never thinks about ………………….. people.
a) another b) other c) others
5. They love each …………………….. very much.
a) other b) another c) others
6. Where are the ………………………… boys?
a) other b) another c) others
7. He never thinks of ………………………..
a) other b) another c) others
8. We will be staying for ………………. few weeks.
a. Andi likes the salty and spicy menu for lunch. His
a) other b) another c) others
main course is ________ 9. They sat for hours looking into one
b. Toby’s favourite pizza is vegetable topping. So, he ……………………….. eyes.
a) other b) other’s c) another’s
orders ________
10. They talk to each ……………………….. a lot.
c. Catty’s order is the cheapest drinking There are a) other b) other’s c) another
________or _______ 5. Fill in the blank with “ before”, “after”, “when”.
“so”, because”
d. Father needs to eat cheese burger and a cup of
coffee. He should pay £_______ 1. He cleaned his teeth __________ he went to bed.
2. __________ I am older, I want to start my own
2. Look at the question and circle the correct one!
1) A lot of people are want to (have/having) noodle .
3. I went straight to the hospital __________ I heard
2) He loves (to buy/buying) a new car.
about your accident.
3) The question is easy (to answer/ answering)
4. Shela went to bed __________ she got home
4) Not everybody can’t stand (drinking / to drink) soft
because she was so tired.
5) I look forward to (seeing/see) _______ you at the 5. People should be very careful __________ they

weekend. cross busy roads.

6) Are you thinking of (visiting/ to visit)_______ 6. We cannot light the barbecue _____ the rain stops.
London? 7. They took short breaks every half an hour
7) He would like (to eat/ eating) sandwiches. __________ they were playing tennis.
8) Stop (to make/ making) noise, please; I’m studying. 8. Mary was sick last week ______ she saw a doctor.
9) She doesn't mind (working/ to work)_______ the 9. I was late for work this morning ____ I overslept.
night shift.
10. He didn’t study ________________ he failed the
10) I learned (riding/ to ride) the bike at the age of 5.
history exam.
3. Make sentence based on the picture! 11. They weren’t busy ___________ they helped me.
12. I wasn’t careful ___________ I fell off my
13. I’m afraid of bees _______ they might sting me.
a. bake b. fry c. steam 14. They took him to hospital _______he was sick.

__________ _________ _________ 15. It was warm _______ we left the windows open.
5. . Match the internal organ with its corresponding 7. Read the following text and answer the question!
function. Your Lungs by Cynthia Sherwood

1. Brain ( )
2. Heart ( ) You do something about twenty times a
3. Lungs ( ) minute without even thinking about it—you
4. Stomach ( )
5. Intestines ( ) breathe! In fact, every day you take about twenty-
6. Liver ( ) thousand breaths. The organs of your body that
allow you to breathe are called your lungs. You
a. It cleans your blood and plays an important
part remove waste in digestion process. have two of them that work together, located in
b. It helps us digest and absorb nutrition of our your chest inside the rib cage.
c. It helps us think and feel. The main purpose of your lungs is to
d. It pumps blood into the body. breathe in good air and breathe out bad air. The
e They take oxygen from the air and eliminate good air contains oxygen, which your body needs.
carbon dioxide.
f. It is the organ that break down the food. The bad air is a gas called carbon dioxide, which
your body cannot use.

`6. Complete the stages of life of the chart below. When you breathe in through your nose
or mouth, air travels down the back of your throat.
It passes through your voice box and into your
trachea, or windpipe. Your trachea is divided into
two air passage tubes. One leads to your left lung.
The other leads to your right lung. Inside your
lungs, oxygen is removed from the air you breathe
7. Fill in the blank with too many, some, any, and pumped into blood cells. Your lungs also get
much, many, a lot of, a little, a few rid of harmful carbon dioxide from these cells.
1.There aren't ___________ car parks in
This process takes place inside hundreds of
the centre of Al Muslim campus.
millions of tiny air sacs.
2. Eating out is expensive here. There aren't
1. Where are your lungs located?
___________ cheap restaurants. ______________________________
3. Surabaya has ___________ of great 2. What is the function of your lung?

mosques. ______________________________
3. What is the content of the good and the bad air?
4. Hurry up! We only have ___________ time
before the teacher leaves.
4. What is also known as your windpipe?
5. We saw ___________ beautiful scenery ______________________________
when we went to Malang. 8. Complete the sentence about healty life style
6. There are a___________ shops near the Al a. We must _______ so It makes our

Muslim campus. body ________.

7. It's very quiet. There aren't ___________

b. We need to eat _______ because
people here today.
it contains too many _______.
8. There are ___________ expensive new flats
c. your teeth need to be ____
next to the river.
9. Can I have ___ sugar in my tea please? Not
too much. d. We drinks _______ everyday.
10. There are ___ pit bull dogs on our estate. Too Because water helps us to ____
many. I don't like them. our body from dehydration.