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There was / there were

A- Comple the dialogue with was/ wasn’t and were/ weren’t.

Dan: There _______ a new show on TV yesterdad.

Kim: Really? What ________ it?

Dan: It ________ a new reality show.

Kim: ________ it the one on an island?

Dan: No, it _________ that one. It _______ called STARS.

Kim: Oh, yes? ________ there any interesting participants on it?

Dan: No, there _______, and the presenter _________ terrible. They __________ funny at all.

Kim: Oh, dear! It’a lucky I __________ at home then! I ________ at the cinema.

B- Past simple and past continuous

Write either the past simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

It (be) _______ 6:15. In the Adelphi Theatre. The actors (arrive) ___________ for the evening
performance. It (rain) ___________ outside. Jack Long, the caretaker (sweep) ____________ the
corridor when he (hear) ____________ a loud voice. He (look) ___________ around. On the stage
a young woman (stand) _____________ in the darkness, (speak) ___________ loudly. When she
(notice) ____________ the caretaker, she (stop) ______________ and (run) ___________ off the
stage. “What (you/do) ______________” he (shout) ______________.

The girl (say) ___________ “Ia m sorry, I (pass) ___________ by the theatre and the door (is)
_________ open. I’ve never been on a stage before and I really (want) _________ to try it. I just
want to be an actres!

C- Complete the blanks with the verbs in brackets in the correct tense (simple past and

1-I used my time well while I _______________ (wait) for my plane. I wrote some e-mails.

2-I _________________ (not/work) when my boss walked in my office.

3-When I __________________ (wait) for the taxi, I saw two car crashes.

4-Tom _____________________ (have) long hair and a beard when he was at university.
5-I listened to the cassette you gave me while I ________________ (drive) to work.

6-What _________________ (you/do) this time last year?

7-I _________________ (not/call) you at 9 o’ clock as arranged because I was having a meeting.

8-I noticed that he _____________ (not/listen) as I was explaining the problema to him.

9-Jane _______________ (wait) for me when I ___________ (arrive)

10-My mum __________ (cook) while my brother _____________ (do) his homework.

D- USED TO. Complete with the verbs in brackets and a correct form of USED TO.

Mrs. Bell is a hundred years old. She is the oldest person in the village. A radio reporter is
interviewing her.

Bell: I’ve always lived in the village, but not always in this house.

Reporter: Where ____________________________? (you/live)

Bell: When I was a girl, we lived at Apple Tree Farm. _______________________(we/like) it there.

Reporter: But life was hard, wasn’t it?

Bell: Oh, yes! Things ________________________ (be) different from the way they are now. In
those days ______________________________ (we/not/have) electricity.

Reporter: And ______________________ (you/help) with the farm work?

Bell: Yes, _________________________________ (I/look) after the hens.

E- Rewrite each person’s comment using USED TO or DIDN’T USE TO.

1-Sally: I don’t walk to work any more. I _______________________________________

2-Gordon: I’ve got a dog now. _________________________________________

3-Lisa: I don’t eat junk food any more. ____________________________________

4-Jane: I go to the gym every night now. ___________________________________

5-Paul: I’m not shy any more. __________________________________

6-Edward: I live in a big house now. _____________________________________

7-I haven’t got long hair any more. _________________________________

8-I eat lots of vegetables now. ____________________________________

F- Make sentences with USED TO and DIDN’T USE TO and how people lived hundreds of
years ago.

1-Travel/horse. They used to travel by horse

2-Live long. _____________________________________

3-Fight/swords. ______________________________________

4-Hunt/laser guns. ____________________________________

5-Believe/ghosts and devils. _____________________________________

6-Think/earth was round. ____________________________________

7-Bigger families. ___________________________________________

8-Children/work. _____________________________________

G- Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs (PRESENT PERFECT) and either
since or for.

1-Ashley ______________ (live) in a camper van ___________ 3 years.

2-He _________________ (be) a writer ____________ October 1999.

3-His wife, Stella, ________________ (work) on an organic farm _________ Ashley gave up his job.

4-They ___________________ (not/eat) any meat ______________ 2 years.

5-Ashley ________________ (speak) French ____________ he was a child.

6-They _________________ (be) married __________ ten years.

7-I ____________________ (not see) them _____________ last January.

8-He ___________________ (have) a shaved head _______________ May last year.

H- Complete the blanks with the verbs in Simple Past or Present Perfect

1-How many times __________________ (you/try) to pass your driving test?

2-When ____________________________ (you/go) to Rome?

3-She _____________________________ (never/travel) to China.

4-You look different. _____________________ (you/have) a haircut?

5-I ______________________ (not/see) David at all this week. I don’t ever know where he is.

6-_______________________ (you/speak) to John yet?

7-My sister _____________________ (be) to New York three times and she’s going again next

8-The US President __________________ (visit) our country three times in the last two years.

9-_______________________ (you/ever/break) your arm?

I- Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs. Putt he words in
BOLD in the correct place in the sentences.

1-I (not finish) this exercise. YET ______________________________________________

2-My sister (have) an accident. JUST __________________________________________

3-Holly and Jack (eat) lunch. ALREADY ________________________________________

4-My mum (get) back from work. JUST ________________________________________

5-you (see) that film? YET ___________________________________________________

6-you (meet) the new teacher? JUST ____________________________________________

7-the bus (go)? ALREADY _______________________________________________________

8-We (not study( for the exam. YET______________________________________________

J- Modals. Permission and obligation. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the
modal verb given.

1-We ___________ wear shorts at school. The teacher doesn’t mind! CAN

2-His mother __________ im go out at night with his Friends. She trusts him. LET
3-My boss _______________ me to go home at lunchtime. He is very strict. ALLOW

4-They ____________ listen to the radio at work. They don’t have one.

5-My parents ________________ me use their car since I crashed it! LET

6-________ you _________ your 15 year old daughter to have a boyfriend? ALLOW

7-We _______________ to smoke in the office. It’s smoke-free! BE ALLOWED

8-You _____________ be on time for class tomorrow. There is a test. MUST

9-She _______________ wear a uniform at school. HAVE TO

10-Their mum ____________ them help with the house work. MAKE

11-You ____________ touch that! It is very dangerous. MUST

12-You ____________ wear a seatbelt in a car. HAVE TO

13-_________ your teacher __________ you do a lot of homework? MAKE

14-You ________________ pay for the tickets. They are free! HACE TO

15-The man who hit my car ________________ to pay me $1000. MAKE

K- Complete the sentences with the REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS.

1-I taught _____________ to play the piano.

2-They looked at ________________ in great surprise.

3-Did you do it _______________?

4-He hurt ______________ with a knife.

5-Selfish people only think about ______________ .

6-The book is fantastic in _____________

L- Relative pronouns and relative clauses.

1-Russia is a country _____________ it is very cold in Winter.

2-The weekend is a time ______________ people can usually relax.

3-English is a language ____________ people speak all over the world.

4-Tennis is a sport ____________ has many fans in lots of different countries.

5-New York is a city _____________ they make a lot of films.

6-August is a month _____________ lots of people go on holiday.

7-Johnny Deep is the actor ____________ starred in Pirates of the Caribbean.

M- First conditional. Use the prompts to write conditional sentences in two ways.

Example: I/can’t/sleep/I/get up/and read

If I can’t sleep, I’ll get up and read.

I’ll get up and read if I can’t sleep.

1-I/be/hungry/cook/some soup

2-She/arrive/this morning/she/probably/phone us/this evening

3-We/catch the first train/we/can be/in London/by 9:00

4-I/study/hard/I/pass/the exam

N- PREDICTIONS. Write sentences and questions with the correct form of WILL, MAY or

1-they/win (-) WILL

2-the meeting/be long (¿) WILL

3-he/get the job (-) MAY

4-it/be imposible to park (+) WILL

5-you/like the film (+) MIGHT

6-you/see him at the party (¿) WILL

O- Plans and intentions. Complete the sentences with GOING TO and a verb from the box.
See – not stay – not go – work – stay – visit – get married

1-What film ___________ you __________ tonight?

2-We _________________camping next summer. We ___________________ in a hotel.
3-I _________________ in a restaurant.
4-She _________________ stay very long.
5-My brother __________________ me tomorrow.
6-They ___________________ next month. They are deeply in love.

P- Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs. SECOND CONDITIONAL.

1-If people ________________ 4 arms, life ________________ easier. (have/be)

2-If my cat _____________ open the fridge, it ___________ all my food. (can/eat)

3-If Ann and Bill _____________ here, they ____________________ what to do. (be/know)

4-If your boss _______________ you to work on Sundays. __________ you ________ it? (ask/do)

5-If you _______________ read people’s thoughts, what ____________ you _______ ¿ (can/do)

Q- Complete the sentences with an adjective or comparative adjective fron the box.
Easy – boring – expensive – safe – dangerous - difficult

1-Swimming with sharks can be really ________________

2-Learning English is quite ____________
3-Studying History is much ______________ tan studying Maths.
4-Cars are a bit ________________ tan motorbikes.
5-Gold is a lot _______________ tan silver.
6-This exercise is very ______________. I did it in a minute.

R- Conditionals Type 1 and 2. Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1-If you __________ (be) my sister, I _____________ (give) you my honest opinión but you aren’t,
so I Won’t.
2-I _____________(be) completely amazed if you _____________ (come) last in the race. But, it is
not going to happen so I don’t need to worry, do I?
3-If I __________ (be) you, I _____________ (not/say) that again. That is my advise anyway.
4-Before you speak I must tell you that if you _______________ (say) that again, I
________________ (get) really cross. So don’t do it, ok?
5-It’s going to be a tough race but I have confidence in you. If you _____________ (win), I
____________(be) really happy.
6-The light is going. Why are we eaiting? If the race _____________ (not/start) son it
_______________(be) dark.
7-We are brothers, bute ver if you ______________ (be/not) my brother, I ______________
(still/be) on your side.
8-You need a rest. If I __________________ (be) you, I ___________________ (stop) training for a

S- CONDITIONALS: What might you say in these situations? Use conditional sentences.
1-You think Emma should book a seat on the train. The alternative is having to stand.

2-Warn your friend not to put too many tins into the plastic bag ori t ‘ll break.

3-You haven’t got a pen, so you can’t write down the address.

4-You friend might need some help. If so, tell her to give you a ring.