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Ways of walking:
Step: put one foot forward after the other.
_ aside: move to one side.
_ out / off: walk out / off faster.
Stamp: put down one’s foot with force.
_ on an insect
_ with impatience.
Rush: go or come with violence or speed. (also Noun: Why all this rush?)
Wander: /wo:nder/ go from one place to another with no special purpose or destination.
Stroll: walk quietly, with no hurry. Go for a stroll.
Sneak: go quietly and in silence, like escaping.
Tiptoe: walk on the tip of one’s toes, so as not to be heard.
Stagger: walk unsteadily, almost falling.

Ways of Speaking or Telling:

Low voice:
Murmur: to speak in a soft, low voice (usu. in a continuous way)
Whisper: speak in a low voice so as to keep a secret.
Mutter: (usu. angry or complaining) not easily understood, so as to speaking to yourself.
Loud voice:
Shout: speak or say sth. very loudly.
Yell: to shout or say sth. very loudly in anger.
Scream: sudden loud cry, expressing fear, pain, anger, sometimes laughter.
Attitude: explain, admit, refuse, complain (about), contradict, reject (an offer or invitation), exclaim,
insist (on), inform, repeat, beg.

Ways of Laughing:
Grin: wide smile showing the teeth
Chuckle: laugh quietly (as when you are reading a book)
Giggle: laugh repeatedly in an uncontrolled way (usu. girls)
Snigger: laugh quietly in an unpleasant, rude or disrespectful way (the children were sniggering at the
old lady’s awful hat)

Ways of Moving:
Writhe: to twist the body in great pain.
Wriggle: to twist from side to side with short quick movements.
Fidget: to move one body around restlessly so that one annoys people.

Ways of Eating / Drinking:

Bite: to cut, crush or seize sth. with the teeth.

Chew: to crush or keep biting with the teeth.
Munch: to eat sth. hard with great movements of the jaws making noise.
Swallow: to move food or drink down the throat.
Gulp: to swallow hastily.
Nibble: to eat with small repeated bites.
Sip: to drink only a little at a time into the front of the mouth.
Lick: to move the tongue across the surface of sth. in order to make it wet, eat it, etc.

Ways of Holding:
Clutch: hold tightly.
Hug: hold tightly, as a sign of love.
Grasp: firm hold, esp. with the hands (usu. a rope)
Grab: sudden, rough hold, esp. for a bad or selfish purpose.
Grip: very tight, forceful hold.

Ways of Throwing:
Throw at: so that the other person catches what you throw.
Throw to: throw sth. so as to hurt somebody
Hurl: throw especially sth. big or heavy with force (- a brick through the window)
Toss: to throw in a careless or aimless way
Lob: throw or hit a ball in a slow high curve.