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D 150 |New Rajinder Nagar |New Delhi – 110 060 | India |
+91 98 991 35456

Professional Profile
A celebrated Management & Communication Expert and an internationally published author,
Prabbal keeps inspiring the lives of thousands worldwide through his lectures, books and TV
appearances. Having personally trained more than 1,50,000 people from all walks of life including
the rank and file of the Indian academic and corporate world, he dazzles audiences with his ken &
masterful auditory. He brings with him a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern science
which perfectly synchronize with the contemporary lifestyle and demands.
He holds a masters’ degree in psychology and specializes in career counselling, teenager issues,
marital problems, behavioral issues at workplace and past life regression.

Areas of Expertise
Communication Skills: Written and Verbal Communication, Body Language, Negotiation Skills etc.
Job Skills: Getting Selected at Interviews, Making Great Resumes and Cover Letters, Putting Career
on Highway of Success etc. (Issues like Unemployment, Education policy….)
Office Skills: Convincing Presentations, Power Dressing, Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Difficult
Self-Skills: Time Management, Attitudes & Techniques for Success, Get Organized etc.
Study Skills: How to read, write, memorize and note better and faster.
HR Skills: Recruiting Skills, Interpersonal Skills – talk, listen, compliment and criticize effectively,
Leadership Skills etc. (Issues like Industrial unrests, right way to recruit….)

CEO & Chief Trainer, The Skills Academy (2003 – present)
A 10+ years old leading organization providing trainings and tools on various aspects of Emotional
Intelligence, Communication Skills and Soft Skills.
Do a need analysis of the training needs of organisations, prepare a training plan, design training
modules, finalize training schedule, impart training. Some of the client organization include:
Companies: DDA, LIC, FCI, NAFED, Dabur, Godrej, PNB, OBC, Andhra Bank etc.
Universities: Indraprastha, Teerthankar Mahavir, Hamdard, JIMS, Lingayas etc.
Schools: Salwan, Pinegrove, Venketashwara, Bal Bharti, Pinegrove, Army, Sainik, CRPF etc.
 Given training programmes and interactive talks to many professors, principals, teachers, senior
and middle level executives, college and school students.
 Instrumental in setting syllabus on communication skills of many colleges and training plan for
many companies.
 On Interview panel of many organizations for selection of their middle and senior level
 Guest on TV shows to provide psychological inputs on contemporary issues (being a

“Man tries, man cries, time flies, its surprise, realize life’s disguise.” 1|Page

Leading Anchor, Aaj Savare Programme, Doordarshan (2009 – 2010)

A prime time TV show on the Doordarshan’s National Channel consisting of interactions with
eminent personalities of India and from around the world.
Responsible for doing research on the guest, designing an interview theme, preparing relevant
questions, handling difficult situations and conducting the interaction.
Some of the guests interviewed include: Kumar Sanu (Legendary Bollywood Singer), Amal Alana
(Chairperson –NSD), Dr G N Qazi (Scientist, Presently – VC Jamia Hamdard), Anosh Irani (Canada
based Indian Novelist and Playright), Maya Govind (Famous Lyricist and Poetess), Ravi Singh (Editor
in Chief – Penguin Books), Damayanti Tambay (Arjuna Awardee for Badminton), Vikas Narain Rai
(Addl DG Haryana Police), Amish Tripathi (Famous Indian Novelist) etc.

Consulting Editor, SME World (2008 – May 2010)

A magazine devoted to emerging enterprises and entrepreneurs.
Suggest improvements, write articles and set themes for various issues for the soft skills section of
the magazine.

Best Master Trainer Award 2009: Awarded by Federation of Public Schools, presented by the
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt Sheila Dikshit.
Numerous awards from various schools, colleges and corporations recognizing the contributions
towards making their foundations strong by empowering their teams with various communication
and soft skills.

1. Change the Way You Speak (Book with Audio CD), published by Goyalsaab Publications
2. Win With People (Book), published by Sterling Publishers
3. Get Selected at Job Interviews (Book), published by Rajpal Publications
4. Amazing Resumes and Dynamite Cover Letters (Book), published by Rajpal Publications
5. Speak Better English Now! (Video DVD), published by Softmax Publishers
6. Know when Someone Lies to You (Book), published by Rajpal Publications
7. Let Jobs Run After You (Booklet), published by The Skills Academy

Occult Sciences: Love to read about various kinds of occult sciences and find parallelisms between
modern science and traditional wisdom.
Guitar & Percussion Instruments: Love to play them and get rejuvenated.

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What do Corporate Executives say about Prabbal Frank

An interactive talk entitled ‘Catch the Liar!’ given to a mixed audience

comprising doctors and CRPF personal in progress.

“I was impressed with the subject matter selected for the seminar, with a prior concentration on
‘Emotional and People Intelligence’, which a rare phenomena. Shri Prabbal had really kept us
engaged for two days, his delivery, communication and confidence level was commendable.”
Sudhakar Naraian Mestri , Vice President, UTI Bank

“The seminar was very good and very interesting.”

H C Maheshwari, Vice President, Birla Textiles

“The course objective was clear and specific. Contents of workshop were well planned. Lot of
interactive and participants were involved. Environment and ambience was very good. Presentation
was excellent.”
Vivin Ahuja, Dy.Director, DDA

“It was an excellent programme and in short duration of two days, new ideas were imbibed in my
mind by trainers. I am particularly impressed by positive attitude of trainers. The course contents
will definitely help me in achieving my objective of life.”
B B Bhatia, Asstt General Manager, UCO Bank

“Very effective course. Good emphasis on emotions & value system. Some of unique ideas found
during the course which gave me a new angle to the situation never occurred to me earlier, specially
the idea that we are communicating the trust with people we deal and many more. Thanks for
valuable inputs.”
Majithia R S, AGM, UBI

“The workshop was an excellent interactive experience where the speakers taught too much in too
short time. This seminar will be a life long useable experience for me.”
Anil Guleria, Vice President, Grauer & Weil (I) Ltd., Solan

“The workshop was informative and also thought provoking. The sessions were well sequenced and
structured. Sessions relating to ‘Strategic partnership with nature and its application for
organizations’ has given new dimensions. Also other sessions were linked to practical application in
organizations/business areas which helps in internalizing of concepts.”
Naresh Gupta, DGM/Faculty Member, NABARD
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What do Principals say about Prabbal Frank

Member Principals of NPSC during a talk on Communication though Words.

“The workshop “Be A Star Performer” is indeed a wonderful event. It was democratically equipped
with content of the subject, strategic presentation with the aromatic flavour of food and fun.
Honestly one of the nicest workshops I have attended so far. I wish The Skills Academy the very
BEST so that it continues enlightening masses to make CLASSES.”
Mukta Misra, Principal, Bosco Public School, Delhi

“Enlightening, informative and extremely relevant. Recommended for students, teachers and
educators at all levels.”
Mrinalini Kaura, Principal, Venketeshwar School, Delhi

“An excellent capsule to motivate teacher to deliver the best to the student. Concept taught in a
very simple way yet vey effective.”
R Gupta, Principal, Army School, Meerut

“It was very fruitful. Taught in easy and effective techniques. It really helped us to bring clarity in
voice. I came to know that 'How you speak is more important than what you speak.' Mr. Prabbal,
Corporate Trainer exhibited the oratory skills and body language meticulously.”
Amarjeet Makkar, Headmistress, DAV Edward Ganj Sr Sec Public School, Malout

“An excellent workshop which has taught us so much in so little time (2 days) which has changed our
life atleast in two aspects, one – our communication and the other the way we think i.e. our
Attitude. Thanks a lot, keep doing human service to mankind.”
Lt Col B S Ghorpade, Head Master, Sainik School, Jhumaritilaiya

“The seminar was quite informative. A few common errors which we will make were cleared by Mr
Prabbal. Very informative.”
Anita Garg, Headmistress, Bal Bharti School, Delhi

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What do School Students say about Prabbal Frank

Students of Salwan Public School, Delhi during a course on Communication Skills.

“The course was very helpful and effective according to me. It was awesome as they taught us, their
way of speaking was very good. It helped me a lot because I was planning to go abroad and Global
Accent will help me to understand all the words the foreigners speak and I would be able to
understand English songs, movies etc. I think that Mr.Prabbal is doing a great job of teaching people
Global Accent. This course was SUPERB, AWESOME etc. I do not have words for the goodness of
this course.”
Vidhi Sapra, Student - Class IX, Model School

“I really liked and enjoyed this course as I was able to learn a lot and that to with a lot of ease. I
would like if these classes would continue for a more time. Most importantly our trainer was
ROCKING who taught us and made us comfortable with every way. GOD BLESS!!”
Kriti Arora, Student - Class XI, New Delhi Public School

“Great experience. I learnt a lot from this workshop. The way of communicating of the teacher is
simply great. The classes are fun and at the same time you get to learn a lot. You get to correct the
way you speak. The classes ROCK!”
Kriti Kashyap, Student - Class XI, Salwan School

“This was the most fantastic workshop, I have ever attended. I think that it was my pleasure
attending this workshop which not only improved my pronunciation but also helped me in building
my confidence. I am very grateful to Mr Prabbal Frank who improved our way of speaking.”
Mrityunjay Sakkarwal, Student - Class XI, Bosco Public School

“Workshop was very interesting, interactive, awesome, fantastic, great and joyful. There are more
words to describe. I will try my best to inculcate whatever taught in the class. The teacher is also
very gentle and teaches us with glee. Best of luck to the academy and I am damn sure that it will be
successful in all the impending goals.”
Srishti Dhawan , Student - Class X, Salwan School

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What do Teachers say about Prabbal Frank

Teachers of Venkateshwar School, Delhi getting trained on being a Effective Teacher.

“An enlightening workshop for the teaching community. Kindly SPREAD THIS ALL AROUND - schools,
colleges, MNC’s so that our children benefit from this. I would also love to attend more seminars like
this if intimated earlier and would also like to meet and communicate personally to everyone
attached with The Skills Academy. I am sure one day this would become an institution in today’s
world of various industries.”
Anita Luthra, Teacher, BOSCO Public School, Delhi

“There was so much to learn and so much to know, making us ready to get set go from personal
attitude, to language we use. Sir, you gave us wings, and a new song to sing. But from time to time
we need to revive, so I am sure we meet again for the best way to survive.”
Shilpa Taneja, Teacher, CRPF School, Delhi

“I thank you to the core of my heart. The workshop has given me a platform to keep pace with the
changing era. I have developed a positive attitude due to your able and enlightening guidance. As
this point of time Lord Tennyson’s lives are haunting me and I recall: Made Weak By Time and Fate
But Strong In Will To find, To Strive, To Fight, To Seek and not to yield.”
Madhu, Teacher, DAV Public School, Rohtak

“The seminar had proved to be an epitome of knowledge and communication skills. The benefits
received are immense. The lectures delivered by Mr. Prabbal have not only strengthened us
mentally have inspired us to be the Best as teachers for our receivers i.e. the Students. We do look
forward for such enlightening sessions. THE WORKSHOP WAS REMARKABLE.”
Jyoti Puri, Teacher, DAV Public School, Rohtak

"It was a great pleasure attending the workshop. I really enjoyed the way and the matter we were
taught. I learnt many things about which I was curious but I had no source. I had some knowledge
about these sounds but I was not sure about whether these are right or not. Prabbal Sir was really a
great help. I am looking forward for seminars in future also."
Vijeta, Teacher, Scholar Rosary School, Rohtak

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What do College Students say about Prabbal Frank

Students of IMR College, Ghaziabad, getting trained on Pre-Placement Skills.

“The workshop was too interesting. It was very conversational which grasped the interests of the
readers all through the workshop. The things taught to us were very informative as well as
interesting. The sessions were very lively as well as light at the same hand. The method of
communicating was so good that I never felt I was sitting in a class. I enjoyed and learnt at the same
time. I am totally overwhelmed after the session.”
Deep Gyanchandani, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“I knew about this course from my relative. When I came first day, I was very nervous. I especially
join the course to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation. In these days I think, I improve myself
and properly but better than before. So I think that in further days it will be beneficial for me and
my effort will not go in vain. I met for a first time a person like you and I am very impressed. You
are very co-operative.”
Puja Khurana, Student - M.A. (English)

“Precise matter – that too taught in every lively manner. Enthusiasm of the instructor. Interview
session was the best, covering each and every query of each and every student.”
Rekha M Bhawana, Student - MBA, IP University, Delhi

“The very announcement of having a course in voice and accent training was greatly enthusiastic
itself. And after attending the classes with Prabbal Sir, I feel tremendous shift in my way of
speaking. I think in today’s growing need of acquiring a global accent, this module is helping students
in getting acquainted with present industry needs. As a whole, a great learning experience and the
pleasure is even more while learning it through Prabbal Sir. Happy Learning. Hats off!!!”
Abhishek Sharma, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“I have never met a person like Prabbal Sir. He can make you learn hardest and boring things in a
very interesting and “Easy” manner. He is the best English teacher I ever had.”
Mohd Tabish Shams, Student – MBA, Hamdard University, Delhi

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What do Professors say about Prabbal Frank

An interactive talk given to professors of IP University, Delhi in progress.

“The workshop was quite useful. Both the speakers were extremely intelligent and interesting. Both
of them generated a lot of positive attitude and need for right attitude in life.”
Madhu Marwaha (English)

“It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of this training programme. This is definitely going to
help me in developing personal skills. Earlier, I was always turned off looking at personal
development books, I never had generated very interest in them. But now I think that I can really
read them with interest. This will certainly help me in becoming a successful person.”
Nidhi Goyal

“This workshop was excellent especially lectures by Mr Prabbal touched my soul.”

Kawalpreet Kaur (Botany)

“I found the seminar very interesting & beneficial. All the topics especially on attitude and
communication skills were very interesting and important tool. I really feel the small tips followed in
our day-to-day lives can change a lot in our personality and make us a happy, positive, better and a
popular successful person.”
Annu Malhotra

“It was excellent especially the lecture on vision and how nicely you can criticize specially Burger
Technology. Mr Prabbal you are great speaker. Your language and way really inspire the soul.”
Dr Meenakshi

“The lectures delivered were very useful and understandable. Time management was excellent. The
material delivered was chosen very intelligently as per the need of the changing time. The best thing
was that all those things are very near to real life. To conclude, on the whole it was a wonderful
Dr Kiran Sehgal

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