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Billy la Bufanda project 30 points (test project/points)—homework: read this, re-watch the video, see/sing my

example (Did I follow the rubric rules?), & make a sketch of what your Billy could look like to prepare for tomorrow.

You will work with a RANDOM partner on PowerPoint 360 to create 9 slides of Billy la Bufanda making up a different
verse with a scenario using the preterite to tell what he did. It needs to be shared Mon night and performed Tues.

Rewatch Billy la Bufanda video (see website link) and pay attention from 5 seconds to 41 seconds (one verse), and
follow this rubric. Our schedule: Tues: reg class and random partners and RANDOM words/phrases Wed: lab day
10:25-11:10 Th -Mon: reg class but you can use the lab during lunch Tues: singing day 10:25-11:15 (lab)-last day of Q3.

Names ____________________________________________________________________

Random vocabulary picked: ___________________________________ y ____________________________________

Remember, you must use at least one of these phrases in your project and underline it, and then you need at least 2
more vocabulary words or phrases from page 377 underlined in your project.

Rubric: Each page is worth 2 points: 1 for the perfect Spanish words/sentences needed (spelling counts) & 1 for the
picture. Save a copy of your project as “(both of your first names) –Billy la Bufanda” and share it the night before.

______/2 “Billy the scarf” page with “Un verso nuevo por your names” on this page and picture of your version of Billy

______/2 Where he went or what he did page (Starting or 1st sentence…) and a fitting picture (use preterite of course)

______/2 Why he went there page or more information (continuing or 2nd sentence) --make sure to fix Señor Wooly’s
mistake if you use an infinitive (aka don’t use para before the infinitive of something someone went to do. The para
dolor de muelas is right as it means for an ache of his molars {toothache}) and add a picture to represent the extra info.

______/2 A little extra information page (…finish the sentence or a new one.) --can use same picture as before if it works

______/2 “I know. Billy the scarf is a scarf.” page --can use original picture if you wish

______/2 “He doesn’t have (whatever he needs for your activity).” page and a picture of that item or him without that item.

______/2 “He can’t __(infinitive)__ anything. He is a scarf.” page --could be same picture as previous but move a bit…

______/2 “He didn’t go anywhere.” page –with a picture showing where he didn’t go (use preterite of course)

______/2 “Billy the Scarf. Billy the scarf.” page (needs a picture with Billy and someone singing to him (NOT botas), you
could change the words if you want (6 syllables), label in Spanish what is singing to him—could use vocab. here)

______/1 pictures are above and beyond, animated or extra pictures (really above and beyond can get you a bonus
point, but if you just did the bare minimum on pictures, you won’t get this point)

______/2 You shared your project the night before it was due and it is correctly named “(both of your first names) –Billy
la Bufanda” and you gave me this rubric with both names on it and the random chapter 10 words/phrases you picked.

______/2 You followed correct capitalization and punctuation rules throughout your project. Even though it’s a song,
you still start sentences with a capital and end with punctuation…or start and end with punctuation for these: İ_! ¿_?

______/5 You used at least three vocabulary words/phrases from page 377 and you underlined them in your project so
I can easily find them. At least one must be one of the random words/phrases that you picked in class.

______/2 performance, leading the singing of it and moving the slides (We will all sing with you on our Billy la Bufanda
song day—we will combine classes that day.)

You need to share your project labeled “(both of your first names) –Billy la bufanda” by the night of Mon. March 26th
no matter what as this is the end of the quarter and I need to grade it (even if you are absent on Tuesday) ___/30