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1. What’s kind of cementing to close unproductive formation zone?

(squezze cementing)
2. Mention 3 kinds of acidizing?(matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, acid washing)
3. What kind of acid which usually use in sandstone reservoir?(HF + HCL)
4. What’s terminology which tell us about damage in surrounding well?(S / Skin)
5. Tell us, 4 function of drilling mud?
a. Bringing cutting to surface
b. To control formation pressure
c. As cooler and lubricant for bit and drill string
d. Give mud cake
e. Logging media
f. Hold back drill pipe and casing weight (buoyancy effect)
g. To hold cutting and weighting material when drilling operation was stopped
h. To get infomation (sample log/mud log)
6. Mention 2 example of weighting agent for drilling mud?(Barite, galena, calcium
carbonate, brine solution)
7. What’s part of ESP which has function to adsorp ESP’s vibration?(seal)
8. What’s terminogy of material which has function to decrease density of slurry
9. Tell us about difference between solution, production and separator Gas oil Ratio?
a.Solution GOR : Ratio of The amount of solution gas inside oil and the oil itself in
b. Production GOR : Ratio of Total production of gas and total production of oil in
surface, in standard condition
c. Separator GOR : Ratio of production gas in separator and production oil in separator,
gas : standard condition, oil : separator condition.
10. What’s Pertamina stands for? (Perusahaan Pertambangan Minyak dan Gas Bumi Negara)
11. The 1970s energy crisis was a period in which the major industrial countries of the
world, particularly the United States, faced substantial shortages, both perceived and real,
of petroleum. The two worst crises of this period were the 1973 oil crisis, caused by the
Arab Oil Embargo of OAPEC, and the 1979 energy crisis. What is the 1979 energy crisis
caused by?
caused by the Iranian Revolution.
12. What is the name of field that is by far the largest conventional oil field that is located in
Saudi Arabia and operated by Saudi Aramco?
Ghawar Field
13. Based on the formation (depositional environments), sedimentary rocks are divided into
three. Mention Three of them!
Marine, Non Marine and transitional
14. What is diagram showing the relationship between stream velocity and ability to tranport
material of varrying sizes called?
Hjulstrom Curve
15. Mention three of mechanics way of stone particle movement under the sea!
Susepension, bouncing (saltation), and rolling.

16. Compute the coefficient of isothermal compresibility of methane at 1000 psia and 68°F!
(z-factor = 0.890) (1.120 x 10-6 psi-1)
17. A wet gas produces through a separator at 300 psia and 73°F. The separator produces
0.679 specific gravity gas at 69.551 scf/STB and the stock tank vents 1.283 specific gas
at 366 scf/STB. The stock tank liquid gravity is 55.9°API. Calculate the specific gravity
of the reservoir!(0.723)
18. A black oil reservoir fluid consists of a series of laboratory procedures designed to
provide values of the physical properties required in the calculation method known
as.......(material balance calculations)
19. A sample which is representative of the liquid originally in the reservoir must be obtained
for the laboratory work. Samples can be obtained ini two ways. In one method, prduction
rate is carefully controlled, and separator gas and separator liquid are sampledd. These
method is called.....(Separator samples or surface samples)
20. Mention 3 of Petrobas primary businesses! (oil products and lubricant trading, oil
futures, price risk management, and associated services)
21. When Petrobowl 2010 will held? (November 20th 2010)
n a .R
22. In Archie’s second law, we know that Sw = фm .Rw . What does variable ‘m’

means?cementation factor
23. How many reservoir fluid properties that affecting rock properties? What are they? None
24. What is terminology for amount of energy for moving a unit of rocks volume? specific
25. What is the function of MBH (Matthews – Brons – Hazebroek) method? predicting
pressure of bounded reservoir from result of build up test
26. What is method that use for test result analysis in build-up, draw-down, & interference
test well? type curve matching
27. See the table above! Production flowrate is 800 STB/day, and GLR has the same value in
SCF/STB. In the other hand, length of tubing that we use is 7500 ft. From test point data,
value of flowing well pressure is 1400 psi. Calculate pressure in well head! Assume the
GLR has the same point at any depth in tubing, and tubing is vertical from bottomhole to
well head. 251.5625 psi

28. What is TSE in petroleum production stand for? Temperature Safety Element
29. In well with low Gas Oil Ratio, what is the type of separator? vertical separator
30. What is the purpose of general method that proposed by Kuo and DesBrisay? predicting
water production after water breakthrough
31. In IPR curve, what will be happened to curve if formation is stimulated? move to the
32. What is another terminology for gravity drive mechanism?segregation drive mechanism
33. Mention 3 logs which used for cement quality analysis! CBL (Cement Bond Log), VDL
(Variable Density Log), CEL (Cement Evaluation Log)
34. Non-shaly rock, 100% saturated with water. In Archie law, having resistivity notated
with what? Ro
35. What is thermal EOR method that need air injection? in-situ combustion
36. Settling is fluid separation method. What is the principal of this method? gravitation
37. Name 3 types of drive mechanisms for petroleum reservoirs and rank them in terms of
average recovery factor from highest to lowest. water drive (75%), gas cap drive (40%),
solution gas drive (30%)
38. What is terminology for advanced technique for producing oil after basic technique
doesn’t work any more? enhanced oil recovery