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30 Workshops (simultaneous)
Workshop 4. Aula Magna Giovanni Paolo II Workshop 5. Aula Alvaro del Portillo
Debating Values in the Social Challenges of Catholic Television
Networks: Developing in the Digital Environment Venue / SEDE School of Church Communications
an Authoritative Voice
Coordinated and Sponsored Pontificia Università della Santa Croce 10 th Professional Seminar
Eduardo Arriagada Professor of Journalism by Rome Reports TV News Agency Piazza di Sant’Apollinare, 49 for Church Communication Offices
and Digital Convergence, Catholic University,
Msgr. Kieran Harrington ​Vicar
00186 Roma (ITALY)

Santiago (Chile)
of Communications of the Diocese
IT Daniele Bellasio of Brooklyn, Net TV (United States)
Editor-In-Chief of “Il Sole 24 Ore”, Milan (Italy) ENG ES Lajos Kovács Director of​Jezsuita
Moderator: Charo Sádaba Consultant of Social Stúdió (Hungary)

and sharing
Networks and Professor of Digital Marketing, ONLINE REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION
ES ENG José Gabriel Vera ​Spokesperson
University of Navarra, Pamplona (Spain) http://
for the Spanish Conference of Bishops,
Member of 13TV (​Spain)
Moderator: Antonio Olivié C
​ EO of Rome Tel: +39 0668164362 / 06681641
Reports (Italy) Twitter: @ChurchCSeminar
15.00 Papers managing
Registration fee / Quota d’iscrizione
16.15 Panel 4 - Church and Communication: Learning from Christians € 220,00 Church
in Difficult Environments
ENG Bishop Anthony Fallah Borwah of Gbarnga (Liberia) Registration deadline / Scadenza communication
FR Bishop Philippe Jourdan Apostolic Administrator of Estonia 31st March 2016 in a digital
IT Bishop Basilio Yaldo Auxiliary Bishop of Baghdad (Iraq) environment
Moderator: Marta Brancatisano Professor of Anthropology
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross Rome, April 26-28, 2016
17.15 Panel 5 - Journalists’ Voices: Five News Stories to Watch in the Next Year Simultaneous Translation /
English (ENG) - Español (ES) - Français (FR)
ES Paloma García Ovejero Cope Radio (Spain)
Italiano (IT) - Português (PT)
ENG Francis X. Rocca The Wall Street Journal (United States)
ENG Nicole Winfield Associated Press (United States)
Moderator: Diego Contreras Vice Rector of Communications
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross Sponsored by / Sponsorizzato da

18.45 The Pope’s Prayer Goes Viral

ES Juan Della Torre Founder and CEO of La Machi (Argentina) ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

Rev. Prof. José María La Porte
19.00 Closing Session Prof. Marc Carroggio
IT José María La Porte Dean of School of Church Communications Prof. Giovanni Tridente
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross FONDAZIONE
Sergio Destito
20.00 Concert by Apollinaris Ensemble: “An Eastertide Musical Meditation”
Church of Sant’Apollinare (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross)
Marco Munafò

Graphic Designer Liliana M. Agostinelli

ISCOM Daniele Sebastianelli
Media Partner Tel. +39 0668164.362
Fax. +39

Partecipazione e condivisione
gestire la comunicazione della Chiesa in un contesto Digitale
Simultaneous Translations 5 Languages
Original Language of the Speech
Simultaneous Translations only to the... 16.45 Panel 1 - Big Data and Institutional Communication 16.30 Break
IT Alessandro Chessa Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca (Italy) 16.45 Social Media Policies: Principles and Trends
Free Tools to Listen to the Social Online Conversation IT Daniele Chieffi Media Relations and Social Media Management for Eni (Italy)
TUESDAY, APRIL 26TH, 2016 ES Marc Argemí CEO of Sibilare, Barcelona (Spain) In
IT conversation with Bruno Mastroianni Professor of Media Relations
Analysis of the Public Conversation about a Church Event Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
Moderator: Daniel Arasa Professor of Digital Communications 17.30 Panel 2 - Managing Digital Identity: Church Experiences
8.30 Distribution of Materials
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross ENG Karen Toftera CAFOD - Humanitarian Agency of the Catholic Church
9.20 Welcome from the Rector
17.45 Break in England and Wales (UK)
Presentation ENG
Ronnie Convery Director of Communications of the Archdiocese of Glasgow (Scotland)
18.00 Public Opinion in the Church. A Communicative
Communications in Concentric Circles: A Proposal for Church ES Juan Narbona International Web Editor of (Italy)
and Ecclesiological Reflection
Communication Offices ES Norberto González Gaitano Professor of Media Ethics and Public Opinion Moderator: Rita Marchetti Professor of Digital Media, University of Perugia (Italy)
IT Marc Carroggio Professor of Communication Management
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross 19.00 Special Guest
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
18.30 Debate (Afternoon Speakers) 19.15 Cocktail-dinner at Palazzo Ferrajoli (Piazza Colonna 355)
10.00 The New Role of Communicators: From Content Diffusers to Promoters
of Culture 19.00 End of Session 5 minutes walking distance from the University
ENG Charles Marsh Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications
University of Kansas (United States)
10.45 Presentation of the School’s Academic Journal “Church, Communication & Culture”
11.00 Break
11.30 Papers 8.30 Appointment at Via della Conciliazione no. 54 8.45 Welcome and Overview for the Third Day
for the Papal Audience at St. Peter’s Square
12.50 End of Session 9.00 The Communication Power of Mercy
12.00 Meeting at the Press Office of the Holy See (Via della Conciliazione no. 54) IT Antonio Maria Sicari Carmelite priest, Theologian and Writer
15.00 Workshops (simultaneous)
The Church and New Communication Challenges Studio Teologico Carmelitano, Brescia (Italy)
Workshop 1. Aula Magna Giovanni Paolo II Workshop 2. Aula Alvaro del Portillo (1st floor) IT Dario E. Viganò Prefect of the Secretariat for Communications (Vatican) ENG Emmanuel Edwards Sister of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation
From a Single Spokesperson Communication of Religious Events Faith and Art Itinerary of the Vatican Museums (UK)
to a Plurality of Voices: Advantages in the Digital Age 15.00 Papers and Workshop 3 (simultaneous)
and Challenges for the Consistency 10.00 Panel 3 - Apps: New Ways to Share Values?
of the Message Workshop 3. Aula Magna Giovanni Paolo II
ES Simeón Reyes Communications Experiences from Papal Trips IT Paolo Padrini Creator of iBreviary, Alessandria (Italy)
IT Ivan Maffeis Director of the Communication Diocese of El Salvador
Office of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (Italy) ES and Alfredo Vela ENG Bishop Mylo Vergara of Pasig and Chairman ENG Damien Schmitt Director of Global Digital Messaging for Relevant Radio, Green Bay
Training Experts for the Public Debate Director of the “Grupo Educare” Committee on Information and Media for the Papal Visit to the Philippines 2015 (United States)
(San Salvador) Communicating the Mercy and Compassion of God
PT Rafael Medeiros Coordinator of the “Projeto
The Beatification Moderator: Ashley Renée Noronha Media Training Expert
Comunicação Aberta”, São Paulo (Brazil) ES Maria Lozano Assistant Director, Aid to the Church in Need (Germany)
of Oscar Romero World Youth Day 2011 (Madrid) and 2013 (Rio de Janeiro)
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
Laudato si’ in Brazil: A Media Success
ES Antonio Hernández Deus How to Help Journalists (and Why this is Worth Doing) 11.00 Break
ENG Margaret Doherty Deputy Director
and Teresa Sádaba Rafael Rubio Communications Director for World Youth Day 2011 (Madrid)
of Communications, Catholic Bishops’ ES ES
Directors of Communication for Managing the Social Media for a Papal Visit
Conference of England and Wales (UK)
The Beatification
The Communication Value María Teresa Nicolás Director of the International Media Center
of Álvaro del Portillo ES
of the Testimony for the Papal Visit to Mexico 2016
ENG Marion Mulhall Founder and CEO Witness of Mercy and Peace: the Media Relations Effort for the Visit
Moderator: Christiane Monteiro
of (Ireland) ENG Adam Parszywka SDB Communications Director of the
Canção Nova TV (Brazil)
The Project World Youth Day 2016 (Krakow)
Moderator: Giovanni Tridente Reflections 90 Days Before World Youth Day 2016
Communications Department Moderator: Yago de la Cierva Executive Director of World Youth Day 2011
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross