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Carla Tharp SPE-448NB March 23, 2018 Instructor Urich

Personal Growth Plan

Complete the chart below to plan your professional development over the next 2-3 years. Be sure your goals are specific and

Goal #1: Use formative and Goal #2: Sharpen and utilize Goal #3: Continue personal
summative assessment data technology skills by streamlining development education through
effectively to drive student teaching through relevant college courses and online
instruction. technology use (Smartboard; courses that are based on the
computer programs; google assessment needs of my students
teacher etc.). based on district guidelines.

Rationale: Why did I chose this goal, because it is I chose this goal to ensure I I chose this goal, to help better serve
you choose this goal? important to have summative and incorporate technology into lesson the needs of my students and to
How do you expect it formative assessments to ensure plans and course work of students. continue my education to make me a
to improve the students are meeting the academic Smartboards have become an better educator. I expect it to improve
outcomes of your goals and moving forward. I expect essential part of learning in most of the outcomes of my future students,
this goal to improve the outcomes of the schools I have observed and by ensuring I have the education
future students?
my future students, because I will be completed student teaching among. skills needed to support their learning
using data to ensure students are There are more computer applications needs and goals.
achieving academic goals and needs and programs available to students to
are met. help them achieve academic success.
In order for them to utilize these I
must have the skills necessary to
utilize them and incorporate into
lessons. I expect this to help improve
the outcomes of my future students
by providing them additional tools
available and needed to meet their
academic goals.
End Date: By when Prior to start of school year 2018- I will be taking technology courses The continuing education courses do
do you expect to 2019 I will have created assessments this summer 2018 to ensure I am not have an ending date. I feel as
accomplish this goal? ready for the upcoming school year. I though it would be impossible to have

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as part of my classroom binder to will continue my education of a date based on the fact that I will
ensure a plan is ready to implement. technology sources throughout the need to continue my education as
upcoming two years. long as I am teaching students.
Action Timeline: The steps I will take to complete this I will using google teacher during the I will continue professional
What steps will you goal include working with the district, summer of 2018. In addition, development courses throughout my
take to complete this state and mentoring teachers to ensure technology courses offered at Del teaching career. In order to help
goal, and by when the plan I have in place is also aligned Tech Community College. complete this goal I plan on earning
will you take them? with their goals of assessment. my master’s degree in the next three
8/1/2018 years. 6/2021
1/31/18: Join AACTE
Resources: What The resources that are available to Google teacher is one of the resources One of the resources that is available
resources are assist in accomplishing my goal available to assist in accomplishing to assist in completing this goal is
available to assist you include my cooperating teacher, the my goal. Other resources available Grand Canyon University. The
in accomplishing your district, state, mentoring teacher and include cooperating teacher training district also offers personal
goal? online resources. and online courses. development and continuing
education conferences that are

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