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Quiz – 20%

1) Volvo Motor Sdn Bhd advertised in the newspaper that they are selling a new
2003 model of Honda City. Upon seeing the advertisement, Awang immediately
call Volvo Motor Sdn Bhd to make an appointment to view and test the car. The
next day after having satisfied with the said car, Awang decides to buy it. After
making payment and upon delivery of the said car to Awang, Awang discovered
that the rear half of the car was part of a 2002 model. Discuss whether Awang
could take action against Volvo Motor Sdn Bhd and why? 5 marks

2) What is the meaning of consideration under the Malaysia Contract Act 1950 and
in what circumstances would a contract be valid without any consideration?
5 marks

3) Labuan Sdn Bhd and Mr. Chin have entered in to a sale and purchase
agreement. What are the three remedies available to Mr. Chin in the event that
Labuan Sdn Bhd breaches the agreement? 5 marks

4) Explain the conditions and warranties which are implied for sale of goods under
the Sale of Goods Act 1957. 5 marks
6) Define the word “law”? 1 mark

12) What is the difference between a “breach of condition” and a “breach of warranty”
in relation to the law of sale of goods? 1 mark

14) What makes a contract different from an ordinary agreement? 1 mark

15) Describe the basic elements of a valid contract. 1 mark

16) Explain the following terms:-

(i) Merchantable quality; (1 mark)

(ii) Fit for purpose; (1 mark)
(iii) Sale by sample; (1 mark)
(iv) Nemo dat quod non habet; (1 mark)
(v) Transfer of property; (1 mark)