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Note: The paper setter shall set nine questions in all. Question No. 1 will be compulsory
covering all the four units and shall carry 6 short questions of 2 Marks each. Rest of the eight
questions will be set by taking two questions from each unit. The candidate is required to attempt
four questions by selecting one question from each unit. Each question shall carry 12 Marks.
1. Assessment
Internal Assessment Marks(Mid-Term &
Surprise Test, Assignments, Class External Evaluation
Participation and Seminar)
40 End Term Marks: 60 Time : 3 Hours 100

Objective: To understand the concept of quality and its relation to healthcare scenario.

Unit I: Aspects of Quality
Definition, concepts of Quality assurance, Total quality management, Continuous quality improvement -
Benefits, Awareness and Obstacles, Quality Vision, Mission and Policy Statements, Customer
Perception of Quality
Unit II: Principles of Quality Management
Overview of the contributions of Walter Shewhart, Deming & Juran and others- Concepts of quality
circle - Japanese 5S Principles and Kaizen, Philip Crosby’s Principles
Unit III: Quality Management Processes
Processes in service organization and their control, simple seven tools of quality control, Process
Mapping, Cause and Effect diagram, Pareto analysis, control charts and advanced tools of quality
Unit IV: Tools for Quality Management
Quality Improvement techniques, Planning techniques, Measurement techniques - Six Sigma,
Implementing strategies – Quality circles, Benchmarking for Quality Standards- ISO 9000 Series-
IS02000, ISO 14000, ISO 18000, Quality in healthcare, Accreditation with special emphasis on NABH

Suggested Readings:
1. Quality Management in Hospitals by S. K. Joshi
2. Total Quality Management, Aswathappa – Himalaya Books House
3. Quality Management, P. C. Tripathy
4. Hospital Quality Assurance: Risk Management & Program evaluation, Jesus J. Pena
5. Donald E. Lighter and Douglas C Fair: Quality Management in Health Care – Principles and
Methods, Jones and Bartlett publishers, second edition.
6. Daigh RD. Financial implications of a quality improvement process.
7. McLaughlin CP and Kalauzny AD. Total quality management in health, Healthcare management