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Longitudinal waves cannot travel through





Ans a

2. Electrostatic precipitator is used to control the pollution of





Ans a

3. The sky appears blue because of

(a)Atmospheric water vapour

(b)Scattering of light

(c)Reflection on sea water

(d)Emission of blue wavelength by the sun

Ans b

4. Dynamo is a device for converting

(a)Heat energy into electrical energy

(b)Mechanical energy into electrical energy

(c)Magnetic energy into electrical energy

(d)Chemical energy Into electrical energy

Ans b

5. Oil rises up the wick in a lamp because

(a)Oil is very light

(b)Of the diffusion of oil through the wick

(c)Of the surface tension phenomenon

(d)Of the capillary action phenomenon

Ans d

6. In the atmosphere ultraviolet rays are absorbed by

(a) Oxygen

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Ozone

(d) Helium

Ans a

7. An electron microscope gives higher magnification than an optical microscope because:

(a)it uses more powerful lenses

(b)the velocity of electron is smaller than that of visible light

(c)the electrons have more energy than the light particles

(d) the wavelength of elections is smaller as compared to the wavelength of visible light

Ans d

8.For a body moving with no uniform velocity and uniform acceleration

(a)(X) Displacement Time graph is linear.

(b) Displacement Time graphic is nonlinear

(c)Velocity Time graph is nonlinear

(d)Velocity Time graph is linear

Ans b

9. Lamberts law is related to





Ans d
10. Which of the following laws validates the statement that matter can neither be created nor
destroyed ?

(a)Law of conservation of energy

(b)Le Chateliers Principle

(c)Law of conservation of mass

(d)Law of osmosis

Ans c

11. Decibel is the unit used for

(a)Speed of light

(b)Intensify of heat

(c)Intensity of sound

(d)Radio wave frequency

Ans c

12. The term Isoneph indicates the lines of equal

(a) cloudiness

(b) salinity

(c) rainfall

(d) pressure

Ans a

13. The atmospheric layer reflecting radio waves is called





Ans b

14. Cryogenics is a science dealing with

(a)high temperatures
(b)low temperatures

(c)friction and wear

(d)growth of crystals

Ans b

15. The mass energy relation is the outcome of

(a)quantum theory

(b)general theory of relativity

(c)field theory of energy

(d)special theory of relativity

Ans d

16. Atomic power plant works on the principle of

(a) fission


(c)thermal combustion

(d)combined effect of all the above three

Ans a

17. Bolometer is used to measure

(a) Frequency

(b) Temperature

(c) Velocity

(d) Wavelength

Ans b

18. A person is hurt on kicking a stone due to

(a) Inertia

(b) Velocity
(c) Reaction

(d) Momentum

Ans c

19. The fuse in pure domestic electric circuit melts when there is a high rise in

(a) Inductance

(b) Current

(c) Resistance

(d) Capacitance

Ans b

20. Which of the following is an example for cantilever beam?

(a) Diving board

(b) Bridge


(d)Common balance

Ans b

21. A soap bubble shows colours when illuminated with white light. This is due to



(c) Interference


Ans c