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Booklet 1 2 hours 30 mins 16,650 Points

I.! Logic (6250 points)

Question 1 (600 points): A patient is found dead just near AUBMC. A detective, that usually
takes homicide cases, is called since it is thought that the woman killed herself by jumping off
the window of the hospital. He inspects the body very well, then goes up to AUBMC, more
precisely to the first floor, and walks to the window from where the woman would have
jumped. He then lights up a cigarette, smokes a little then opens the window and throws out
the cigarette. He goes up to the second floor and does the same, then repeats the process on all
the floors till the last. He goes back to the body of the patient, finds the cigarette that he threw
near her, and informs the team that the woman was murdered.

How did he know?

Question 2 (1150 points): Is 1460628 = 8260641?

Question 3 (600 points): Fadi says to Malek: "I think I found the list of grocery you lost
yesterday. It was in one of your TinTin book between page 45 and the next one.
Malek replies angrily: "I know that you are lying!" How?

Question 3 (600 points): 304- 355 - 377 - 355 - 378

What passage is this taken from?

Question 5 (800 points): ((5!1.9)!2.3) "0.01) #3.5 = 23.34

Then how high is
((((10#(7"2))!2) !2) "0.5) #(2003284!0.000001)
- ( (100002#20000) "(((7!5) !5) !5) )!0.00001 ?

Question 6 (1150 points): Find the following term in the sequence: 6-18-55-163-488-1461-?

Question 7 (1350 points): Two friends want to play a game. It consists of a round table and a
set of round plates. Continuously, one at a time, each player places a plate on the table. The
first player not able to place the plate on the table without overlapping another one loses.
The first to place a plate is a clever man, and while placing it he says: I just won.
How could he be so sure?
Booklet 1 2 hours 30 mins 16,650 Points

II.! Miscellaneous (8800 points)

Question 1 (800 points): Ask about the King!

Question 2 (300 points): Which fruit is Mayrouba known for?

Question 3 (800 points): In the comic Superman, Red Son. What is the number and destination
of the double decker bus seen when Superman crashes into Big Ben?

Question 4 (500 points): Where was she quelled (not killed)?

Question 5 (500 points): In the TV show The Flash, Eobard Thawne sees a hologram. What
is the exact date that figures on this hologram?

Question 6 (500 points): What language script is this written in?

Booklet 1 2 hours 30 mins 16,650 Points

Question 7 (800 points): What was the caption that Chiara wrote on this story? (Back……….

Question 8 (300 points): In the Injustice Gods Among Us comic series, Superman decides to
break Batman’s back. Who saves Batman and where does he take him to recover?

Question 9 (300 points):


Question 10 (600 points): Who destroyed the British float in help of the French during the
Hundred year’s war?

Question 11 (800 points): How many Naval Officers, Pilots, Starship Support Staffers,
Stormtroopers and Droids were there on board of the first Death Star in Star Wars? (Give an
exact number for each category)

Question 12 (600 points): Where were we?

Booklet 1 2 hours 30 mins 16,650 Points

Question 13 (500 points): What are we doing for my Birthday?

Question 14 (600 points): After many years with Cheikh families, which Maronite patriarch
was from a peasant family?

Question 15 (600 points): Joy met James in her math class, while learning about cosine and
sin. It was her first day at Chester County High School. Two month later, they started dating.
While she was walking by his side at the recess she held his hand. The guy quickly pushed her
away and said “Are you crazy?”. Why is that?
Booklet 1 2 hours 30 mins 16,650 Points

Question 15 (300 points): Where can we find engraved events of notable Lebanese history?

III.! Sponsors (1600 points)

Question 1 (400 Points): Name 3 out of A.T. Kearney’s 18 team members who screened CVs
for the 2016 AUB fall recruitment in September.

Question 2 (400 Points): What happens in the glass house every January?

Question 3 (400 Points): "Synkers" name comes from which 2 words?

Question 4 (400 Points): What are the 3 most used hashtags on CatanLebanon's Instagram