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Tower Lamp

Quality That Is Easy To See

Quality Endorsed
Tower Lamp
“Quality That Is Easy To See”

PATRIA Tower Lamp is made to provide long-life performance

in tough Indonesian environments, ideally suited to mining and
heavy construction sites

Product Dimension

LS4-6000 LS4-1200 LED

Product Variant

LS4-1200 LED
The demand on specific application of Tower lamp for heavy duty equipment
can be fulfilled through a customer application survey and integrated design
process, from customer need to finish product.

Patria Tower lamp available in various types for various nature, depend on
your requirement to fulfill your need of lighting

Benefits Product Specification

Easy Maintenance
model LS4-6000 LS4-1200 LED
( one side maintenance )
engine Kubota Kubota
Responsive After Sales Support team
V1305 OC95-E3
Green product
Comply with AS/NZS standard generator Stamford Denyo
for electrical circuit regulation. PI 044 D FA-3

Reliable Component fuel 120L Capacity 95L Capacity

( productive , high quality )
Optional type for mobility, lighting Sylvania ZP-LED-300
Metal Halide 300W Flood light
skid type or tyre type
Optional type mast tower operated for extend, mast 3-Section 3-Section
manual, hydraulic, or motorized tower Telescopic mast 9 m Telescopic mast 9 m
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