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Transformer technical data sheet

ABB Ltd. Chonan Korea

Project No. Date Rev
Project: RS IDIND 2017-05-16 0

Design no.: 9023085 Dgn. by: R KIM

General Specification
Transformer Type Cast coil dry type Transformer
Standard IEC 60076-11
Installation Indoor
Phase 3
Frequency [Hz] 50
Rated Power [kVA] 1250
Rated High Voltage [V] 20000
Rated Low Voltage [V] 400
Tapping on HV (Off circuit tap changer) ± 2 steps X 2.5 %
Vector group Dyn5
Type of cooling AN
Insulation class (HV/LV) F/F
Average Winding Temp. rise (HV/LV) [K] 100/100
Conductor Material (HV/LV): C-Copper A-Aluminum A/A
Ambient Temperature (Max./ Monthly / Yearly) [℃] 40/30/20
Altitude (below -) [m] 1000
C/E/F class C1/E2/F1

Technical Characteristic at AN, 120℃

No load loss [W] 3000 +15% IEC tolerance
Load loss [W] 12400 +15% IEC tolerance
Impedance [%] 6 ±10% IEC tolerance
BIL (Basic Impulse Withstand Level) (HV/LV) [kV] 125 / -
Power Frequency withstand Level (HV/LV) [kV] 50 / 3
Sound Pressure Level (LpA) at 1.0m dB(A) 65

Overall Dimension TR./ Enclosure(if any)

Length (±5% allowance) [mm] 1650
Width (±5% allowance) [mm] 1000
Height (±5% allowance) [mm] 1890
Weight (±5% allowance) [kg] 2950

- Rating plate
- Lifting lug, Jacking point and Pulling hole
- Thermometer: KN-804
- Temperature sensor: PT-100Ω (1 pc/phase, total 3 pc)
- Bi-directional roller

1. Other accessories which are not mentioned in the above statements are not included.
2. Cable connection and termination materials are not included. (e.g. cable lug, flexible bus bar)
3. Tests: Routine tests according IEC standard.
4. The tolerances for all guaranteed values are subject to IEC standard.
5. If no other standards or rules are specified, transformers are manufactured according to IEC standard.