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Any important portion of a book or topic which is beneficent to the student to be

specialized in a particular topic in a specified schedule its been called nisab

Children studying in all educational institution have to follow a syllabus (be it a

school, college or madrasa).

A syllabus set for studies helps in reaching the set targets.

A syllabus helps students to know what they have to study throughout the year.

A syllabus helps in deciding how much should be taught in how much time. It

helps in increasing the ability and potential of students.

Children who study in institutions that don t follow a syllabus, don t learn many

important things in the long run.

Many things can be learnt in a short time with ease if it is studied according to a


A syllabus makes the amount of matter to be covered in a given period of time

clear to teachers, parents and guardians. Therefor, it makes teaching easier and

parents can easily keep a check on what their child is studying.

31. Deeniyat Syllabus

A. How was the syllabus created?

1 The need for a syllabus was felt after surveying different places and established
maktabs in India.

2 Various syllabus patterns were collected from India and abroad and the good
points were adapted to create the Deeniyat syllabus.
3 A group of well known ulemas (Muslim scholars) from popular Islamic institution
across India have prepared the Deeniyat syllabus and their names have not
been disclosed in any of the books.
4 The content has been taken from books like Noorani Qaaida, Behisti Zewar,
Taaleem-ul-Islam, Deeni Taaleem ka Risaala etc. Which have been written by
great scholars.
5 A group of in charges from the Deeniyat center conducted seminars to give
suggestions on matters related to the syllabus.
6 The syllabus was presented to the scholars and necessary changes were made
according to their suggestions.
7 The syllabus was implemented in the maktab. After a few years, suggestions
were taken from teachers and under the reflection of their exprience, the syllabus
was modified and improved.
8 Books had been published by Ahem charitable Trust , it's a non profitable

B. Deeniyat syllabus for children.

A child receives his education from the age of 5 to 20 years in school and college. The
Deeniyat syllabus is also for 15 years so that the child can gain educational and deeni
knowledge simultaneously.
It has been divided into 3 parts:
(1) 5 years primary course for children.
(2) 5 years secondary course for adolescent boys and girls .
(3) 5 years advance course for elder boys and girls.

C. Uniqueness of the Deeniyat syllabus

The syllabus can be taught for an hour only

1 It has been devised in a way that students can pay attention to their academics
and gain deeni knowledge by just devoting n hour at the maktab daily.
2 Due to school, tuition and other daily activities students don t have much time in
3 The time fixed for the deeniyat syllabus is one to one hour and fifteen minutes so
that its convenient for children to come and learn deen.

Reliable books and authentic content

1 In order to make the syllabus authentic, references have been taken from reliable

Keeping differences aside

1 The Deeniyat content has been presented in a positive way and all sorts of
differences have been set aside.

Beautiful coloured books

1 The books of different course have different coloured cover pages, which makes
it easier for identification. The sections of the 5 basic topic in the book have been
coloured differently and for the identification of every subject, the edges of the pages
have been tagged with dark colours. This makes the book look interesting to children.

Easy language and appropriate age wise content

1 The content has been put forward according to the age and intellectual level of

2 The sub-topics have been presented in an easy to understand way.
3 Keeping the Islamic laws in mind, certain images have been printed in the book

for the interest of children .

Explanations in native and foreign languages

English Urdu English

Urdu Arabic

Hindi Gujarati Tamil Asaami

Malayalam Bangla Telugu Manipuri

1 Language should not be a barrier in the path of learning deen and people should
be able to gain the benefits of learning from the deeniyat syllabus with this aim,
the syllabus has been translated into various languages like English, Hindi,
Gujrati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Manipuri, Aasaami, Bangla, Sawaahili, Brail

6 important things have been printed in the initial
pages of the book

1 Intriduction: Importance and benefits of learning deen and responsibilities of the

Muslim community.

2 Introduction to the syllabus: The sub-topics and topics have been stated in brief.
3 Characteristic features of the syllabus: This helps in giving a vision about
carrying out the syllabus in a fine order.

4 Teaching method: The syllabus has been compiled along with the system without
which the syllabus cannot be beneficial and with this objective the teaching
method has been given which makes it easier to implement these methods in a

5 Gross pattern: With the help of this, the in charges and parents will be able to
know what the children will be learning in 5 years of a course.
6 Monthly sub-topics and index: With this, the monthly target and the syllabus for
the year can be known.

32. 5 years primary course syllabus
In this course, along with learning how to
read the qur an, other important deeni
things shall also be taught.
There are 5 main topics and 14 topics which
Hamd and Naat (Praise of God):
In the syllabus of the primary course, 5
hamds and 5 naats have been included
(each being short and easy) which means
that one hamd and one naat should be
taught every year and by the end of the
primary course, students should know 5
hamds and 5 naats.
The Qur an consist of 2 following topics :
No.1 Nooraani Qaaida : to recite qur ane
kareem properly with tajweed, nooraani
qaida is been added, nooraani qaida
course will be completed in one year & eight
months and qur an will complete by 3 years
& 2 months.
No. 2 Hifze Surah (memorizing of surahs) :
This topic has been included to learn
surahs of the Qur an because it is very
important to recite the surahs properly
while offering namaz. 21 surahs shall be
memorized in 5 years.

Hadees consist of 2 following topics : hadees shall be taught to kids in 5 years so

No.3 Dua and sunnat : This syllabus covers that they may reap its benefits.
duas and sunnats to be practised in day to No.5 Aqaaid (Beliefs) wa Masaail
lives and also duas that should be recited (Problems) consist of 4 following topics :
on occasions. Children will be learning 38 No.5 Aqaaid (Beliefs) : In this 5 year

duas and 13 sunnats in 5 years. course, the 5 kalimas along with Imaan-e-
No.4 Hifze Hadees : Huzoor  has given a Mufassal, the explanation of which has
good news of jannat to those who been presented in a question and answer
memories 40 hadees. Therefore, 40 manner.

No.6 Namaaz : In this course wuzu, completed
namaaz with duas shall be taught and also the 6
additional namaaz, witr, Juma, travelling and
sickness, shall be taught with directions and all
this shall be practised by children while learning.
No.7 Asthma (99 names of Allah) : The beautiful
names of Allah have a very positive impact and
the good news of Jannat has been given to those
who memories them. In this 5 year course the 99
beautiful names of Allah shall be taught.
No.8 Masaail (Problems) : In order to spend our
daily lives according to the Islamic laws, it is very
necessary to know the solutions to problems. By
knowing this, we also get to know whether we
are doing things the right or wrong way. In 5 year
all the important things related to namaaz and
cleanliness shall be taught like gusl, wuzu, farz
and wajibaat of namaaz and also zakaat, roza
and Hajj has been included.
Islamic Education consists of 4 following topics :
No.9 Islamic knowledge : In this, 110 question
and answers related to Islamic nature and
elevations have been given.
No. 10 Narration and Dua : In order to spread
deen to people and to get habituated to making
dua, a dua from the Qur an has been given after
every narratory with this, children will learn 5
duas and 5 narratories in 5 years .

No. 11 Seerat (Life of the prophet  and been presented in 40 easy lessons :
sahaabas) : In 5 years, children will learn about No.13 Arabic : In this 5 year course arabic
the life of Huzoor  and Hazrat Abu bakr, Hazrat numbers, arabic names of basic things and
Umar, Hazrat Usmaan aur Hazrat Ali RZ. Their body parts and arabic names of days and
life stories have been presented in a way for months shall be taught.
children to understand. No. 14 Urdu : Our great scholars wrote their
books in urdu and therefore it is important to
No.12 Easy deen : in this 5 year course, the 5
learn urdu to make the best use of it. In this 5
main divisions of Islam. Imaaniyaat, Ibaataat,
year course complete urdu (reading and
Muamlaat, Muashraat and Akhlaqiyaat have
writing) shall be taught.

5 Year Secondary Course

This Syllabus is studied by students roughly around the ages of 11 -12. Therefore this
syllabus covers important and age relevant subjects for them such as methods of
Purity (cleaniliness), Salat, Roza, Salaat-Janaaza etc.

This syllabus is prepared differently for boys and girls, where in certain difference is
present in the topics mentioned for girls compared to boys. For example, lessons in
hadiths, salat, history, certain issues and teachings in Islam etc.

5 Main Topics and 12 Subtopics.
The 5 year course entails 5 basic topics and 12
Hamd and Naat
5 years have 5 Naats and 5 Hamds.
There are 3 subtopics relating with the Quran.
1. Tajweed: the 5 years course teaches the
correct pronunciation and speed of recitation of
the Quran from Surah-e-Hujuraatupto Surah
2. Hifz: 10 surahs are covered in this topic.
From Surah Burooj to Surah Lail and Surah-
Alaq and Surah Bayinna.
3. Lessons in Quran: Surah Fatiha and the
last 18 surahs in the 30th section of the Quran
are explained with word-to-word and full
meanings and short messages/morals.
There are 2 subtopics relating with Hadith.
4. Manners and Duas:The 5 year course
covers 26 duas with their significance.
5. Lessons in Hadith: There are 25 Ahatidhs
of the Holy Prophet  regarding belief and
worship compiled with its word-to-word
translation and meaning with a shor t
There are 3 subtopics relating with Islamic Rules
and Beliefs.
6. Beliefs: the basic beliefs in Islam are
covered with great detail in this course.

.7. Rules: The basic fundamentals (Arkaan) wives the life of sahaabas and their religious
such as Salat, roza, zakat and haj are explained and administrative rule s stories have been
with its detailed rules and various rules included in this 5 year course.
regarding practical issues in life. 10. Easy Deen(Religion): The 5 main pillars
8. Salat: The 8 different Salats taught by the of Islam are explained in regard with various
Holy Prophet  at various times are explained topics and lessons.
with their bene ts and method. 11. Arabic: in the 5 year course reading and
9. Seerat: Our nabi  seerat (life story) consist writing in the Arabic language is taught.
of 25 topics which talk about every from birth and 12. Urdu: The 5 year course also covers the
upbringing till the end. Also the khaleefs, Aap  Urdu language.

5 Year Advance Course

This syllabus is designed for students aged

15 and above, therefore this syllabus covers
important points relevant to people of that

Usually the major years of school education

are for students around this age. But
alongside the school education it is very
important to study Islam. Therefore due to
this, the course is spread across 5 years so
that the students can get an excellent
understanding of the Quran, Hadith, Beliefs
and Rules and training in Arabic and Urdu
by the end of the course. And it would help
them gain a lot of effective understanding of
Islam to use in practical life.

This syllabus differs for men and women

due to certain variances in the issues and
subjects discussed in the lessons, hadiths,
rules etc.

5 Main topics and 9 Subtopics general translation, which is explained in

The 5 year advance course has 5 main topics simple language and the messages from the
and 9 subtopics. Quran are re ected. Also few sentences from
Surah-e-Ankaboot, Sura-e-Baqra, Surah-
There are 2 subtopics relating with the Quran.
Yunus,Surah-e-Kahaf,Surah-e-Ibrahim and
1. Learning Quran: Uloomul Qur an: All the
Surah-e-Aala Imran have been highlighted.
meanings interpretations and grammatical
3. Manners and Duas: This covers 34 Duas and
rules have been explained in an easy language.
12 points of manners(aadab) which The
2. Lessons of Quran: From Surah Qadr till
Prophet of Allah (S.A.W) has taught regarding
Surah Fajar, the Quran's 9 surahs and Ayatul-
various elds of life.
Kursi is explained with a word-to-word and

4. Lessons in Hadiths: There are 2

subtopics relating to Beliefs and Rules.

5. Beliefs: Tauheed(praise of Allah)

,Risaalat (praise of The Prophet

Mohammad (S.A.W) and its detailed

understanding is given. Important Islamic

beliefs, principles of Islam, Quran, Hadiths,

and the events of Qiyamat are covered


6. Rules: Fiqh, and its basic concepts, the

methods of business, halal and haram,

interest,gambling, insurance, bank related

issues are highlighted. And the 5 Salats

taught by the Beloved Prophet (S.A.W)

such as Salatul-Tasbeeh and its method is


There are 2 subtopics relating to Islamic


7.Seerat(History): There are 10 lesson on the 8. Easy Deen(Religion): 46 lessons with

different stories of Huzoor S.A.W guidance reference to the Quran and Hadith are
towards the important books of seerat, mentioned regarding various important
namewise list of the taaba een, great schilars principles of Islam.
and true people and their lives explained in the There is one subtopic pertaining to Language.
form of stories, yearswise (according to the
9.Arabic: Practicing the, grammar, different
Islamic calendar) list of the different caliphates
words and topics has been made easier.
and explanation about them and their
characteristics from the beginning till the end.

33. 2 Year Course for Men.

For men a 2 year course is designed.

The syllabus entails 5 main topics and and 10 subtopics.
There are 2 subtopics relating with the Quran.
1. NooraniQaidah(rules)
2. Hifz
There are 2 subtopics pertaining to Hadith
3. DuaSunnat
4. Hifz-e-Hadiths
There are 2 subtopics pertaining to Beliefs and Rules.
5. Beliefs
6. Rules
2 subtopics pertaining Islamic Training (tarbiyat)
7. Seerat(History)
8. Easy Deen(Religion)
2 subtopics relating with language:
9. Arabic
10. Urdu

3 Year Women Course.

A 3-year course is designed for women.

This course entails 5 main topics and 10 subtopics:
There are 2 subtopics pertaining to the Quran:
1. Quran Rules
2. Hifz-e- Surahs
There are 2 subtopics pertaining to Hadiths
3. Dua and Sunnat
4. Hifz-e-Hadith
There are 2 subtopics pertaining to Beliefs and Rules.
5. Beliefs
6. Rules
There are 2 subtopics pertaining to Islamic Training.
7. History
8. Easy Religion
There are 2 subtopics pertaining to language:
9. Arabic
10 .Urdu